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According to Celerity’s net worth, Theo von net worth has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million He earns most of his money from being a successful comedian, which involves touring, appearing on TV, and doing comedy specials. He has also made money from hosting various events. It is hard to determine exactly how much money Theo gets as a comedian because it can change a lot depending on how big his shows are and how many people want him to perform.

Theo von Early Life

Theo von net worth was born in a town called Covington, which is in the state of Louisiana. His birthdate is March 19, 1980. He has a dad named Roland Theodor Achilles von Kurnatowski who died in 1996. His mom is Gina Capitani. He has two younger sisters and one older brother.

In a 2018 interview with The Press-Enterprise’ Theo spoke about his younger years’ saying that having a sense of humor is a valuable trait that not everyone possesses. As a child who didn’t have much money’ I found comfort in having control over one aspect of my life. I couldn’t manage money, but I could control if I could make people laugh. After finishing high school at Mandeville High School’ Von went to different universities like Louisiana State University’ Loyola University New Orleans’ College of Charleston’ University of Arizona’ and Santa Monica College until he finally got his degree from the University of New Orleans in 2011.

Theo von Career

Theo von net worth began his career as a comedian, doing shows in various clubs throughout the United States. He became well-known by appearing on comedy shows like Last Comic Standing and Comedy Central Presents.  Von has a special way of telling stories, often using his own personal experiences, which has made people like him and has helped him gain a group of loyal fans.

And when he turned 23 years old, he went to live in Los Angeles so he could try to become a professional comedian. In 2003, he went on a TV show called Last Comic Standing and won an online competition called Last Comic Downloaded. Von went on many trips with USO to different countries and also performed at Guantanamo Bay. He has done funny performances on TV shows like Live at Gotham’ in 2008 and ‘Man Up. Stand-Up’ in 2010. He also appeared on Comedy Central’s ‘The Half Hour’ in 2012. In 2009, Theo started a new way of sending text messages called ‘crank texting.

In 2016. Theo Von started his own podcast called This Past Weekend.  On the podcast. he has funny and open talks with people from different backgrounds. The podcast became very popular and had millions of people all over the world who enjoyed listening to it. The success not only made Von more famous but also helped him earn more money.

Apart from making people laugh with his live comedy performances and podcast. Theo Von has also been seen on TV. In 2000 he was a part of a TV show called Road Rules; Maximum Velocity Tour’ on MTV. Von has also been on famous shows like ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ and ‘Conan.  These TV appearances have made his position in the industry even stronger and increased his net worth.

Theo von Personal life

Theo von net worth and reality TV star Brandi Glanville were once in a romantic relationship. However, Theo currently wants to make sure that his personal life is kept private and not exposed to the public.

Theo explained that he chose to stop using drugs after he went to a radio interview. He had been using cocaine throughout the night, and during the interview, he had difficulty speaking. He believes that being able to speak well is a special gift from God. And I couldn’t even use it because I stayed awake all night just taking drugs to feel good or to feel any kind of emotion.

Theo von Awards And Achievement

After that, he got many awards and recognition for being really good at what he does.

Theo Von has accomplished a lot and it is really impressive. He got two Screen Actor Guild Awards, three Teen Choice Award nominations, and one Best Supporting Actor Emmy nomination. People first realized he was talented when he acted alongside Bette Midler in For Your Consideration. Since that time, he has earned many rewards and achievements.

Theo Von has made a lot of money by selling merchandise, posting videos on his YouTube channel, and being popular on social media.

Theo von Height and Weight

Theo Von is approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall, which is around 180 centimeters. He weighs about 72 kilograms, which is about 158 pounds.

Theo von Social Media 

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Theo von Real Estate

In March 2021, Von bought a house in Nashville, Tennessee for $1.645 million The house is 4,918 square feet big. He bought the house from the previous Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason, who bought it for $1.095 million in 2014. He also has a house in Los Angeles, California.

Theo von Cars

Theo just bought a new BMW 7 series for $110,000. Theo also has a Lamborghini Gallardo that he bought for $820,000.


Theo von net worth is a really funny person that a lot of people like. He is famous for his strange and funny jokes and one-of-a-kind thoughts. Von is very successful in his job as a stand-up comedian, podcaster, and actor.

Von became rich because he worked hard and was very committed. He is very famous and well-liked as a comedian all around the world, and he will continue to work in comedy for a long time.

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