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Trymacs: Net Worth & Earnings of the Streamer

How much money does Trymacs have?

Trymacs (bourgeois Maximilian Stemmler) has made a name for itself in the gaming scene in recent years. In addition to having his own gaming clan, the Hamburg-based company benefited from the great Fortnite hype and was able to gain reach impressively quickly. In addition to its successful YouTube videos, Trymacs mainly uses the Twitch streaming portal. After just five years, Trymacs already has well over a million subscribers on both portals. He generates his income through donations from viewers and advertising. The cherished Trymacs’ assets are € 1.5 million.

Gaming – What games did Trymacs grow up with?

Income from Trymacs
Trymca’s first video went online in 2016. He wanted to be the first German YouTuber who Tips and tricks for the game “Clash Royale” spread. His primary goal was to successfully support his active community in the game. As the range increased, the first stream went online a short time later, albeit with a still manageable quality. He invested his first income primarily in his digital equipment and, with the growing number of subscribers, he also responded more to the gaming wishes of his fans. With the earliest YouTube earnings, the cornerstone of Trymac’s fortune was laid.

Then during the great Fortnite hype, Trymacs also regularly produced content for this. It was here that he also founded his “Lost” clan. Trymacs is therefore one of the main people responsible for the German youth word 2020 (“Lost”). In addition, he mainly plays Games like Call of Duty, Minecraft and Fifa. The YouTuber and streamer publishes Let’s Plays on games from Supercell. He also has an eye for current trends and made drawing Pokemon cards a highlight for his community.

Gaming content and advertising partners

Trymacs is regularly active on the Twitch streaming platform. Here he now has over 2.5 million followers. Within a few minutes after the stream began, the number of viewers on Trymacs was in five digits. The fans love the streamer. The highlights of his streams are cut by his cooperation partner and uploaded to YouTube. On YouTube, Trymacs now has 1.8 million subscribers on its main channel. Here he benefits above all from the advertising income of the YouTube platform. Your own videos regularly have over a million clicks. In a stream, Trymcas recently wondered that the number of views of the old videos is still increasing. Trymacs generates YouTube earnings of up to 65,000 euros per month. This allows him to further expand his wealth.

In addition to advertising revenue, LevelUp is Trymacs’ largest source of income. This partnership has been going on for several years. LevelUp has already financed some major events for Maximilian Stemmler and usually provided the prize money for them.

Worldwide record with the most viewers on Twitch

Merit from Trymacs
At the beginning of 2021, Trymacs will benefit from the hype surrounding the Pokémon cards. He opened Pokémon boosters worth several hundred euros and let the viewers participate in his stream. After the already great streaming success in Germany, this hype helped him to a worldwide record, with the most viewers on Twitch. In addition, viewers on the Twitch streaming portal have the option of supporting their favorite streamers with a sub (short for subscription: subscriber). There are subscription models with costs between EUR 4.99 and EUR 24.99. In return, the subscribers get different advantages. Much of the income goes directly to the streamers and increases their wealth accordingly.

Trymacs finally came in February 2021 with over 60,000 subs at the top of the rankings. At the time, he was even the most subs streamer in the world. In an emotional statement, he thanked his community via Twitter: “I still can’t believe it. No. 1 worldwide with the most subs currently. Thanks to every single supporter. “Despite streaming success and millions of assets, Maximilian Stemmler has not forgotten his community.

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