What is Perry Rahbar Net Worth?

If we look at the Forbes article from November 2016, Rahbar Perry is estimated to be worth $3.6 million. He will be 38 in 2021. His net worth is largely due to his successful career. His net worth has increased since he first made his Forbes debut. Perry’s net worth will most likely double in the next few years as his popularity increases. He is also engaged to a model named Paige DeSorbo, who is set to appear in the fifth episode of his hit television series Summer House.

Perry Rahbar and Paige Deserbo started dating in the summer of 2019 and were very much a couple. Paige Deserbo, his then girlfriend, predicted that he would propose to her during the next year. However, the pair subsequently broke up in October 2020. The couple moved to Miami, where Perry Rahbar lives. They have no children together. The couple’s net worth is still unknown at this time.

Perry Rahbar is an entrepreneur and an investor. He is the co-founder of dv01, a technology platform that provides lenders with loan level data. The net worth of Perry Rahbar is not yet revealed, but his past salaries show a good income. While his salary at dv01 is not disclosed, it was good when he was working as a managing director for J.P. Morgan for five years. His total assets will most likely rise further before the end of this year.

Known as a businessman, Perry Rahbar has accumulated a huge net worth from his success. He has a number of companies, including dv01, a company that connects more than 250 different financial institutions and offers loans. In addition to the business world, Perry Rahbar is also an investor in real estate. With over $2 billion in net worth, his company will continue to grow and expand.

Paige DeSorbo has never been married, and is currently dating Perry Rahbar. Paige is a white American citizen who has a height of five feet six inches. She has brown eyes and hair. Rahbar has been in a relationship with Paige DeSorbo since the summer of 2016. They announced their engagement in February 2020, but he and DeSorbo ended their relationship in October.

Rahbar’s net worth is largely due to his investments in technology. In 2002, he was an intern at Bear Stearns before working as a full-time employee. In 2005, he became a Managing Director at the company’s Non-Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities Trading. In 2016, dv01 won the Fintech 50 awards from Forbes. Currently, dv01 aggregates data from 4.2 million online loans, resulting in a net worth of $24 billion.