Top 5 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are So Popular

In case you ever find yourself missing a tooth here or there what should you do? Well, that’s easy. Get dental implant treatment

Dental implants are metal cylinder-shaped posts which are surgically implanted in your jaw where your actual tooth stood before. Once implanted you won’t even notice the difference and you’re back with your 32 pearls shining bright!

Still skeptical on whether dental implants are the way to go for you? Don’t worry! Here are five reasons why you should get them. 

You Wouldn’t Notice The Difference!

Dental implants will be of the same color as your original teeth; the same size and shape” assures Dentequip.Once implanted, no one would be able to guess if your teeth are real or not, not even you! Not only that, but they also function as regular teeth do. You can eat and chew whatever you like without having to think twice. It would be like you never lost a tooth.

Throw Those Dentures Away

Now some of us may have to rely on dentures to be able to live our everyday lives. Not anymore! Dental implants work just as well as dentures, if not better. You don’t need to soak them each night or go over the struggle of gluing them back in each morning. Dentures, once loose begin accelerating bone loss rather than having any positive impact to your teet. Dental implants won’t get loose or fall out in the middle of the day and nor will you have to pick out the carrots from your salad, because dental implants let you eat anything. 

Here to Stay

Dental implants aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, claims My Dentist San Francisco. They don’t wear out or need to be re-fitted. In other words, there’s no extra care for them or any issues you have to worry about. Made up of titanium and integrated to your jaw, dental implants are bio-compatible which means no anxiety over your body rejecting them. Just care for them like you would your original teeth and they will be here to stay. With a 98% success rate, these implants easily last a lifetime with minimum care. If you know how to brush your teeth and floss twice a day you already know how to take care of your new implants.

Not Just Improving Your Health But Also Your Lifestyle

Usually, people lose their teeth as a result of diseases or plaque buildup. In the case this ever happens, dental implants are the best solution from keeping you toothless. With the implants you can safely have your original teeth removed to save yourself from the prevailing disease and also not have to fear not being able to eat solid food properly ever again. Not only this, but teeth are also a part of a person’s personality and having one missing here or there can greatly affect a person’s confidence. With these implants you can show off your pearly whites confidently to all your friends and acquaintances without them thinking twice if they’re not real teeth. 

Fill In Those Gaps!

In the unfortunate event of losing a tooth, the vacant area in the jaw leads to a number of complications. Your jaw itself begins to shrink to cover the empty space which may lead to an unpleasant cosmetic appearance as well as cause your other teeth surrounding the gap to weaken and on occasion fall out as well. Other issues that may arise due to the gap is early aging, sagging of the face and even perilous gum disease as a result of bacteria being trapped in the gap. Dental implants on the other hand, allow for stimulation in your jaw and provide the perfect condition for bone growth! Aesthetics are everything these days, may it be for a young child or an aged adult, you always want to look your best. So, it is best to get a dental implant.  

Dental implants have replaced dentures as the epitome of dental surgery. Not only do they have a multitude of advantages over other teeth replacement methods but are also more successful than any other kind of similar procedure. Don’t fret too much thinking about the procedure, a few visits to your preferred dental clinic and you’re good to go with a beautiful smile which will wipe away all your worries. In the case you do feel scared or have questions arise, go have a chat with your family dentist and they sure will be able to answer any query that’s bugging your brain.

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