The Net Worth of Drew Canole

The net worth of Drew Canole is estimated to be $12 million, as he founded a company that makes organic superfoods. He has also written wellness books and is a popular speaker. Originally from Lake City, Michigan, he studied economics and philosophy at Central Michigan University, and went on to develop a successful career in the financial industry. Now, he resides in San Diego.

Canole was born and raised in Lake City, Michigan and later became a social influence specialist. His parents and friends inspired him to make fitness his career. He is still in his thirties, but he appears in good health. He regularly visits the gym and takes certain medications to stay in shape. His wife, Rebecca Boatman, is an author, love coach, and a former actress. The couple has been living together in California since April of this year.

The company’s success was based on its ability to create a brand that appeals to consumers and is made from high-quality ingredients. The company has even teamed up with celebrities like Drew Brees and Tony Horton to launch their products. As Canole continues to work hard at Organifi, he has built a net worth of $12 million. Canole lives in San Diego with his wife, two children, and four cats.