Tips to Throw a Yacht Birthday Party

No matter whether the celebrations are big or small, they are always unique. Milestones in life should be memorable and cherished forever. Make special occasions unforgettable that leave a lasting impression for years. There cannot be any other better idea than cruising a yacht on your birthday. To help you throw a successful birthday party on a yacht, we have created a small guide that you should have a look at.

Things to consider when throwing a yacht party

When planning a birthday party, people need help figuring out where to start. You can use divide-and-conquer rules to throw a successful party. We have discussed the essential things to be considered comprehensively to plan a yacht birthday party. 


The most important thing to consider when planning a yacht birthday party is choosing the location. Decide a nice destination for arranging the party. You can book a luxury yacht rental in Dubai for the best yacht party experience.

Guest list

Create a list of guests that will be part of your party. Unlike a hotel party, you can not invite everyone. On yachts, there is a limited capacity to accommodate people. 

Create a list of people who are really special to you. When inviting your guest, also ask if anyone will come along with them. This will help you make arrangements in a better way.

Find a yacht rental company

Before you choose a rental company, you must be aware of some important points.


Find a company that is renowned for its services. You can read reviews of different companies on the internet. You will find which company will best suit your preferences and requirements by reading reviews.

Number of guests

Find a spacious yacht that can accommodate all your guests. You will find different sizes of yachts depending on the number of guests you invite. It would be better to find a multiple-deck yacht for your travel


As you are finding a yacht for a party, find a company that allows decorations on the boat. Some companies can decorate according to your birthday party theme. You can also hire a decor company to decorate your chartered yacht for you. 


When booking the yacht, make sure that the yacht you have chosen is insured. As there will be many people on board, insurance is compulsory here. This will prevent you from any financial damage in case of any misadventure.

Recreational activities

To make your yacht party experience the best, find a rental company that provides recreational activities for your guests. This can include jet skiing, kayaking and other fun activities.

Food menu

Once you have selected the destination and yacht, it’s time to make a food menu. The food at the party leaves marks on your guests. Make unique food items part of the party menu. Besides the burgers, pizza and platters, there are many other dishes that can be served. 

Never forget to keep veg-only dishes, so every guest can enjoy the party. If possible, it would be an excellent idea to set up a live bar, so every guest can have the drinks they want. There should be extra food supplies as it is an old saying, “it’s better to have and not need than need and not have”

You can hire caterers yourself, or you can put this responsibility to the yacht rental company. Companies usually can take care of all the stuff; all you have to do is to invite the guests to your party.

Rules to follow on a yacht party

At a yacht party, there are some special rules that everyone has to follow. Whether you are the host or a guest at the party, the rules are the same for all. Following are the must-follow rules at a yacht party that you must go through.

Take off your shoes

On most yachts, shoes are not allowed on board. Shoes can damage and leave marks on the surface. When hosting a party on a yacht, inform all your invited guests about this. Don’t argue with the crew when they ask you to take off your shoes.

The crew may provide you a shoe stand or basket where you can put your shoes. You can ask the crew if they can allow guests to wear soft sole shoes.

Always show respect

Another important rule is to respect the yacht crew and captain. Don’t lecture crew members for anything, directly talk to the captain. As the crew is responsible to ensure your comfort and safety on board, they deserve some respect.


Before using any extra facility or equipment on board, you must ask the captain. Party yachts have plenty of equipment for recreational activities, such as waterboards, jet skis and kayaks etc.

No smoking 

Usually, smoking is prohibited on most yachts. Some yachts may have designated smoking areas. Smoking is prohibited due as a safety measure, as the decks are made of wood, they are more likely to catch fire. Ask the captain before smoking on board.

No illegal substance

The use of illegal substances on board is not tolerated in any case. It is better to keep yourself away from any illegal stuff on board. If anything illegal is caught by the coast guards, they can cancel the license of the yacht, which no company wants to happen. You may also get disembarked at the nearest port. 


A birthday party on a yacht in Dubai can be a memorable and fun-filled experience. To throw a successful party, you need to take out some time arranging it. By doing little research and effort, you can ensure a successful yacht party


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