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One of the most popular Youtube stars, Twomad, has begun to lose weight. He has become svelte and slim and has become a source of much attention. However, the methods he used are not fully disclosed. It is believed that he has been eating right and doing a strict workout regimen.

Massive Weight Loss

The YouTube star had previously weighed 80 kgs, but has since shed 17 kgs of weight. Today, he weighs 63 kgs or 138 lbs. His weight-loss journey started when he replied to a tweet about his weight. He was ridiculed for being overweight and made many memes about it, but he decided to make changes. In a tweet to one of his fans, he reportedly said that he wanted to lose weight in order to meet his girlfriend.

Gaining Popularity

Twomad is gaining popularity for his recent weight loss videos with model Belle Delphine. His videos have more than two million views. He has also gained notoriety for his sketches and video games. He used to weigh 80 kg when he started his weight loss plan, but now weighs only 63 kg.

Shocked Fans

Twomad’s drastic weight loss has shocked his fans. While he has not explained his weight loss process, fans are intrigued by his results. It may have been a rigorous exercise regimen or an extreme diet plan, but it is not clear yet. His recent pictures with Belle Delphine show his new, slimmer body.

Criticism From Fans

Twomad has lost 17kg (about 37 lbs) and is now 63 kg (139 lbs). He hasn’t paid attention to criticism from his fans, but he has adopted a routine and is sticking to it. He has also added a tattoo to his chest that makes him look sexier.

He Shared His Story

Twomad was once 80 kg, but now weighs 63 kg, or 138 lbs. His weight loss journey has helped many people lose weight. While he hasn’t disclosed the specific methods he used, he has shared his story on social media. If you are looking for a way to shed pounds fast, Twomad may be the right fit for you.

Popular Youtuber

Twomad is a popular Youtube gamer and streamer. His videos have millions of subscribers. He makes money from online games like Fortnite and Overwatch. He is often open about his weight loss and health to inspire others. He has a YouTube channel called Twomad and an alternate account called Twomad 360.

Net Worth Is in Millions

Twomad’s YouTube channel has become so popular that it has been estimated to be worth up to $1 million. He also has Instagram and Twitch accounts. He has made a hefty amount of money from Google ads. It is estimated that he earns around 200,000 dollars annually. Twomad is an Ethiopian-Canadian with a massive fan base.

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