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What Happened to Brad Raffensperger Son

Lost their Son

In 2018, the politician and his wife Tricia Raffensperger lost their only son, Brenton, to a Fentanyl overdose. There were no funeral arrangements, obituary, or visitation, and the family did not discuss the death on the internet. Brad Raffensperger rarely spoke about his personal life, but his son’s death forced him to open up.

Difficult Time for Family

The family is now facing a very difficult time. The father has not spoken about the kid in public for years. The only time he brought up the son was when he was dying of an overdose of fentanyl. After Brenton died, his family had to discuss the death in 2020. Brad Raffensperger’s son Brenton Raffensperger was a drug addict who was only 29 years old when he died.

Overdose of Drugs

Brad Raffensperger’s son Brenton Raffensperger died in 2018. His death was attributed to an overdose of Fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, and other drugs. It’s unclear whether he had used drugs prior to his death. But it’s not the only mystery surrounding his death.

A Well-known Politician

Brad Raffensperger was a well-known American politician, a structural designer, and a member of the Republican Party. He represented Georgia’s district 50 in the Georgia House of Representatives and became well-known in the process. His son’s death has led to a strained relationship between the two.

Net Worth

The young son of the former Georgia Secretary of State died of a Fentanyl overdose in February 2018, according to his father. Brad Raffensperger’s net worth is estimated at $30 million. It’s not clear why he was so distraught, but it seems to have influenced his political career.

Mystery Death

Brad Raffensperger’s son, Brenton, died in a hotel room in Georgia. The mystery surrounding the death of Brad Raffensperger’s son has become a stirring internet quest. It’s time we learn more about the cause of his son’s death and how it could have affected his life.


Raffensperger is a former state lawmaker and businessman who was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2018. However, the Republican president’s attempts to overturn the results forced him into the national spotlight. Biden won Georgia by nearly five million votes. The controversy also caused Republican senators to call him and ask for his resignation. South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham even called him to discuss the issue of signature verification and absentee ballots.

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