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Who is Flavio Insinna: Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Lunch is served and Instagram

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Who is Flavio Insinna: Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Lunch is served and Instagram

Flavio Insinna, short for Flavio Emanuele Insinna, is a 55-year-old Italian actor, TV presenter and showman. Known to the public for the role of the captain of the carabinieri Flavio Anceschi, in the series Don Matteo, and for the successful conduct of the pre-evening program Your business, we will see Insinna on Rai 1, from 29 January, as sworn in the program The masked singer, led by Milly Carlucci with artistic director Raimondo Todaro. In the summer of 2021 he presents on Rai 1 Lunch is served, Corrado’s historical program. Also in 2021, Flavio Insinna is at the helm of L’Eredità, flanked by Andrea Cerelli (the first male Professor of the program) and Samira Lui.

Who is it Flavio Insinna?

  • Flavio Emanuele Insinna
  • Stage name: Flavio Insinna
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer
  • Age: 55 years old
  • Date of birth: July 3, 1965
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Profession: actor, TV presenter and showman
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 83 Kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram Profile: @flavioinsinna_
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Falvio Insinna, to the registry office Flavio Emanuele Insinna, was born on 3 July 1965 in Rome, from father he is originally from Vallelunga Pratameno in Sicily. He graduated from high school and tried, in 1986, to enter the Carabinieri, but without success. Enrolls in the Alessandro Fersen’s acting school, where in 1990 he graduated from the “Laboratory of scenic exercises” directed by Gigi Proietti. It is divided between theater and cinema; remember his successes in the cinema: Night watchman (with Diego Abatantuono, 2000) e The partisan Johnny, of the same year.

Among his best known and most popular interpretations there is certainly that of the captain of the carabinieri Flavio Anceschi, a role he held for 5 years in the very successful TV series Don Matteo, with Terence Hill, on Rai. Still on television, Flavio Insinna enjoyed considerable success in conducting the pre-evening program Your business, which has been conducting since 2006.


Flavio Insinna made his debut as an actor in the cinema in 2000, and then moved on to television to interpret the well-known Don Bosco and later Don Pappagallo (one of the victims of the massacre at the Fosse Ardeatine in 1944). He made his debut in 2006 with the very lucky one Your business, which gets excellent ratings and makes it known and loved by the public; at the same time he holds the famous role of the captain of the Carabinieri Flavio Anceschi in fiction Don Matteo.

Thanks to conducting Your business, wins in 2007 a Telegatto cas a revelation character 2006, and in the same year he took part in the Sanremo Festival as a guest during the final evening. Leaves Your business in 2008 for devote himself entirely to the theater, but nevertheless does not abandon his acting career on television.

He plays Commissioner Diego Santamaria in the Rai 1 show I married a cop, alongside, among others, Marco Bocci and Serena Rossi (actress we are seeing on Rai with Mina Settembre, together with Giorgio Pasotti and Giuseppe Zeno).

In 2011 we see him in Mediaset, together with Antonella Elia, the two lead The bullfight. Two years later he returns to present Your business, and beats the competition of Strip the news; in the same year he participates as a juror in the program Such and what show, conducted by Carlo Conti. In 2013 he works in the cinema playing Hector in the film White as milk, red as blood with Luca Argentero and Filippo Scicchitano. Thanks to the success obtained in the management of Your business, in 2014 he was entrusted with the management of the coming year, taking over from Carlo Conti.

At Christmas 2015 he participates in the blockbuster film Professor Cinderella from Leonardo Pieraccioni: on December 23 the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, appoints him Knight Order of merit of the Italian Republic.

May 23, 2017 Strip the news broadcasts some off-air, in which the conductor insults competitors and authors of Your business, an episode that creates a real scandal, the public expressed, in fact, much indignation towards Flavio. For reasons of image, Insinna, is removed from the program, which in fact will no longer air, only to resume in 2020 with Carlo Conti at the helm. From 24 September 2018 Insinna is the new tenant de The legacy. During the period 2018-2019 it participates as recurring guest on the program come to me, led by Caterina Balivo. In May 2019 he participates as a “dancer for a night” in the program dancing with the Stars, from Milly Carlucci. Flavio Insinna, as juror, was the protagonist of the program The masked singer, from 29 January 2021 on Rai1; together with him they will be on the jury: Patty Pravo, Francesco Facchinetti, Costantino della Gherardesca and Caterina Balivo.

