What are cordophones?

Cordophones, commonly called string instruments, are a class of musical instruments capable of producing a sound by means of the vibration produced by one or more strings with which they are equipped. Vibration can be obtained: by striking the strings;

Why are they called bowed instruments?

The bows are so called because they use the bow; and it is precisely the bow that allows the emission of sound by rubbing the horsehair on the strings.

What are all chordophones instruments?

The plucked string instruments are:
  • Archlute.
  • Harp.
  • Celtic harp.
  • Aeolian harp (strings set in vibration by the wind)
  • Lute harp.
  • Baglamas.
  • Bandolina.
  • Bandolim.

What are the most popular plucked string instruments?

Plucked string instruments are instruments, of various shapes and sizes, in which the sound is mainly produced by plucking the strings. They are the lute, the mandolin, the guitar, the harp and the harpsichord.

What are aerophone instruments?

In common use we find among the brass: trumpets and cornets, trombones, tuba, bassotuba and flugelhorns, French horn. While among the woods there are: flute and piccolo, clarinet and bass clarinet, saxophones, oboe and English horn, bassoon and contrabassoon.

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What Are Whistle Aerophone Instruments?

Straight flutes

Examples are: recorder, flagioletto, tin whistle (or pennywhistle), whistle, friscaletto. The ocarina and the chamois horn (or gemshorn) are also included in the upright flutes, as they are globular flutes with slits.

What are simple reed aerophone instruments?

Clarinets, bass clarinet and saxophone are single reed, while oboe, bassoon, contrabassoon and English horn are double reed.

How are the harp strings plucked?

To play a harp just pluck its strings, it rests on the right shoulder and both hands are used, the right usually for the thematic part and the left for the accompaniment, as in the piano.

What is the rubbed string instrument?

The harp and the harpsichord are plucked string instruments in which the strings cannot be shortened by the intervention of the fingers. In the harp the strings are plucked directly by the player while in the harpsichord they are plucked by picks connected to a keyboard. Currently in use.

How many and which are the percussion instruments?

  • Cajon.
  • glockenspiel and metallophones.
  • Djembe.
  • Congas.
  • Bongo.
  • Timbales.
  • Frame Drums.
  • Tamburelli and Tambourine.

What are keyboard instruments?

The most common are the piano, organ, and various electronic keyboards (including synthesizers and digital pianos). Other keyboard instruments are the celesta, the toy piano and the music box, which are percussion idiophones operated by a keyboard.

What are plucked instruments?

Musical instruments – Plucked chordophones

In musical instruments of this type, the generation of sound is produced by the vibration of a string, triggered by plucking it with a pick or with the performer’s fingers. Even stringed instruments can be played by plucking the strings.

What are struck string instruments?

Typically operated from the keyboard, some hammers set the strings of these instruments in vibration. Instruments that are struck with the fingers can also be considered in this category. …

What are the common parts of all stringed instruments and what function do they have?

The most important parts of the instrument are: the sound box, which has the function of amplifying the sound coming out of the instrument through the two “fs”, holes made in the soundboard, usually built in spruce; the neck, where the fingerboard is fixed, smooth and slightly curved, on which the fingers move …

What are the parts of the viola called?

1st string: A. 2nd string: D. 3rd string: G. 4th string: C.

What are the makers of string instruments called?

The luthier builds or restores string or plucked instruments.

How many strings are there in strung instruments?


The number of strings is different: generally six in the lute and four in the mandolin. In both instruments the strings are doubled and called “choruses”. In the lute the strings are plucked by the fingertips, in the mandolin by the plectrum, a thin sheet of metal or plastic.

What is the instrument that produces the lowest sounds in the orchestra?

Like other string instruments, the cello can also be plucked by lifting the strings with the last joint and releasing them. It has the lowest sound among the string quartet instruments and produces a very rich sound of harmonics.

How many are the strings of the harp?

The modern harp therefore consists of 47 strings and 7 pedals that modify the sound by raising or lowering it by a semitone .; thanks to the different techniques developed, an orchestral, solo and chamber music myth is inserted in every musical genre, from ancient music up to contemporary, pop and …

What does plucked strings mean?

is a technique used to play string instruments, which is obtained when the strings, instead of being swept with the bow, are plucked with the fingers: a short and strong sound is obtained.

What are harp pedals used for?

As a result, the harps have a mechanical action to vary their pitch, which includes seven pedals, each of which controls the pitch of the corresponding note in all octaves.

What are the aerophones with direct insufflation?

In wind instruments the air is blown directly from the player, from the mouth or, in some cases, from a nostril; in bellows instruments the air is pushed with the mechanical movement of a bellows.

Aerophone Instruments Are:
  • Aulos.
  • Clarinet.
  • Contrabassoon.
  • Bagpipe.
  • Chromorno.
  • Bassoon.
  • Baroque flute.
  • Pan flute.

What are simple reed woods?

“Simple reed instruments” are all woods that produce sound through the vibration of a thin tongue, called reed, fixed solidly to a support, called mouthpiece, by means of a band, called ligature. Clarinets and saxophones belong to the simple reed instruments.

What is the vibrating element in aerophones?

Let’s start with a definition: wind instruments are called aerophones because they produce sound by vibrating the air itself, in most cases the column of air contained in the cavity of the instrument.

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