What to Do To Succeed in Your Career After Education

Getting good grades throughout your education does not mean that you will be successful when you start looking for a job. Many graduates find job-seeking daunting, especially if they have never applied for a job before. It can be challenging to know what steps to take but if you are going to use your education wisely, here is everything that you need to do to obtain your dream job.

Take Another Higher Education Qualification

Although you might believe that you are finished with education, if you have just graduated, you should take a moment to consider whether there are any other qualifications that could help to boost your career prospects. Post-graduate schemes can help you to get the specialist knowledge that you need to skip the lower rungs of your career ladder and can be an extremely useful way to spend your time if you are struggling to secure a job straight out of college or university. Not only this, but if you have decided on a specific career, or you have changed your mind about the exact career that you want to have, a post-graduate degree can help you to get there. However, rather than going back to university or college, you should consider taking an online qualification. For instance, at Suffolk University, they offer the best online MBA programs that you can take. This will allow you to get the qualifications that you need without having to head to the USA to obtain them and will ensure that you can easily enter the world of business after you have completed your education.

Network with Professionals

Once you leave education, though, it can be difficult to find out about the best job opportunities and apply for jobs that will allow you to have the career of your dreams. Rather than simply spending all of your time sending off digital applications on job search websites, you should also use some of your time to network with professionals within your industry. Networking with professionals will allow you to get advice about the best next steps for you to take, as well as insight into the industry that you want to get into. Not only this, but networking will allow you to find out about any job vacancies that you can apply for. Someone in your network may even put you forward or recommend you for a certain job in the future.

There are many professional networking groups both in your local area and online, meaning that you can connect with people from all over the globe. However, one of the best ways to start building your professional network is to use the network that surrounded your college or university. Many colleges and universities give you access to a professional network of alumni, or you could simply ensure that you keep in touch with many of your course mates as they venture out into the world.

Find Work Experience

However, although education is important, many employers are more focused on finding individuals that have the right experience. Having the right experience will ensure that you can do your job effectively and will prevent employers from having to spend a lot of time training you. However, it is notoriously difficult to find experience when you are just out of education due to the fact that you have to have experience to get experience.

Then, to make sure that you have all of the skills that you need to impress employers, you should consider applying for work experience schemes at large businesses near you. Many employers offer work experience placements every season, and these are usually one to two weeks in duration. However, if you are struggling to find formal work experience, you should consider focusing on your own side projects, or even working in a completely different industry to build up transferrable skills which you can then apply to your industry.

Volunteer at Organizations

One of the best steps that you can take to reach success in your career after you have completed your education, though, is to volunteer at a range of organizations. Many recent graduates do not bother to volunteer due to their need of a wage. However, volunteering is an easy way to gain experience and to get insight into the industry that you are intending on working within. Volunteering will allow you to build up your skills without having to have a large host of experience behind you. Not only this, but many employers see volunteering as exemplary of your dedication to progressing in your career and your hard-working attitude.

You can volunteer within many industries, although most volunteering positions will be in non-profit organizations. This means that there are plenty of opportunities that can help you to get experience in retail, animal care, and conservation. The best element of volunteering is that you can do this on your own terms, with most volunteering positions allowing you to be flexible about when you work.

However, you must always make sure that the volunteering scheme that you sign up to is not exploitative and that you are able to get the experience that you need out of it. To find out about the best volunteering schemes that you can sign up for, you should visit volunteering websites that can allow you to filter positions by industry.

Look for Job Shadowing Opportunities

If you are looking for an opportunity that can lead you directly into a certain job, though, you should consider job shadowing. Job shadowing can be exciting as it can allow individuals to follow around someone that works at their dream job for a week or two. This can allow you to see exactly what will be required from you, as well as the types of responsibilities that you will have when you get the career of your dreams. You will also usually have time to hone the specific skills that you need for your dream role while you are job shadowing.

Job shadowing can be a great solution for people who are uncertain about what they want to do in the future or who do not know whether a certain job is for them. Job shadowing can allow you to see this without any commitment on your part. Not only this, but job shadowing gives you the opportunity to place yourself directly within a workplace, which can help you to get known by potential employers and can even lead to a permanent job role for you. In addition to this, if you already work within a certain company and want to progress, job shadowing can help you to see into different departments and roles within your company.

Think About Graduate Schemes

If you are looking for the perfect bridge between education and a permanent job, then graduate schemes might be for you. The best graduate schemes can allow you to get the training that you need to work within your industry while being able to work inside a functioning workplace for a year or more. Their combination of education and experience makes them the perfect combination to help you to overcome any barriers that you have to getting employed and they can even lead to a permanent job position if you manage to impress your employers.

However, there are usually only very limited places on graduate schemes and you have to apply to these months in advance. There are many websites that can alert you to graduate scheme applications which are soon closing, though. You should know that graduate schemes are not the only route to getting employed after education though, and so you should not be disappointed or downhearted if you do not get accepted for one. This is likely to be more due to the fact that they are highly competitive than anything to do with your ability.

Perfect Your Resume

You will not be able to find the perfect job without a good resume. So, before you start applying for jobs or looking for graduate schemes, you should research the best ways to perfect your resume. For instance, you can hire a top-rated resume writer that will tailor your resume to the position you are applying for by highlighting your abilities to impress the recruiters.
Additionally, your resume will be easy to read and in a clear and concise format to grab your employer’s attention.

However, it is just as important to write a great cover letter to match your resume.  This should include why you would like the job, where you see yourself in a few years and everything that your employer needs to know about the experiences you have had. This is the place to make your personality shine. Make sure you tailor the cover letter to the employer you have chosen, for the best chance of getting an interview.



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