Top 10 Reasons To Consider Stem Cell Banking In Dubai

Blood banking is always necessary for the purpose of saving lives. Here the concern is more typical, and you have to dig in more to understand the situation. We are here to acknowledge the cord blood banking process. 

This is not a very critical process as it does not hurt the baby or the mother. Cord blood is taken from the umbilical cord and placenta. This is a connection between the baby and the mother. This particular channel got cut after the birth of a baby. Why! This channel is to maintain the nutrition process between the baby and the mother when the baby is inside the belly. When the baby is out, it is necessary to cut the channel to separate mother and child. After that, the cord blood is a waste, but it is known that the cord blood contains necessary hematopoietic stem cells, which can mature into other essential blood cells. So, the purpose of saving the blood cells felt necessary, and the blood banks in Dubai are doing that prominently. 

Reasons To Consider Stem Cells.

There are various reasons why you should consider stem cells, and we are here to provide you with suitable reasons. Well, Dubai is a place where private cord blood banking is very popular, and the reasons are here.

1. It Can Save A Life

The life-saving opportunity is there with cord blood banking. The special cells available in the cord blood can be helpful in saving lives with critical diseases. These stem cells can be very prominent for enhancing new cells and their repair in the human body. 

2. Approx 80 Diseases Can Be Mitigated

With stem cell banking, you will be able to transplant almost 80 diseases. The standard therapy of the medical community is very useful for some rare diseases like leukemia that can be treated through these cells. The immune system for anemia patients can also be created through these blood cells.

3. The Process Is Simple And Safe

The process is simple yet safe for both mother and the baby. There is no chance of any side effects through this process, and thus, collecting the stem cells and preserving them in the blood banks can be assumed to be as safe as filtered water. 

4. Using Own Family’s Cord Blood Has The Advantage 

There is a big advantage of using your own family’s cord blood stem cell, and that’s why people are trying to store it in blood banks. Although, knowing about the pros and cons will help make your decision easier. Proper cell transparency needs a better match of the donor and patient regarding the human leukocyte antigen (HLA).

100% HLA match can be found when you use safe family stem cells.

5. Helps The Future Research

This process is not yet in the market fully proved. So, the researchers are trying to consider more and more participants to generate better outcomes. The emerging research is on processing heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, et cetera. Stem cell banking is going to leverage this process quickly. 

6. One-Time Opportunity

This is almost a one-time opportunity for us. There will be no other opportunity available for your family if you do not choose to go for stem cell banking when your baby is born. It’s better to consider the one-time opportunity so that stem cell banks can help you in the future for a very reasonable stem cell bank price and cost. 

7. Greater Therapeutic Potential

Umbilical cord stem cells are active and young compared to the potential benefits of cells from bone marrow. In addition, it is also more immunologically natural than the bone marrow cells. So, the potential of cord stem cells is much more effective when you choose to go for a transplant. 

8. The Banks Can Store The Cells For More Than 20 Years

Think about the stem cells which can be preserved for you for more than 20 years. If you choose to go for cord blood banking in Dubai, you will have the chance to keep it safe and healthily preserved for future generations as well. 

9. You Have The Options To Store It Locally Or Globally

You will have the option to store the stem cells locally or globally. The Dubai cord blood banks are there for you, and they have many storage locations in their country and also outside the country. So, you can use their services globally as well. 

10. Increasing Trust

The first cord blood transplant was made in 1988, and the patient is still alive and healthy. This is a trust that this process has convinced us of so far. We don’t know the future, but more people are getting engaged in this process, and more parents are thinking about their children’s future by trusting in the blood banks

Go For Stem Cell Banking In Dubai.

Stem cell banking is a unique process that has the ability to deliver the best future protection for your family. This is an advanced process to store the cord blood and its stem cells which will be useful for future generations as well. 

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