What’s a booster CBD?

Do you want to create your own CBD e-liquid?

The booster CBD is the central element of your preparation! It will allow you to add the Cannabidiol (CBD) molecule to your mix.

Want to know what a CBD booster is? Or what is a CBD booster good for? Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you here!

Booster CBD

CBD boosters are e-liquids that often have a very high concentration of CBD and a neutral taste. We generally speak of a booster when the concentration of CBD exceeds 600 mg for a 10 ml vial. However, there are boosters with all types of concentrations.

A booster CBD should not be vaped alone but mixed with a neutral base of non-nicotine liquid. The selections of CBD boosters usually offer you quality products THC-free, as required by law.

The best online suppliers also provide you boosters CBD in the form of crystals which contain more than 99% CBD.

For your DIY preparations, you will also need a base with a PG/VG ratio adapted to CBD and the flavours that you will find in this category.

CBD liquids offer a different vaping experience for anyone looking to enjoy relaxing effects while using their e-cigarette. There is a wide choice of CBD liquids with different flavours and concentrations, and just like with the classic vape where we find nicotine boosters, we find CBD boosters.

The usefulness of the booster CBD

CBD boosters can be used from a DIY perspective to create liquid in large quantities at a lower cost.

Therefore, it is advisable to dilute a few drops of booster in a neutral e-liquid base or add a small quantity directly to a non-nicotine liquid. Indeed, we will avoid mixing nicotine and CBD because their respective effects are opposed. It would then be counterproductive.

For the choice of your base, we advise you to favour reduced concentrations of vegetable glycerine in order to have an easy-to-vape mixture.

Therefore, the main interest of the booster lies in the fact of being able to produce a substantial quantity of CBD liquid at attractive prices. For example, with a booster of 1000mg for 10ml, we will have the possibility of making 20 vials of 10ml with a concentration of 5mg/ml (or 50mg/10ml).

How to use your booster CBD?

CBD boosters are very easy to use thanks to their packaging in vials with pipettes. This allows you to add a specific amount of CBD to a DIY preparation or an e-liquid. For the most precise dosages, you can ideally use a syringe to have the perfect quantity you will have determined beforehand.

Therefore, the booster CBD is mixed in an e-liquid or a base with a high concentration of propylene glycol. It is excluded to vape a CBD booster without prior dilution, mainly because the CBD concentration of these products is often very high and because their composition does not generally allow good vaporization.

The choice of your booster CBD must be made according to the final concentration of your e-liquid: if you want to create e-liquid in CBD dosed at 500mgfor 10ml, you will have to choose at least one CBD booster 1000 mg with which you can produce 2 bottles of 10 ml.

For more savings and if you have a regular consumption, there are also 2000 mg CBD boosters.

The main alternative to the booster CBD is CBD crystals, a pure and concentrated form of more than 99%. The main difference is that the crystals come in a powdery form which is generally more difficult to dose and you will need a precision scale for the most precise dosages. CBD crystals are also the main ingredient in e-liquids as well as CBD boosters.

Flavoured boosters CBD

A CBD booster is generally neutral in taste. It does not include flavourings, which leaves you free to customize your mixture and add your favourite flavours or simply so as not to distort the taste of your usual e-liquid.

But for those who wish to bring an original touch to their mixtures, there are boosters containing terpenes. These herbal flavour boosters can be combined with concentrated flavours or left as a base for a unique hemp flavour.

The editorial opinion on the booster CBD

We find that CBD boosters are the easiest to use when you want to create your own e-liquid. Our opinion reflects our experience and feedback from our customers, who appreciate choosing between the different brands offered and the different concentrations available.

For vapers who want to get into DIY, this is, in our opinion, the preferred solution because it requires very little material and requires only a few calculations to determine the quantity to add to your mixture.

How to choose your booster CBD?

A CBD booster differs from a nicotine booster according to two criteria: it is available in several dosages and it does not need to have the same PG as your base (by the way, it is always composed of a 100% PG base).

To choose your booster CBD online, head to Justbob.shop! Besides, you only have to consider its dosage. A high-dose CBD booster will allow you to obtain more liquid or obtain a more concentrated liquid.

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