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Who are Jessica and Alessandro from Temptation Island? Age, Bonfire and One Month Later

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Who are Jessica and Alessandro from Temptation Island?  Age, Bonfire and One Month Later

Jessica and Alessandro, whose surnames are Jessica Mascheroni and Alessandro Autera, are a couple of Temptation Island 2021.

Jessica and Alessandro they have been engaged for seven years. Their relationship began to falter after cohabitation began due to Alexander’s monotony and change.

Who are Jessica and Alessandro from Temptation Island?

  • First name: Jessica Mascheroni and Alessandro Autera
  • Couple Name: Jessica and Alessandro
  • Date of birth: Jessica 1987, Alessandro 1994
  • Age: Jessica 34, Alessandro 28
  • Zodiac sign: Jessica not available, Alessandro not available
  • Profession: Jessica receptionist, Alessandro in the family business
  • Birth place: Unknown, but I’m definitely from the north by the accent
  • Height: Information not available
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: Information not available
  • Official Instagram profile: @jessica_mascheroni and @alessandroautera
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Biography of Jessica Mascheroni and Alessandro Autera

Jessica and Alessandro of Temptation Island 2021 are both originally from Milan and have an age difference of six years. They have been together for seven years that is, since Jessica was 28 and Alexander 22.

Jessica Mascheroni is 34 years old and comes from Gorla Maggiore, in the province of Varese. His father, Enrico Mascheroni, is divorced from his mother and lives in Lugano in Switzerland.

Jessica works as a receptionist in Gorla Maggiore, where his family, especially his paternal grandparents, are well known. Jessica is engaged to Alessandro for 7 years. When they met Alessandro was an enterprising person while after living together Jessica complains that he has become boring: he only thinks about the gym, at work and is always connected to his cell phone.

Alessandro Autera is 28 years old and works in his family business in Milan. He started living with his girlfriend two years ago.

Alessandro is literally obsessed with the gym: follows a diet where he eats six or seven times a day and works out regularly. Alessandro feels perfect as he is and does not feel he has to change, despite Jessica complaining that he has become monotonous and that he only thinks about his cell phone.

Jessica and Alessandro Temptation Island of Where Am I?

Jessica and Alessandro are from Milan, even if Jessica was born in the province of Varese in Gorla Maggiore. The couple live together in the Milanese hinterland.

