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Jochen Schweizer: The entrepreneur’s fortune

How rich is Jochen Schweizer?

Anyone who employs around 500 people around the world has to be a rich man. After all, his role as an investor in “The Lions’ Den” also required a certain fortune. According to some media reports, Jochen Schweizer is said to have set aside a seven-digit amount for investments every year. However, he has by no means exhausted this in the context of the successful TV format. in the In July 2019, his program “The dream job – with Jochen Schweizer” went on ProSieben at the start.

After all, the entrepreneur has already succeeded in generating annual sales of 85 million euros with his group. In addition to the income as a businessman, his book and TV fees should not be neglected. The cherished Jochen Schweizer’s private fortune amounts to 50 million euros.

Many companies and holdings

Income from Jochen Schweizer
The entrepreneur has many companies in his portfolio and also some investmentsthat he holds on to companies. The company structure is nested and confusing at first glance. Basically nothing unusual, large entrepreneurs often hold many companies and investments, similar to a spider’s web. The network is growing and so are profits. The bustling businessman is aiming for his own hotel, among other things. The property next to his own arena has already been bought by one of his companies. A resort with a hotel and conference center is to be built on this by 2020.

Jochen Schweizer and his companies

In 2018 he sold his online experience company Jochen Schweizer GmbH to ProSiebenSat.1 – allegedly for a proud sum of 80 million euros, the company value was then valued at 108 million euros. However, one does not know whether he received the proceeds from the sale in cash, since this process resulted in a Got 10.1% stake in the newly consolidated Jochen Schweizer mydays Holding GmbH has.

Mydays had been a ProSiebenSat.1 company since 2015, this company was merged with Jochen Schweizer GmbH and the merged company is now Jochen Schweizer mydays Holding GmbH. ProSiebenSat.1 holds 89.9% of this, the remainder belongs to the Jochen Schweizer Beteiligungs GmbH (J. Schweizer is personally 100% partner there).

Jochen Schweizer Arena

The entrepreneur is himself an adventure junkie and lives for his business. The former extreme athlete turned his hobby into a profession, so to speak, and sells adrenaline kicks for everyone. With his own arena, he has set a monument for himself in Munich. The arena opened in March 2017 and is viewed as a futuristic leisure destination. There is no shortage of experiences and adrenaline there. An outdoor park with many possibilities, but also Surfing and body flying is offered in the Jochen Schweizer Arena. The own gastronomy ensures that the culinary delights are not neglected and should also increase your own fortune.

From extreme sports pioneer to multimillionaire

In addition to his start-up investments, the businessman has long since built up numerous other pillars. Very few people know that Jochen Schweizer himself was a stuntmanwho has worked in various advertising and cinema films in the past. In fact, the multimillionaire is considered one of the extreme sports pioneers in Germany. Without him, bungee jumping would probably not be what it is today in this country. In addition, the TV star also earns his bread as a motivational speaker. The entrepreneur has definitely made a profit from his hunger for adventure and is now making a fortune.

World records & stunts

After graduating from school, Schweizer treated himself to an exciting motorcycle trip across Africa. From his training as a logistician and the work as managing director of an international freight forwarding company to his career as a stuntman, he has worn quite a few hats in his life. It even works already several world records on his cap. For example, he was able to set a record in 1997 when he jumped out of a helicopter – on a bungy rope from a height of 1,050 meters.

Before the Jochen Schweizer group of companies was able to celebrate great success, the company founder first set up an event and advertising agency. At least his TV role as investor in “Die Höhle der Löwen”, which Schweizer held from 2014 to 2016, made him known in Germany like a colorful dog. We can be excited to see what the entrepreneur will deliver in the future.

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