The Net Worth of Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is an American journalist who has worked for NBC News, Fox News, and the Fox Business Network. Kelly joined NBC in 2011 and hosts the daytime show, Megyn Kelly Today. She has also worked with various other outlets including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and MSNBC. To gain insight into her personal life and net worth, read below. Here are some of the most interesting facts about the net worth of Megyn Kelly.

In 2014, she was paid a record $69 million to host her own talk show. She also earned $23 million per year in a contract with NBC, but this was about two years early and she was preparing for a lawsuit. However, she was able to leave NBC with $30 million in her bank account, which was in accordance with her $69 million contract. As a result, she still has a good net worth, but her net worth has been estimated to increase.

The net worth of Megyn Kelly has risen since her days on Fox News. During her tenure at Fox, she was one of the highest-paid employees. During the period between 2009 and 2013, Kelly moved to NBC where she received a salary of $20 million. She also received endorsements for a number of products, including the brand X. In addition to her show, she also wrote an autobiography called “Settle For More” worth $10 million USD. Her recent book deal with HarperCollins helped her earn a substantial sum.

While her net worth has increased since her tenure on Fox News, her contract with NBC News was at an end in 2017. She was prepared for a major legal battle, but later reports claimed that she was offered a considerably lesser severance package – in the region of $30 million. Despite the huge severance package, Kelly continued to make headlines and earned over $8 million a year as a political correspondent.

After her stint on Fox News, Kelly married an anesthesiologist named Daniel Kendall in 2001. She divorced him a few years later, and he has since become the CEO of cybersecurity firm Authentium. The couple has three children together – two sons and a daughter named Yardley. Megyn Kelly has also been married three times; her first marriage to Daniel Kendall lasted for two years and resulted in a split.

Kelly began her career as an attorney. She spent nine years at the law firm Jones Day before beginning her career in journalism. She also worked as a general assignment reporter at ABC affiliate WJLA-TV. Her career in television took off when she joined the Fox News channel as Washington, D.C. correspondent. She then co-anchored a program titled America’s Newsroom, and later hosted a legal segment on the show ‘Weekend Live’. Currently, she hosts a podcast titled ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’.

Megyn Kelly earned a substantial net worth as a news anchor at Fox News. During her tenure at the Fox News network, she has been an anchor and reporter, hosting a segment on the network called Kelly’s Court. She has also appeared on a variety of other news shows as a guest panelist. The net worth of Megyn Kelly is estimated to be around $180 million.

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