What Causes Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Females? Some Natural Treatment Options!

Hypothyroidism is one of the most common issues found in females these days. While it can be hard to pinpoint whether or not you have thyroid, it can affect your whole life. One of the main symptoms of thyroid can be sudden weight gain or loss. It also affects your mood and energy quite significantly. 

Diagnosing hypothyroidism is difficult; however, its cure is even more challenging. We are going to discuss a few natural treatments down below. If you want to control hyperthyroidism, keep reading for great tips! 

What Causes Hypothyroidism in Females? 

Hypothyroidism is common in both genders, but it persistently occurs in females. There can be quite a few causes of hypothyroidism in females, one being a poor lifestyle and bad eating habits. However, it can be due to the following reasons as well: 

  • Poor Lifestyle and Diet Imbalance 

Our lifestyle is pivotal in ensuring we lead a healthy and fulfilling life. Staying up late and taking a lot of stress can mess up our bodies. Our body responds well to healthy habits but reacts to bad ones faster. 

The thyroid mainly affects our body’s cells that store energy and maintain our metabolic rate. However, poor habits such as bad eating, taking too much stress, and mental health diseases can cause thyroid issues in females. In younger females, it can also cause excessive hair growth and delay the process of hitting puberty. 

  • Heavy Medication 

People taking heavy medications for fatal diseases can also experience thyroid imbalance. Thyroid imbalance can happen to cancer patients because they take heavy medications every day, disrupting their body’s natural balance.  

Interferon and Interleukin-2 are some medications with side effects, including lowering thyroid hormone production. Medicines for heart issues can also affect your thyroid hormone production leading to low energy, delay in menstruation, excessive hair growth, and dizziness. 

  • Pregnancy 

Pregnancy is one of the blessings, but it has its fair share of challenges. During pregnancy, one must undergo many physical yet internal changes in the body. Your body produces many hormones to tend to the needs of a fetus. 

A female’s body changes a lot during and after pregnancy. Most females undergo hormonal changes during pregnancy, but postpartum thyroiditis is common. However, it goes away after a few months, and your body returns to normal. 

How to Control Hypothyroidism Using Natural Treatments? 

Hypothyroidism needs medical attention, and you do need to take medications to control the issue. However, you can also incorporate a few treatments to help manage your condition. Here are a few natural therapies: 

  • Lower Sugar Intake 

Sugar is one of the biggest enemies of people with thyroid as it can increase inflammation. One of the biggest setbacks of having sugar when suffering from the thyroid is the hormone conversion to a stable form. People with high sugar intake can worsen the condition, and symptoms start showing even more. 

Hence, it is best to have low sugar and avoid it naturally. On the other hand, salt is also one of the things you should avoid, mainly sugar. A sugar-free diet may not be easy to sustain, but it will benefit you immensely. 

  • Elderberry 

Is elderberry good for thyroid, or is it just a myth? If you are confused about the same thing, you shouldn’t be, as it is great for the thyroid. Elderberry is enriched with nutrients that help calm down inflammation and are full of antioxidants. 

Antioxidants are great for eliminating toxins and oxidative stress from your body, making it sensitive to diseases in the first place. Black elderberry benefits in treating hormones are many, and most people also love its taste. If you can’t find elderberries in grocery stores easily, you can always opt for its supplements. 

  • Vitamin B-12 

Most doctors recommend vitamin B-12 to all their thyroid patients or people prone to hypothyroidism. The reason is it helps in repairing your thyroid glands and regulating their function. Vitamin B-12 is present in many foods such as cheese, milk, tuna, sesame seeds, etc.  

It also helps in regulating your hormonal level and its production. On the other hand, it is a great supplement to uplift your mood and energy levels and eliminate tiredness. Whether you have a thyroid or minor hormonal imbalance, vitamin B-12 will help you. It can also help perfectly healthy individuals alleviate their health and energy-level. 

Final Verdict 

In females, hyperthyroidism symptoms appear in hair loss, lack of energy, mood swings, etc. You should never ignore those symptoms and get a routine checkup to see if you have a thyroid issue. If you are dealing with hypothyroidism, improving your lifestyle, taking less stress, taking proper medications, etc., can help you. Always consult your doctor if your symptoms worsen to avoid future complications. 



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