Eight Upgrades You Need for Your Commercial Office

Commercial offices can be truly modern works of wonder. They can be updated classic marvels. If you do not have a massive budget for your office, however, chances are they will just barely suit your needs – and that is if you are lucky. The good news is that there are many ways to save on office space when you do not go for the biggest, flashiest option. You can operate outside of the city, you can save on the space, and you can often get more space for your buck. 

You can even buy the office space if its within your budget, but in either situation, you are going to want to look into upgrading it. Office upgrades are essential to make the space fit for purpose, and to make it into an environment that supports your employees emotionally as well as professionally. 

With this guide you will be able to update your space and make it into something truly worthy of your business

1. Upgrade the Lighting 

Lighting plays a huge part on energy levels and on productivity. White light naturally works to wake us up and is the best choice when it comes to helping your employees feel alert, but it can be impossible to provide optimal light levels from windows alone. Weather, seasonal darkness, and temperature will all play a part to how much natural light you can and should have in your office. 

The better alternative is to invest in a smarter commercial lighting solution. LED lights can offer the white light that boosts productivity and help you save money. You will want your lighting solution to work in conjunction with your layout, so that each employee benefits. When it comes to designing a smarter commercial lighting solution, you will need a company such as Like Electrical, who have years of experience of upgrading even heritage buildings. 

2. Add More Plugs 

Another job your commercial electrician can take care of is increasing power output and available plugs. These can be added around the walls or through the floors, so that your team can be plugged in directly to a more stable electricity port. Relying solely on extension cables can be dangerous, and it can also put your electronics at risk. Adding sockets or plugs means giving your office environment the functionality it needs for your employees to work without issue. Also, add a key card system for your door security.

3. Improve the Layout 

The layout is one component of any office environment that plays a huge difference in the productivity and the output of your employees. It is a good idea to have a mix of spaces. Cubicles have their place, and so do open-plan designs. By having both you can allow employees a mix of working environments. 

This is not just to allow for preference, either. Sometimes employees will need larger worktops in order to visualize or use various materials. By having large, open plan desks, as well as personal desks, your employees can work well regardless of the task at hand. 

4. Invest in Better Furniture 

The furniture should be comfortable, but more importantly it should be chosen for the way it can keep your employees healthy. Ergonomic keyboards, chairs, and desks will help employees stay healthy and comfortable as they work.

NPS Office Furniture Townsville advises that ergonomic keyboards, chairs, and desks will help employees stay healthy and comfortable as they work.

If they are in pain, or uncomfortable, then they will not be focused on their work. They will instead slog through it when you want them to be on their A-Game. 

5. Create Social Spaces 

At minimum you should have a place where employees can comfortably eat their lunches. If there is not a communal area in the building itself, then you need to add one in your office. You do not want employees eating at their desk. This is bad for mental health, and there will always be the risk that they spill something on your electronics. 

Having social spaces for breaks or for lunches can help boost morale, can give your employees a better break (better breaks mean more productive employees) and are a very easy, budget-friendly benefits you can offer. 

6. Upgrade the Bathrooms 

If your bathrooms make you feel uncomfortable to be in, it is time to upgrade them. Stalls should be floor to ceiling, there should be free sanitary dispensaries, and in general the space should be clean, modernized, and comfortable. There are many reasons to upgrade your office bathrooms and many upgrades are fairly simple and cosmetic, making it an easy investment to make. A great resource for upgrading your office bathrooms is They offer a variety of customizable options for bathroom partitions that can help you modernize and improve the look and functionality of your space.

7. Modernize the Kitchen 

Modernize the kitchen by upgrading old appliances and ensuring that your team has all the essential tools necessary to reheat their meals. Combine this with a healthy collection of goodies. Tea, coffee, and healthy snacks are all very budget-friendly and can ensure your team stays fueled, even on days where they did not have time to pack their own healthy meal. 

Tip: Create healthy eating programs to encourage the team to eat better and to bring in food from home. You could make this social as well. For example, you can organize a pot lunch once a week, and have each member of your team bring something pre-agreed to share with everyone else. This ensures your team eats well and is a great bonding exercise

8. Improve the Aesthetic 

People like being in beautiful spaces. It makes them feel calmer, and more creative. You do not need to completely overhaul the entire space to offer these benefits, either. In fact, if you need to stick to a strict budget, you can just give your team free reign to decorate. If they are decorating communal areas rather than just their own desk, make a note of who brings in what, so that there are no arguments when people leave and want to bring their belongings with them. 

Plants are a great place to start. Add in framed artwork, mirrors, and other art as you go. Shelves and wall art are a few great ways to make your office feel more personable, and creative. Done right, you can make your office a place people enjoy being in, which will do wonders for morale and productivity. 

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