Lunch is served

After 28 years, he returns to Rai Lunch is served, historical transmission by Corrado, conducted by Flavio Insinna. In fact, it seems that the proposal to bring the broadcast back to TV comes from Insinna himself, with the blessing of Marina Donato, Corrado’s widow. It is a successful historical quiz broadcast from 1982 to 1993, brought to success by Corrado and also conducted by Claudio Lippi. The transmission comes back up Rai 1 in the summer of 2021 broadcast at 2 pm, for one hour, immediately after the 13.30 edition of Tg1. Insinna says:

“We will try a 2021 version with current, environmental issues. Always with ease of play and a reward circuit within everyone’s reach “


With 125,000 followers, Flavio Insinna’s instagram profile sees the conductor publish posts on his work and interests, as well as excerpts from daily life.

Insinuate Insta

Private life

Flavio never wanted to talk about his love life, but we know that a few years ago, despite himself, he ended up at the center of attention for the missed marriage with her fiancée Mariagrazia Dragani, television author. In 2016 the couple had announced the wedding with the posting of publications in the municipality of Milan. However mysteriously, a few months later everything was canceled.

Insinna never wanted to reveal the reasons of the break, but stated that it is a very complicated man and consequently it is difficult to have a relationship with him.

Girlfriend: Adriana Riccio

Adriana RiccioAdriana Riccio, a former competitor of the Veneto region of Your business seems to have given back the smile to the Roman conductor. The meeting would have taken place precisely during an evening of Your business, when Adriana in addition to winning 36 thousand euros it would have bewitched Flavio. According to some rumors, the couple would be together froml 2018.

We know very little about Adriana. She comes from Mirano (Veneto) and is a sportswoman. He won a bronze medal at the world championships taekwondo and currently also instructor of this discipline. In addition, Riccio is also ambassador of “Friends for the skin“, To help women in the prevention of breast cancer, in which Flavio also participated.

On the Instagram profile of the Riccio, the photos that confirm the relationship appear.

Flavio Insinna Adriana Riccio

Strip the news: Insinna insults the competitors of Your Business

23rd May 2017 Strip the news broadcasts some off-air in which, during a pause in recording Your business, Insinna insults the contestants and the authors of the program, causing much indignation. The off-airs are defined by Insinna’s entourage as “private conversations between Insinna and the authors, secretly recorded in the production offices”, while for Strip they were all recorded in the studio, in front of the audience, and not during an editorial meeting.

In the audio recordings, the Roman conductor, goes into a rage against a competitor of the program which is defined “a dwarf of m … speaking with her hands in front of her mouth. You take it there and hit it in the lower abdomen and then bring it back, we’re not in Val d’Aosta News here ”.

But the outburst does not end there. There is also an audio where Insinna gets it catches up with the authors of Rai 1, according to him, guilty of following the rules too much and not choosing the nicest competitors.

«They rigged the votes to make the Republic and we can’t put five nice competitors in the envelope? When I saw these competitors I would have pawed them in the ass. If you win twenty cents you deserve it because you are limp ». Then the heavier sentence: “I work the goods”, referring to the competitors, “I have to play with it”.

After the scandal, Flavio Insinna, he apologized several times for what happened. However, he was ousted from the management of Your business.

Watch the service of Striscia la Notizia


  • Very close to his parents, Insinna lived the pain of the loss of her father a few years ago and now she lives in Rome with her mother;
  • In the past he suffered from depression and he took care of himself;
  • Flavio wrote two books: Not even with a bite to the ear (2012) and The machine of happiness (2014);
  • In 2014 he conducted the evening event on Rai 3 in prime time I thought I saw a Blob, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the historic program of the third network;
  • He voiced one of the protagonists in the Italian version of Disney animated film Big Hero 6
  • Flavio Insinna is very active in the voluntary sector;
  • starred in Heroes by chance, together with Anna Dalton and Ambra Angiolini;
  • presented the program Prodigies – Music is life (2018-2019), in which Serena Autieri also participated.

Flavio Insinna Video

After being overwhelmed by the scandal of 2017, for his statements during an off-air ad Your business, Flavio has apologized several times, both on social media and during television interviews, like this one.

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