What Services Can You Get From Your Home Care Package?

In-home care services enable many Australian senior citizens to live on their terms within the comfort of their homes. Home care services are made for all elderly Australians, both privately funded and the ones under government funding.

Home care packages are designed for elderly individuals who like to be cared for in the comfort of their homes. These packages include various services that you can choose depending on the amount you are willing to spend or the fund allocated to you by the Australian government. 

Services You Can Opt Under Home Care Packages

The number and kind of services included in a home care package depend on what you need and how much you can pay. Some individuals also private fund their home care packages or some additional service in their home care packages instead of waiting for government funding.

Here we will explore in detail the different types of home care and home nursing services Sydney you can avail under your home care package.

Clinical Nursing

Many registered companies in Sydney provide comprehensive in-home clinical nursing services to the elderly. Search for “home nursing services Sydney” to pick the best establishments in your locality for complete home care packages.

Once you include clinical nursing in your home care services list, the registered nurse assigned to you will develop a personalised service or care plan. They will also collaborate with your primary and subsidiary doctors and your family to get a decent idea of your medical needs and requirements.

Home Nursing Services Sydney offers one-on-one care to aged individuals customised to account for the client’s needs, wishes, and personal preferences. Here are some services for you to choose within clinical nursing services:

  • Medication administration and monitoring
  • A comprehensive nursing assessment followed by regular visits and care
  • Care and management for people living with dementia
  • Palliative care
  • Intravenous therapies
  • Bereavement and grief counselling 
  • Rehabilitation and reablement
  • Assessing fall risk and subsequent management
  • Continence assessment and management and much more

Personal Care And Respite Services

Personal care and respite care are interlinked in the sense that all respite care is personal care but not vice versa. You can pick several services within personal care needs, like medication support, showering, and continence management. Personal care services are designed to provide optimum professional support to you. 

Respite care is the additional support you need when your full-time carer takes some time off. For instance, if your carer goes on holiday or takes a break for a few hours, you can contact in-home service companies to send someone for short-term care.

Here Are Some Additional Services You Can Avail Yourself Under Personal And Respite Care:

  • Meal prep, nutrition, and hydration management
  • Skin integrity management
  • Personal hygiene assistance and management
  • Transport services, transfers, and mobility
  • Helping the elderly get dressed or undressed
  • Social and therapy support
  • Supervision during mobility aid uses
  • Helping around the home
  • Day-to-day help
  • Continence Management and more

High-Intensity Support Services

These are specialised services given to elderly individuals who have more complex and higher needs in their day-to-day routine. Carers providing high-intensity support are more skilled and trained than others under normal personal care services.

These licensed professionals undergo extensive training to ensure that they can handle all kinds of co-morbid needs. High-intensity support is provided to clients who require strict medical and health management, behaviour support plans, or the combination of all three in their everyday lives. 

High-intensity support nurses are licensed to provide the following services:

  • PEG tube feeding and management
  • Taking care of tracheal tube
  • Seizure care and management
  • Nasogastric tube management and care
  • Male and female Catheterisation
  • Ventilator use and management
  • Subcutaneous injections and Diabetes care
  • Stoma and colostomy care
  • Complex bowel care and bowel management
  • Skincare and personal hygiene assistance
  • Dysreflexia care and management
  • Respiratory support and more

Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists are care providers who will help manage your home and everyday tasks for you to live independently. Occupational therapists are skilled in several areas like pain management, rehabilitation, and mental health and also provide recommendations to increase the quality of life.

Licensed carers will be assigned to help you manage your daily routine, identify or discover life goals and interests, adapt to a new community, and manage the use of equipment or aid that help you live and move around comfortably.

These carers develop a client-centred holistic plan and use evidence-based therapies to get desired results and help you live the way you want.

The Bottomline

The first step in getting a home care package is contacting local institutions offering in-home services to the elderly. If you are privately finding your care, there is no need to wait for government support. The professional will assess your situation and present recommendations for home care packages.

If you need government support and aid, you will have to wait for the assessment result to see the allocated fund amount. After that, you can decide which services to avail. Either way, try to pick a reputed company that will provide you with comprehensive care and compassion.

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