The Truth About the Ugly God Net Worth

Rumored Girlfriend 

Edith has been rumored to be the girlfriend of Ugly God. This social media star has over 50,000 followers. She posts pictures of herself at the gym, modeling outfits, and going on dates. But has the Ugly Goddess really got a girlfriend? This relationship has divided fans and some have even defended the enigmatic musician. Here are some facts about Edith. This is not a confirmation that the two are in a relationship, but it would be interesting to learn about it.

Background of Ugly God

The enigmatic rapper was born on the 19th of September 1996 in Indiana. He moved to several places, including California. In 2016, he joined the University of Southern Mississippi (USM), where he studied computer engineering and web development. After two years, he dropped out to focus on his music career. Although he had always wanted to be a computer engineer, he changed his mind and studied music instead. He has a bulldog named Luna.

Successful Music Career 

The Ugly God is a rising star and has a successful career. He also has a growing fan base, as his popularity grows. His first TV appearance was as ‘Himself’ on the reality show Verified. His rumored girlfriend is Edith, a fitness and fashion blogger. His mother is African-American, while his father is Afro-Dominican. This makes her one of the most popular celebrities on the internet.

His Parents

Ugly God was born in Indiana and has lived in different cities. After high school, he joined the University of Southern Mississippi, but dropped out to focus on music. His parents are both musicians and they’re both from the South. In addition, he is also a mixed race, and his mother is African-American. The rap group has a wide following, as their songs have reached countless audiences across the world. If Ugly God’s girlfriend is anything like the rumors about her, then this is definitely a good sign.

Viral Internet Sensation

Since the Ugly God has become a viral sensation on the internet, he’s had a whirlwind of relationships. The singer-songwriter’s ‘Himself’ on Verified is a social media sensation, with over 500,000 followers. Her full name is Royce Rodriguez, and she’s about to turn 26 in 208 days. She also has a bulldog named Luna. During their relationship, the rapper has been criticized by her fans for being a “bae” and for his ‘Ugly God’ ‘girlfriend’.

Dating Rumors

While Ugly God has yet to confirm his sexuality, he has a girlfriend on social media. The pair are reportedly dating. However, the public’s opinion is difficult to confirm, as the two rarely share their personal lives on social media. While she’s not an official partner, she does support the gay community. During their relationship, the Ugly God has been seen in many places. It’s unclear whether she’s gay or not.

YouTube Channel 

His real name is Royce Cornell Davison. He was born in Houston, Texas. He has a YouTube channel named ‘WORLDSTARHIPHOP’ with 26 million Subscribers. His rumored girlfriend is an active social media user and has an Instagram account #Bandmankevo. 

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