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Ursula Holly


Ursula Holly is an American actress and songwriter. She is also a wife of motocross driver Ricky Carmichael, an American stock-car racer. Both of her husbands are motocross professionals. She has won seven AMA national motocross championships and the AMA Supercross Championship five times. Her official Wikipedia bio is not yet available. To know more about her, you can read Ricky Carmichael’s biography.

Social Networking Site

Ursula Holly has an account on Instagram. Her client name is Lazy Triangle. She joined the social networking site in 2016 and is posting pictures of herself and her husband. She is also friends with Bart Corrington, whom she describes as a “favorite couple”. You can also follow the two on Twitter. They are both very active on social media. This is the best place to see the two of them.

Active Social Media User

Ursula Holly has an Instagram account. She uses her client name “Lazy Triangle” to post pictures of themselves with their pets. She also has an account on Twitter but hasn’t posted any pictures yet. She regularly posts pictures of her clients with Bart Corrington, a professional racing driver. The two have a son, Riley Carmichael, and two dogs. As of July 2016, they are both married.


The couple has two children. The first born is a daughter of two former NFL players, and the second born is a granddaughter of another football player. The couple has a daughter, who is currently living in Texas. The couple have two children. Their third is a daughter. In 2008, they divorced. Neither of them have revealed the details of their split. During the two-year-old’s professional career, Ursula Holly was married to an athlete who had achieved great success. In addition to Ricky Carmichael’s motocross and NASCAR success, she is now married to a woman named Ursula Holly.

Husband’s Profession 

Her husband, Ricky Carmichael, is an American motocross and stock-car racer. He has won the AMA 450cc class national motocross championship seven times and the AMA Supercross Championship five times. While there is no official Wikipedia biography for Ursula Holy, her husband’s bio is available. The two have a long history together, which includes several marriages and children.


Ursula Holly is a model and actress. She was married to motocross champion Ricky Carmichael in 2008. She is currently the wife of AMA Supercross champion Ricky Carmichael. She also has an Instagram account. The model joined the Instagram community in 2016. She and her husband share pictures with their friends. They have a daughter named Avery. Their sons are known to be the stars of their lives.

Mutual Interests

She is the wife of Ricky Carmichael, a professional motocross racer. The couple’s Instagram account has over a thousand followers. The two have a mutual interest in photography. She is a member of the AMA and has a few Instagram accounts. She has a blog, a Facebook page, and an Instagram profile.


Ursula Holly’s Instagram account features her husband and children. On the account, she uses the hashtag #ursula holly. Her Instagram handle is @lazytriangled. She also has an account for her husband, Bart Corrington. Unlike many women, she shares photos with her husband. They have mutual Twitter handles, both have their own hashtags and have an active Instagram presence.

Two Accounts

On Instagram, Ursula Holly has two accounts. One is called “lazytriangled” and features photos of her husband, Ricky Carmichael, an American professional motocross and stock-car racer. She has won five AMA Supercross Championships and five 450cc classes. Among her clients, Bart Corrington is also a popular blogger, sharing her pictures with her husband.


Ursula Holly and Ricky Carmichael married in 2002 and have two children. Their children are twins, and they have not revealed their relationship. Although the couple is still together, there is no information on their relationship. Both men are still married and have kids. Their personal lives are private, and they have no children. They have been together for 19 years and have twin children. But the couple is not happy anymore.

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