Jessica and Alessandro Temptation Island 2021

  • In the first episode by Temptation Island 2021 Jessica sees Alessandro making personalized meals to keep in line with his pro gym diet, always very focused on himself between training and nutrition. Alessandro says he would never go dancing with the his girlfriend and who hardly ever go out. His girlfriend Jessica instead approaches the single Manuel: the two spend a lot of time together. After the bonfire Jessica sees the other girls who speak ill of Alessandro and say that instead his girlfriend (Jessica) is a saint because she tolerates him!
  • In the second episode Alessandro continues with his diet and training regime, so much so that Jessica – confiding in her adventure companions – admits that her boyfriend is not putting himself on the line.
  • The advances of the third episode reveal a Alessandro very angry with Jessica for images that were shown to him.
  • In the third episode Alessandro begins by carrying on his usual habits between the gym, nutrition and hairspray. At the bonfire Alessandro sees Jessica dancing and having fun with singles. Alessandro takes it as a spite and tells some details of their relationship. Jessica also says that she needs stimulation and spends time with the single Davide Basolo. Jessica confesses that she is confused and that she wanted to get close to Davide before but she didn’t. She also says that she and Alessandro have not had sex for months because she has a block. Alessandro was upset and already sees himself single. At the bonfire Alessandro sees Jessica talking to Davide and complains about him confirming instead the desire to spend time with Davide. Jessica adds that if they weren’t living together, they would have broken up by now despite the seven-year relationship. In the videos of the bonfire Alessandro also sees a very strong growing complicity, including physical, between his girlfriend Jessica and single Davide.
  • The previews of the fourth episode on Jessica and Alessandro show that we are probably at a turning point: in the pinnettu Jessica sees a video in which Alessandro lets himself be embraced by single Carlotta. We also know that someone, in the next episode, will ask for an immediate confrontation bonfire. Will it be Jessica and Alessandro because of the jealousy in seeing the boyfriend “finally” come forward with a girl?
  • In the fourth episode Alexander’s change begins. He finds himself dancing with the single Carlotta who hugs him: the other boyfriends tell him that he has chosen a girl with a very strong character and he confirms that he likes them that way. Jessica has a video at the bonfire: Carlotta and Alessandro meet in an armchair, they spend time together teasing. Then Alessandro gives her a massage and they sunbathe together continuing to flirt and pamper each other until the evening. Then Alessandro enters the single house, where there are no cameras. He goes out immediately and confesses to the other guys that he had to resist a lot in order not to go further. At Alessandro’s bonfire he sees images of Jessica striking him: he approaches the single Davide and they exchange tenderness on the sofa then Jessica says that she is confused because of Davide. Alessandro sees and hears these images, and then again sees Jessica saying she can’t leave because she’s too good. Then Alessandro with a click closes the video and takes two steps to vent his disappointment.
  • The anticipations of the 5th episode reveal that the situation between Jessica and Alessandro is destined to worsen. On the one hand Jessica is also physically close to the single Davide, on the other Alessandro flirts with Carlotta but does not react well to the videos he sees in the pinnettu.
  • Fifth episode: Alessandro is called to the pinnettu where he sees a video in which Jessica admits to being forgotten about the life outside and to feeling anxious if she thinks about a future marriage with her boyfriend. Jessica hugs David, who holds her tight. At one point Jessica asks Davide to sleep in her girlfriend’s room, but in another bed. Alessandro instead flirts with Carlotta, under the helpless eyes of Jessica who follows the events from the pinnettu. Alessandro admits that Jessica has turned it off recently. In the second pinnettu Alessandro sees the video of an outsider that Jessica made with Davide. On the seashore the two continue to flirt, while Alessandro insults the two in the pinnettu. Alessandro stops watching the videos and destroys the furniture in the pinnettu. The boyfriend is called back to the pinnettu to see a third video: Davide and Jessica are in bed together, in favor of cameras. Alessandro is called back to the pinnettu and sees that Jessica and Davide intend to spend the night in the room together. Then Alexander will understand that perhaps the time has come for the confrontation bonfire. Once the lights in the house of the girlfriends go out, Davide and Jessica place themselves in the same bed. The two wake up together and start cuddling again. The next morning Jessica joins Davide in the single house. After these images Alessandro decides to ask for an immediate confrontation bonfire. Here the two argue, review the videos and Jessica tries to deny the evidence. Here Jessica has the opportunity to see other videos of Alessandro and Carlotta. The two choose to exit the program separately. Alessandro waits for Carlotta and they talk about the outcome of the bonfire. Carlotta is happy that he came out of the bonfire alone.

A month later

After leaving Temptation Island apart Jessica and Alessandro meet again at Jessica’s house to take away her things. Alessandro and Jessica on that occasion are very cold and mutually disappointed.

A month after Alessandro introduces himself first to Filippo e he says he is fine, who feels reborn. Alessandro currently is attending there single Carlotta and Alessandro hopes that the distance will allow them to maintain their relationship.

Jessica he later introduces himself to Filippo and says that things are going well, despite the fact that living in the house of cohabitation was not easy at the beginning. Jessica says she hears Davide from time to time and to see him maybe in the future if there is the desire on both sides. Jessica also feels reborn.

History of the Couple

Jessica and Alessandro they have been together since they were 27. The couple after 5 years of engagement went to live together in Trezzano sul Naviglio, but things have changed profoundly.

If before Jessica and Alessandro were dynamic and did a lot of things together, now Jessica suffers from the monotony and the fact that her boyfriend Alessandro only thinks about the cell phone, the gym. Their only commitment? Sitting on the couch watching television, and this is no longer good for Jessica.

Jessica has a Tik Tok profile where she also shares videos starring her boyfriend Alessandro:

jessica and alessandro temptation island instagram

On Facebook shortly after engaged, in 2016, under a photo that portrayed them happy he wrote

To be together all your life you need to have the same passions, the same habits, the same principles and above all

the same mental disorders …

Nice that you are my love

Couple Crisis

After many years of relationship, Jessica and Alessandro are in a critical moment: thanks to the lockdown, Jessica has decided to write to Temptation Island to change her relationship that has become monotonous and devoid of stimuli. As Jessica stated in the presentation video, what is missing is the “fire”.

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The presentation video of Jessica and Alessandro at Temptation Island 2021


  • Jessica on her profile says the motto “whoever does it always expects it”
  • Jessica Mascheroni is a lover of TV series, one of her favorites is The house of Carta

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