Tonny Sorensen Net Worth


Tonny Sorensen is a well-known Danish entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $20 million. He is best known for commercializing Von Dutch Originals, a well-known California Kustom Kulture brand. The talented entrepreneur is also the co-founder of Planet illogica, an online community for creative people. He also owns a 1969 Mercury Cyclone Boss 429 NASCAR. Although he has not disclosed information about his wife and children, he does own a few expensive cars.


Tonny Sorensen was born on March 9, 1964 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Copenhagen, and a degree in Business and Trade from a Copenhagen trade school.

Business Ventures

Sorensen’s net worth has grown in recent years because of his business ventures. He co-founded Planet Illogica, a social network where users can post photos and messages. Tonny Sorensen also co-founded the clothing brand California Christiania Republic. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Tonny Sorensen earned his net worth as an entrepreneur by successfully starting several companies.

Charitable Personality 

Tonny Sorensen has founded several organizations and foundations. He has also helped fund Manifest Equality, a non-profit organization that works to promote civil rights for the LGBT community. He has also launched the Save Our Oceans Tour and the Starts With U Global Sustainability Symposium. Tonny Sorensen has a net worth of $225 million. Listed below are some of his projects and activities.


In the mid-1990s, Sorensen purchased a hot rod Cadillac and became involved in Southern California car culture. His Venice mechanic introduced him to Von Dutch Howard, the father of the Kustom Kulture movement. Howard’s influence was so widespread that it influenced rock and roll, skateboarding, and fashion. Sorensen set out to create a documentary on Howard, which became the hit movie Von Dutch Originals.Sorensen’s auto collection features the most valuable motorcycle in the world, Steve McQueen’s Von Dutch 1929 Scott 596cc Super Squirrel, a rare Ray Allen world champion 1970 Chevelle, and a 1969 Mercury Cyclone Boss 429 NASCAR.

Total Earnings

According to Wikipedia, Sorensen is an entrepreneur who earned a total of $40 million in 2008. He owns Versique, a talent acquisition firm based in the Midwest. He is also a thought leader in recruiting and a 20-year veteran of the business. Sorensen is also a co-founder and CEO of Versique, a talent acquisition firm. A few of his most notable achievements include:

Stock Fell of His Company

The entrepreneur of Peloton, which has become a successful fitness company, now has a net worth of $20 million. His stock fell after announcing a lower-than-expected revenue forecast. As a result, he is no longer a billionaire. Despite his success, the company’s stock plunged in the market. A lower revenue forecast has cost him his billion-dollar status.


Currently Tony is 58 years old. As his early struggles he invested in Von Dutch Originals company in 2000 and became its CEO, he opened the Melrose Avenue retail that same year. Sorensen expanded Von Dutch from a niche T-shirt and hat line to a full-scale fashion collection adding hoodies, jeans and other accessories.

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