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Tips For Choosing The Right Coffee Pod For You

In the last few years, we have been hearing about coffee pods more. The simple reason behind this is the convenience they provide while brewing coffee. With coffee pods:

You can brew an exact cup of coffee within seconds to minutes.

There is hardly any major cleanup as coffee pods do not leave much residue.

When you choose Nespresso pods, you have multiple choices, from caramel to decaf pods to more.

Thus, you should start buying coffee pods, especially if you have less time in the morning but cannot do without a nice cup of joe. Interested in buying coffee pods or already have a coffee-pod maker and looking for tips to buy coffee pods? Then this blog is perfect for you.

But first, do you know what coffee pods are?

In the world of coffee, they are equivalent to tea bags. They use a disposable or biodegradable container known as pods/capsules, usually made of aluminum. In this, there is ground coffee with a tight seal. It has around 5.5g of coffee for brewing one single cup of delicious joe. Nespresso, K-cups, Starbucks all manufactures coffee pods.

One of the best types of coffee pod machines in the market is Keurig. Check out this review of top-performing Keurig machines to find your next best friend!

Tips for choosing the right coffee pod

Tip 1: Look at its compatibility with the machine

If you already have a coffee pod machine, you need to check what capsules or pods are compatible with the machine.  For instance, most Nespresso machines are compatible with all brand’s pods. However, Nespresso Vertualine is an excellent machine that only works with Nespresso pods.

If you are buying a new machine, get pods from the same brand itself, and then you can start your research to find the best and most compatible pod.

Tip 2: Look at the number of capsules

Every coffee brand has different prices. When choosing between different products, looking at the price is imperative. To do so, first, you need to know how many coffee pods are there in one bundle. That is the right way to compare prices as it decides the cost per package. If the number of pods in a package is different for all brands, comparing their prices does not make sense.

Tip 3: Know their intensity

When buying coffee pods online or from a store, checking their intensity is highly important. You scale their intensity from 1 to 13.

From 1 to 4, the intensity is light, while from 5 to 13, it is a darker roast with a richer taste.

If you know what roast or intensity level of coffee you like, order them. Do read the description before ordering them. If you are unsure about the intensity you like, try multiple pods to find the one according to your taste.

Tip 4: Make sure the coffee pod is sealed pack

Coffee pods retain their flavor, texture, and aroma because of the sealed packaging they have. It is the reason they last longer than other coffee varieties. Thus, when you get them online or buy from a store, ensure there is no hole in them. If you see pods that are tempered with, you should return them immediately. The cracks in the pods may be responsible for the lost aroma and degrading quality of the coffee.

Tip 5: Buy pods with different flavors

There are coffee pods manufacturers who provide different flavors of coffee in their capsules. There are no added calories or sugar, making it perfect for people who would love to brew caramel or hazelnut espresso or latte at home. Thus, this is another tip you need to remember when choosing the right coffee pod for you.

Tip 6: Delivery time

If you are ordering coffee pods online, delivery is an important aspect to look at. You always want to buy them in advance. Also, look for a cheap delivery system. Lastly, ensure that the pods you buy are compostable or biodegradable.

Coffee pods are versatile, and you can even use them to brew a cup while hiking. Just peel the pod wrapper, pour the ground coffee in a mug, and pour hot water. It is that easy! Also, you get a delicious cup wherever you like exactly how you want. Make sure you keep these tips in mind when choosing coffee pods.

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