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Tim Mälzer Net Worth and Earnings as a Chef

How rich is Tim Mälzer?

Tim Mälzer was born on January 22nd, 1971 in Elmshorn, Germany. He graduated from high school in 1990, did community service and in 1992 began an apprenticeship in cooking at the InterContinental Hotel in Hamburg. This was the decisive step in his further life as a cook. He not only works in his own restaurants, but also appears a lot on television. Quite honestly, who is not looking forward to new episodes of Kitchen Impossible, Ready to beef & Co. with maltster? He’s just great, doesn’t mince his words and cooks his way into the hearts of TV viewers. The cherished Tim Mälzer’s assets are 10 million euros.

The beginning of a steep career

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After completing his apprenticeship in 1995, he was employed in various locations in London. He worked for two years at the Ritz Hotel and later in the Neal Street Restaurant in London – where the then unknown chef Jamie Oliver was also employed. The beginning of a friendship between the two chefs developed there. Tim later cooked in Hamburg, in Christian Rach’s Tafelhaus restaurant. After a lot of experience and employment, he and Patrick Rüther opened the “Bullerei” restaurant in Hamburg in 2009. Mälzer is no longer too far removed from top earners like Johann Lafer or Alfons Schuhbeck. Alone through that The chef earns up to 500,000 euros per year for TV appearances and can therefore look back on a proud fortune.

Doesn’t taste good, doesn’t exist – TV show

Tim Mälzer was best known through television. Starting in December 2003, he presented the cooking program “Doesn’t taste good, doesn’t exist”, which was broadcast on VOX. This show ran until 2007, it was even twice for the German television award nominated. He received the 2006 audience television award in Germany for his cooking show. He later presented the program “Born To Cook”.

Tim Mälzer’s cookbooks – Born To Cook & Co.

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With these own cooking shows, he gained more and more notoriety and popularity. This in turn led to many appearances in the cooking programs “Johannes B. Kerner – Cooking at Kerner” and “The Cooking Arena”. You don’t get rich through these appearances, the chefs only earn a fee of 500 to 1000 euros per show. However, they are the stepping stone to higher earning potential. With the more successful Shows are paid daily fees of 5,000 to 20,000 euros per day of shooting. Those who become famous through television have many sales opportunities. Tim made his fortune mostly by selling his cookbooks.

There are now 9 of his cookbooks on the market:

  • Born To Cook – 2004
  • Born To Cook 2 – 2005
  • News from the kitchen bull – 2006
  • Cookbook – 2007
  • Mälzer & Witzigmann. “Two cooks – one book” – 2010
  • Greenbox “Tim Mälzer’s green kitchen” – 2012
  • Homeland – 2014
  • The kitchen – 2016
  • New home – 2018

Many more works will certainly follow here.

Tim Mälzer also earns a good salary through his work as a consultant for the magazine “Essen & Trinken for Every Day”. The television appearances are not getting any less either, he was the coach in the 2013-2015 cooking talent show “The Taste”, at the side of Frank Rosin and Alexander Herrman. Tim’s successor as “The Taste” juror was Roland Trettl. He had already made it to the cinema, but only with his voice. He was the voice actor for the sous chef Horst in the animated film Ratatouille. With his program “Tim Mälzer kocht!”, Broadcast on Erste, he also achieved great success and can use the income from it to increase his fortune. Other cooking shows include “Kitchen Impossible” (since 2014), “Ready to beef!” (Since 2019) and “Mälzer und Henssler deliver!” (Since 2021).

Tim Mälzer’s restaurants

Tim Mälzer runs the company “tellerrand consulting GmbH” together with his business partner Patrick Rüther. Tim has a 45% stake in it. Patrick Rüther also owns 45%. The following restaurants are operated by “tellerrand”. More will likely be added in the future.

  • Bullerei in Hamburg
  • OFF Club + Madame X in Hamburg (sold)
  • Hausmann’s in Düsseldorf – Airport
  • The good news in Hamburg
  • Hausmann’s in Frankfurt – Airport
  • Pezzo di Pane in Frankfurt – Airport (since 2021)
  • Cafe Barmeier in Hamburg – Eppendorf (since 2021)
  • Chiaro in Berlin – luxury hotel de Rome (since 2021)
  • Hausmann’s in Düsseldorf’s old town (closed again)

The chef’s plan to open his own restaurant in New York has not yet worked out. The project started in 2014 just became too expensive. A stake in another restaurant in New York also bursts due to the high costs. At the end of 2015, the Salonplafond was founded in Vienna. The von Mälzer company held 50% of the shares. However, at the beginning of 2017 the shares were sold to the other owner.

Kitchen Impossible

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At the end of 2014, VOX also ran the very successful program “Kitchen Impossible: Mälzer vs. Raue”, where the two chefs sent each other to extraordinary places on earth to cook regional rumors. The show with Mälzer and Tim Raue was a huge success and at the same time the start for many more seasons. The show is very popular and Tim Mälzer is the guarantee for it. There followed many sequels with many other top chefs against whom Mälzer competed or who compete against each other. There is also an annual Christmas edition. With the fee from this successful format, Mälzer continues to increase his fortune. Kitchen Impossible with Tim Mälzer in the “lead role” will be broadcast in the seventh season in early 2022.


He also uses his popularity for charitable purposes and uses his wealth for charitable purposes. In 2010 he became an ambassador for the German Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked People. Since 2008 he has been supporting the Hamburg charity campaign Kicken mit Herz. Even during the corona pandemic, Tim campaigned for strong gastronomy and became the mouthpiece of an entire industry.

Tim Mälzer private

Nina Heik was the TV chef’s great love for a long time. The two had known each other for 25 years and were a couple for 10 years. 2013 was the Liebesaus that shocked many. However, they only announced their separation and wanted to keep details to themselves, for the two of them it is a private matter. Nina and Tim are still friends and see each other regularly. Since the TV chef tends to be very secretive in his private life, very little is known about his current wife. Their first child together saw the light of day at the end of May 2016. At this point, the couple is said to have only been together for 2.5 years. The second child was born in November 2017 and In August 2018, Tim finally married his girlfriend. The third child followed in 2019. Mälzer does a good job of keeping his family out of the public eye and that is of course to be respected.

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TVNOW / Pervin Inan Sertas

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