The Most Helpful Gadgets For Seniors And Their Families

Our technology-driven world is often blamed for being too insensitive, as people settled into the world of gadgets neglecting the wonders of the natural world. However, such claims are only half the truth. The world of technology provides us with the chance to be close to the family, especially if there are people who need extra care – children and seniors.

Aging is a challenging experience for both parents and their kids. Physical mightiness suddenly turns into constant physical constraints, lack of movement, and inability to perform simple actions; such a condition of a body creates a really daunting experience for seniors. Their children are in two minds as well – they need to control their parents, yet this control seems offensive, and besides, they have a family of their own.

Luckily, there are technologies that help us alleviate the pain and improve the situation. The devices for seniors are designed to:
– maintain relative freedom

– prevent situations caused by forgetfulness

– track health conditions, especially, chronic ones

– maintain social activity

– control safe surrounding

1. Smartphone  With Gps Tracking

Smartphone unites a lot of functions and goes far beyond its initial purpose of communication. With all the devices being connected to it, it appears to be a control station, with an opportunity for distant control.

When choosing a smartphone for your parents, it’s important to be sensible and consider several moments:

  • Elderly people are afraid of techno innovations, thus, the more complex the phone, the more fear will they have using it.
  • The phone must be shock-proved because drops and falls are on the list of a typical daily routine
  • The fingertips are often senseless, so your elderly relatives can make lots of mistakes while using the phone, without even realizing it. Therefore, it’s worth considering the phone with buttons, or the one with a stylus.
  • The eyesight is typically poor, that’s why the smartphone can be just useless, as its big font doesn’t always seem to be appropriate and fit the screen.
  • GPS tracking is a must, as with the help of third-party applications, it’s possible to define the location of a person, and sometimes even listen to the surroundings.
  • The layout should be simple.

Aiming to consider all the above-mentioned points, created various filters, applying which, you will have a selection of the most satisfying options.

1.1 Keypad Cell Phone

A button cell phone is for ‘just-in-case’ situations. It’s not as functional and cover-it-all as the smartphone, yet its benefits are obvious – battery life and big touchable buttons win the race.

The smartphone needs to be recharged every day, and typically the battery goes dead in the moment of need. Thus, it’s always helpful to have an extra phone, somewhere on the bottom of the bag, with the speed deal of the most important numbers. This is just an additional layer of security.

2. Watches

Smartwatches combine numerous perks for people who use them – health and GPS tracking, reminders, alarms, time, calendar, phone calls, heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, etc. They are connected to the smartphone and all the received information is in the appropriate application.

Moreover, smartwatches add another portion of motivation, with all the steps counting. Being sometimes resentful to go out, your parents can go for a walk to receive the daily “Goal reached!” notification (of course, it depends on the character).

3. Robotic Cleaning

Cleaning is definitely not among the hobby-like activities, yet with the elderly, it becomes even riskier as every sudden movement can cause back pain or other issues.

Opting for robotic cleaning is a wise choice, as it will clean every accessible corner of the room, and will be more efficient will dusting.

4. Fall Detector, Panic Buttons

Sadly, falling often happens to the elderly, causing temporary disorientation and physical damage. Fall sensors detect the falling and send the alarm with the location right away to the caretakers or relatives, the ones who are connected to the program initially. Such a device is literally a lids-saver, as it helps to find the person in the shortest terms possible.

Panic buttons measure the heart rate, and also send notifications to the doctor or a caregiver as soon as possible.

5. Safety Sensors

Safety sensors create the feeling of a fortress at home. Opening, closing, shock, leak, and fire detection – everything is under control and the notification can be sent straight to the smartphone or the security service (if the agreement is signed).

Such detectors give you and your parents peace of mind, as there’s no fear that there is something happening inside being out.

The Most Helpful Gadgets For Seniors And Their Families

When choosing gadgets for seniors it’s crucial to teach them how to use them because they will take them as an extra burden, not a helping thing. You need to spend time showing how everything works and have enough patience for that.

Gadgets for seniors combine thoughtfulness and relative freedom – children are not in a state of anxiety about their parents; parents, meanwhile, don’t feel trapped, feeling the necessity to ‘report’ their kids about their location. A win-win situation, with complete peace of mind.

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