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Tony Yayo net worth is a rapper from NYC. He became famous mainly because of his connection to 50 Cent and G-Unit. He made two albums called Thoughts of a Predicate Felon and Godfather of the Ghetto. He worked with famous artists like Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z. Yayo has been working in the music industry since 2003 and is believed to have about $4 million of money.

Early Life of Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo net worth also known as Marvin Bernard, was born in a neighborhood called South Jamaica in Queens, New York City on March 31st, 1978. His parents come from African-American and Dominican backgrounds. He lived in a tough area and had to deal with a lot of challenges when he was young. Yayo loved music a lot when he was young, and he was inspired by Big Daddy Kane and KRS-One. He began to rap with his friends and created the group called G-Unit in 1999.

Tony Yayo Career 

In 2003, 50 Cent, the leader of G-Unit, was given his own record label called G-Unit Records. 50 Cent quickly agreed to sign G-Unit members Yayo and Lloyd Banks to his record label. Later on, Young Buck was also signed and became the fourth official member of the group.

G-Unit released their first official album called ‘Beg for Mercy’ in the same year. The album came out when Yayo was in jail for having weapons, but he still appeared on the album.

Tony Yayo net worth started to get noticed again after appearing on several mixtapes while he was in prison. But it wasn’t until he released his first single, ‘So Seductive’ with 50 Cent, that he became well-known to a lot of people.

In 2003, Tony Yayo net worth got a contract with Interscope Records. After that, he released his first album called ‘Thoughts of a Predicate Felon’. He was removed from the label in 2009.

In 2010, Lloyds Banks made an agreement with 50 Cent’s company, which was mentioned on MTV News.

In 2011, he put out another song from his album called ‘Haters’. The song includes Shawty Lo, 50 Cent, and Roscoe Dash. The song was put on Thisis50. com after it was played on Hot 97 by Funkmaster Flex. The song quickly became popular on urban radio.

Is Tony Yayo Single?

Speaking about his personal life, it is hard to know about his romantic relationships and dating past since he has shared very little about his personal life with the public. Tony Yayo has two kids, a son named London and a daughter named Maniyah. However, he has chosen not to reveal who their mother is.

According to the report, Tony Yayo net worth said in a 2008 interview with Latina that he was dating a woman from Puerto Rican background.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Tattoos, Skin, Hair & Eye Color

This awesome musician is from South Jamaica, New York, United States. They have a slender body and a round face.

.Hair color     .Black

.Hairstyle     .simple

.Beard or Mustache     .Ring Moustache

.Eye Color     .Dark Brown

.Height     .183 cm

.Weight     .76 kilo

.Feet size     .N/A

Lloyd Banks Nationality 

Lloyd Banks is from America. He was born and grew up in the United States and has spent most of his life living and working in the country. His mom and dad are from America too, and he has always been a citizen only of America.

The country a person belongs to is something they can make their country proud of by being really good at their job. When someone becomes famous, their nationality will also be highlighted. So it’s natural for people to wonder about where their favorite celebrities or stars come from.


Tony Yayo net worth is a musician from the United States who raps. Yayo was born in Queens. He is famous for being a member of the hip-hop group G-Unit along with 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Young Buck.

The band put out their first album called ‘Beg for Mercy’ in 2003. The album received a special award for selling twice as many copies as usual. Yayo’s first album called ‘Thoughts’ on a Predicate Felon came out in August 2005.

As of September 2023, Tony Yayo is believed to have around $4 million.

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