Top Five Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Use in 2022


Currently, everyone is relying upon the crypto market for financial backup. Starting from the general public to multinational companies, everyone is using the crypto market to earn some extra funds. Crypto investment has become a current favorite topic among global investors.

With time, crypto investment is becoming more and more important for having a stable income. In the opinion of financial analysts, crypto trading and investment have become a great source for passive income.

Before  starting your crypto journey, the first step is selecting the best crypto exchange or trading platform. With the rise of numerous crypto exchanges and platforms, several questions have been raised among people. Due to that, choosing the most legit and trusted crypto exchanges has become challenging. Therefore, to help you to select the right crypto exchanges, we have brought this blog post. Below we have listed the top five crypto exchanges and trading platforms for 2022.

The list of top crypto exchanges and platforms

At present, you will find 300 plus exchanges and 100 plus trading platforms over the internet. And in this big pool of exchanges and trading platforms finding the right one is no less than a      onerous. Thus, to help you out, we have put down some of the top crypto exchanges and platforms, which are trusted by the experts.

Quantum AI

Quantum AI is famous for its latest and most advanced security technology. Undoubtedly, it can be said that this crypto trading platform can provide you with the maximum safety and security that no other platform provides. Also, this latest advanced technology can benefit you to make rapid transactions.

In addition, this platform also provides you with an automated bot, which is best suited for beginners. Since the automated bot has the latest AI technology, the price prediction has more accuracy. You can also check out quantum ai website, to know more about this trading platform.


Unquestionably Binance is the most trustworthy crypto exchange at present. This exchange also has their crypto named Binance Coin (BNC). This crypto coin is considered as the most profitable cryptocurrency at present. Binance also offers you more than 150 varieties of cryptos. Thus,  it increases the possibility of earning a high profit, which makes this crypto exchange perfect for investment purposes.


The PrimeXBT offers you multiple crypto portfolios in one tap. You can check out multiple crypto markets with just a single portfolio. This platform also offers easy access not just to cryptos but also to Forex and Stock Indices.


The primary purpose of Coinbase is to store crypto coins, but currently you can buy, sell, and transfer digital currencies as well. This platform is known for its security, therefore, you can store  all your digital currencies in Coinbase.

In a nutshell

Before the wrap-up, we would like to say, with changing time, crypto is becoming more essential for our lives. At present, it is possible to buy numerous things with just crypto coins. Thus, the investment in crypto is not a passive income anymore. It is also a necessity for surviving in society. So, without any further delay you must start investing in cryptocurrency today.

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