What is Evan Hafer’s Net Worth?

Evan Hafer is a military veteran who has made his fortune in the coffee business. He is the CEO of the Black Rifle Coffee Company. He was born in Idaho and now lives in California with his wife, Kate. Hafer is married to a successful businesswoman. His net worth is estimated at $30 million. His company has grown from small beginnings to a major force competing with world-renowned coffee chains and Starbucks.

The family life of Evan Hafer is one of his greatest assets. He is married to Kate Hafer and has a son with her. Evan Hafer is an avid hiker and enjoys capturing the beauty of nature. He and Kate are active in social media, where they post pictures of hiking in the mountains. His wife Kate Hafer is also an avid photographer. His daughters’ Instagram account is full of pictures of the family.

Hafer is a member of the National Rifle Association. He also serves on the board of the Veterans Affairs Committee for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. While his net worth is not directly related to the success of his company, it does give an indication of his influence. In 2019, Black Rifle Coffee had a gross income of $80 million. In addition to its distribution to over 1700 locations, Evan Hafer hopes to open stand-alone stores.

Although he is 44 years old, his zodiac sign and date of birth are unknown. As a result, the number of people who know him may be considerably higher than we expect. However, it’s unlikely that Hafer’s age is a significant factor in his net worth. His net worth will probably rise even higher as his business grows in 2021. Evan Hafer’s life story is one of intrigue and mystery, but it’s likely that his military career has given him the opportunity to keep most of his life a low-key spotlight.

While he served his country in the military, his net worth has grown largely from his coffee business. He earned one million dollars from his business in 2015 and $30 million in 2017, and has plans to expand its business with new locations and new coffee products. Evan Hafer’s net worth has increased rapidly, but it still remains a mystery. He is a highly decorated military veteran, and his net worth is reflected in his diverse interests and activities.

After leaving the military, Evan Hafer earned a small fortune from his personal business. His net worth, estimated at $500 thousand, is a result of his entrepreneurial success and his military service. He now resides in Salt Lake City with his wife. Evan Hafer’s zodiac sign is Libra. His zodiac sign is unknown. However, it’s important to note that the veteran has kept a low-key lifestyle.

The US Army veteran Evan Hafer’s net worth is estimated to reach $500 million by 2022. He founded a coffee roasting company, Black Rifle Coffee Company, as part of his mission to provide quality coffee to conservative Americans. During his army career, he discovered a passion for coffee and eventually merged it with his business. He is now the CEO of a world-class coffee roaster and a veteran in his own right.