Top 5 Best Adobe Lightroom Alternatives

Lightroom is a great app when it comes to post-processing. However, it has a few serious drawbacks, the most important of which is the lack of an option to buy a lifetime license. You’ll have to pay a subscription fee every month, which means you’ll probably lose extra money.

Our review today focuses on alternatives to Lightroom that are clearly as good as it is. On the contrary: you might be surprised, but some options are even better for beginners and professional photographers alike. Well, buckle up, and let’s go!

1. Luminar Neo

When it comes to Luminar vs. Lightroom, the choice is clearly in favor of the former. One of the biggest pluses is the ability to buy a lifetime license, something so lacking for those who choose a competitor. Monthly and annual subscriptions are also available, so you can test the app without paying too much, and cancel the subscription at any time if you decide to give it up.

When we talk about having AI fiches, in Lightroom vs. Luminar Neo competition definitely wins the second one. The app is built on artificial intelligence, so you can improve your photos without spending a lot of time on it. There are other advantages, too:

  • Presets that automatically adapt to pictures;
  • Easy image management;
  • High performance.

As you can see, the app has features that its main competitor does not have. If you go back to the AI, it is very careful with images, which will allow you to avoid one of the main mistakes, namely over-editing.

Well, we are sure that in Luminar Neo vs. Lightroom competition, Luminar Neo wins by a wide margin. It provides no fewer functions than its competitor. We can even say that users get much more features.

2. ON1 Photo RAW

For photographers and designers who are looking for an alternative to the popular Lightroom and Photoshop, it is a powerful and versatile option. This tool combines many of the features of both apps. One of the standout features is its ability to automatically recognize images on your computer’s hard drive, eliminating the need for manual importing. This saves time and hassle, allowing you to get straight to work on your photos and designs without having to spend time managing your media libraries.

You shouldn’t ignore the possibilities offered by the built-in AI. They include:

  • Sky Swap AI which allows you to quickly replace the sky in the image;
  • NoNoise AI, thanks to which you can easily get rid of the noise that occurs when shooting at high ISO.

Well, it’s a great tool that allows you to do a lot of things. Also, you can use the free trial to test its features and decide if you want to subscribe.

3. Exposure X7

The software is equipped with high-quality photo adjustments that are on par with those used by professional photographers. Despite its advanced capabilities, it boasts an efficient design that makes it easy to use for photographers and designers of all skill levels.

The user-friendly interface enables users to easily access and use all the editing tools at their disposal, without having to navigate through complex menus or commands. This allows them to make adjustments to their photos, enhancing the overall quality and aesthetics of their work.

Here’s a brief list of the features the app provides:

  • Film presets that allow you to create amazing vintage photos;
  • Easy to import and export pictures;
  • Editing images via a cloud service allows teams to work comfortably on the project.

There’s no subscription, so you definitely won’t have to overpay.

4. Capture One Pro

The latest version has been praised for its exceptional RAW image file processing, pics cataloging, and wide range of professional-grade editing features. These include: 

  • Layers;
  • Local adjustments; 
  • Keystone adjustments, and much more.

One of the standout features of the app is its advanced color profiles, which are tailored for every camera and enable RAW files to look better than ever before when imported into the software. This makes it an ideal choice for photographers who want to achieve the highest level of color accuracy and detail in their images.

However, one potential downside is that this software doesn’t offer separate workspaces for different functions as Lightroom does. Instead, all of the tools and features are housed within a single interface, which can be confusing for some users at first. Despite this minor drawback, Capture One remains a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike who are looking for a powerful and comprehensive image editing tool.

5. Darktable

If you’re looking for a free alternative to Lightroom, this app is hard to beat. Despite being completely free, it offers a full-featured suite of non-destructive image adjustment tools and a comprehensive library management system that rivals that of many paid applications.

In addition to its impressive library management features, this software also boasts RAW processing capabilities for over 400 different cameras, making it a versatile tool for photographers and designers of all skill levels.

When it comes to documentation and support, Darktable really shines. It comes with comprehensive, multilingual documentation that makes it easy for users to get up and running in no time. In fact, the app is available in an impressive 21 different languages, making it accessible to a wide range of users from all around the world.

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