The Graphic T-Shirt Trend Is Making a Comeback: Here’s How to Style Them

If you pay attention to fashion, you may have noticed that more and more people are rocking the graphic tee these days. In fact, it has officially made a full swing come back for all generations. It’s simple, easy to style, and a comfortable way to show your individual taste. 

If you want to hop on this trend, read on to discover a few ways you can style mens graphic t shirts

Oversized with Athletic Shorts 

Do you live an active lifestyle? Maybe you like to play basketball in the evenings or go on short hikes on the weekend. Whatever activities you enjoy can be paired nicely with a well-styled graphic tee. All you have to do is put on your favorite pair of black athletic shorts and an oversized graphic tee to enjoy style, comfort, and practicality all at once. 

Tucked into High-Waisted Black Pants 

If you are into fashion, you are probably aware that high-waisted pants are back in style for men. So, pick up a pair of black pants, tuck in a well-fitted or oversized graphic tee, and enjoy the freedom of knowing you look good and fashionable. 

Casual with Jeans 

Dressing fashionably is fun, but what about those of you who like to keep it simple and comfortable? The solution is easy. Just grab your favorite graphic tee and any pair of jeans, and voila, you will experience comfort and fashion at its finest. 

Oversized with Khakis

With the return of the graphic t-shirt came the return of the oversized tee. It has already been mentioned once in this article, and it will be mentioned again. If you have a pair of baggy khakis, pairing them with an oversized graphic tee is the perfect match for fashion and comfort.  

Dressed Up with a Leather Jacket 

What if you are going out on a Friday night? Maybe you need the perfect mix of casual and dressed-up to impress your date. Pairing a graphic t-shirt with a leather jacket may be the perfect option for this occasion. If you like leather jackets, this may become your new go-to outfit. 

Under the Casual Blazer 

If you liked the leather jacket idea but don’t have a leather jacket, you should try a blazer. The blazer and t-shirt combo has been a fashion staple for many years. It’s a great way to look good without doing too much. 

Paired with Your Favorite Jean Jacket 

Do you like to wear jean jackets in the fall/spring? When the air is a perfect mix of warm and cool, a graphic tee under a jean jacket is a match made in heaven. You won’t be too hot or too cold. And, you will be seen as fashionable and tasteful. 

Well Fitted with Jean Shorts 

Do you like wearing jean shorts or khaki shorts during the summer months? Graphic tees are the perfect way to consistently wear them without having to look like you are always wearing the same outfit. Multiple graphic tees with different graphics and colors can change things enough to never get boring. Just make sure the tees fit you well! 

Tucked into Slacks  

If you are searching for more ways to dress up t-shirts to get the perfect mix of casual and fancy, try tucking your favorite graphic tee into a pair of black slacks. It’s simple but often the most effective way to accomplish this iconic mix. 

Cozy with Sweatpants

While talking about graphic tees, we can’t leave out the most comfortable version of them all. If you are spending the day relaxing at home or maybe traveling in a car, throw on your favorite sweatpants and a graphic tee. You will look good and feel even better. 

Oversized with Jeans 

Oversized graphic tees look good with virtually anything but imagine them on you with a pair of faded straight jeans and clean sneakers. It’s a match made in heaven. An oversized graphic tee paired well with jeans and high-end sneakers is perhaps the most famed street look to ever grace this earth, simply because it looks so good. 

Under any Lightweight Jacket 

Finally, you can pair graphic tee shirts with any style of lightweight jacket. You could choose athletic or sports team jackets, members-only style jackets, vintage 80s/90s era jackets, bombers, you name it. They always do a great job of accenting each other. 

The Bottom Line 

Graphic t-shirts go well with many different styles. You can make it cozy, casual, or even fancy. It all just depends on the rest of the outfit. This is perfect because you likely won’t need to purchase any other articles of clothing to go with it. So, pick up a few graphic tees today, try the above styles, and enjoy following this popular trend. 

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