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How much money does Til Schweiger have?

Til Schweiger belongs to the ranks of the most famous German actors. Films like no-ear rabbits or men’s hearts became hit movies and brought in a lot of money for the actor. His income and assets are invested in a wide variety of projects and properties. Til is not only in front of the camera for German films, but also played in numerous Hollywood blockbusters and was thus able to celebrate several international successes. The cherished Til Schweiger’s assets are 35 million euros.

Til Schweiger fortune
However, the actor did not acquire his possessions through acting alone. Because he not only produced many of his successful films himself but also wrote them as a screenwriter. As a result, the fees could grow many times over. He also likes to employ his daughters Luna, Lilli, Emma and his son Valentin as actors for his own films. In addition, Til Schweiger is in various Commercials to see. For example for Braun razors or underwear from “Skiny”. For Watchever he was even hired as a producer for four commercials.

Schweiger is also socially committed, so he stands up for the refugees all over Germany and calls for help.

barefoot living, deli and hotel on Timmendorfer Strand

The barefoot living Till’s online shop has been offering personal wellness products since 2014, which are also used again and again in his films. In April 2020, he sold the lifestyle brand and the online shop to the entrepreneur Georg Kofler, who became known in Germany through the investor show “Die Höhle der Löwen”. The actor remains a strategic partner and brand ambassador of barefoot living. It was agreed not to disclose the sales amount.

From 2016 to 2020 the actor also worked as a restaurateur: In Hamburg he offered high-quality food and drinks in his “barefoot Deli” restaurant. In 2019 he opened with the “Henry likes pizza“Also a Schweiger-Pizzeria in Hamburg. In autumn 2020, however, he withdrew from the catering business and ceded the shares in both restaurants to his managing director Michael Ränsch. In March 2020, the second “Henry likes Pizza” opened on Malloca, where Til has only been the licensor for the brand since the beginning.

In May 2017, Till Schweiger opened the barefoot Hotel on Timmendofer Strand together with business partners. In terms of design, it was inspired by the attitude towards life on the American east coast. Barefoot living products are also used in hotels.

From Manta, Manta to Kokowääh: Til Schweiger’s career

Til Schweiger’s television career began in the early 1990s. After serving as a Voice actor for porn films worked, he played in Lindenstrasse from 1990 to 1992. There he was able to gain first notoriety and was already in 1991 for a leading role in the Ruhrpott comedy Manta, Manta involved. The film was a great success and made Til Schweiger suddenly known to a wide public.

Til Schweiger's income
A year later he was awarded the Max Ophüls Prize for best young actor for his role in Ebbies Bluff. Films like “The Moving Man”, “The Polar Bear” and “Knockin’on Heaven’s Door” followed.. The latter was the first film Schweiger produced himself. In 2003 he achieved a certain degree of international recognition through his role in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life, in which he was seen alongside Angelina Jolie.

However, Til Schweiger had his greatest successes with the films No-eared hares and two-eared chicks. The two scripts came from Anika Decker, who is said to have received “only” around 50,000 euros each. So she went to court and sued Tils “Barefoot Films” and Warner Bros. and demands an appropriate share of the proceeds. No-ear rabbits alone are said to have turned over 70 million euros only at the box office. In the first hearing, the author was already right and the court demands that the income generated be disclosed.

The two Kokowääh films were also great successes, which is why a third part is already planned.

Nick Schiller at the crime scene

In 2013 the actor stood for the first time for the ARD crime series “crime scene” in front of the camera. With the title “Welcome to Hamburg” and one Audience rating of 12.6 million he was able to convince Nick Tschiller as inspector, but was a little criticized because of his many action scenes. Since 2013 he has been in front of the camera five more times for the crime scene, but has not been able to build on the old success of the first episode.

The assets and possessions of Til Schweiger

The actor has invested part of his ample fortune in houses and villas around the world. So he bought one in 2013 Finca in Mallorca. The country house on the Balearic island previously belonged to the yoga icon Ursula Karven. In 2003, Til Schweiger also acquired one Villa in Hamburg, which is 600 square meters. The actor apparently has a weakness for villas, because he also has a large property in Malibu, which he even rented to the musician Beck at times. Til Schweiger acquired the villa in Malibu in 1997 and lived there for seven years with ex-wife Dana and their children.

The most popular Hollywood films as an actor:

  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider- The Cradle of Life
  • King Arthur
  • That creates trouble
  • happy New Year
  • The replacement killers
  • Driven

The most successful in-house productions

  • Knockin ‘on Heavens Door
  • No-ear bunnies
  • Two-eared chicks
  • Kokowääh
  • Guardian Angel
  • Kokowääh 2
  • Not my day
  • Honey in the head
  • Our time is now (Cro)

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