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Who is Francesca Manzini: Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Instagram

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Who is Francesca Manzini: Biography, Age, Boyfriend and Instagram

Francesca Manzini is an Italian actress and imitator. The Roman actress was a contestant of the first edition of Friends Celebrities. Besides being a comic actress, Francesca Manzini is also good at singing and dancing. She was a competitor of Tale and Which Show 2020 and in March 2021 she leads Strip The News with Gerry Scotti until April when Michelle Hunziker returns to the helm.

Who is Francesca Manzini?

  • First name: Francesca Manzini
  • Age: 30 years
  • Date of birth: 10th August 1990
  • Zodiac sign: Lion
  • Profession: Imitator
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 170
  • Weight: 72kg
  • Tattoos: Francesca Manzini doesn’t seem to have visible tattoos
  • Official Instagram profile: @ f_manza1
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Francesca Manzini she is originally from Rome where she was born under the sign of the lion. His father works in the world of football, and in particular he is a manager of the Lazio football club. Francesca inherits her father’s passion, in fact her favorite team is Lazio as well as loving the whole world of football in general. In adolescence he had eating disorder problems: in particular she came to weigh 47 kilos alternating periods of bulimia with periods of anorexia. Her battle to regain control of her weight lasted six years, but Francesca is now a stronger woman and as she said “I bite my life and I don’t give up in the face of difficulties”.

The irony and the sympathy of Francesca then they are also the fruit of years of suffering and demonstration of that strength that the woman has managed to find within herself. His most famous imitations have been characters such as: Belen, Chiara Ferragni, Sabrina Ferilli and many others.

Francesca Manzini Instagram

Francesca Manzini, who recently changed her look from brown to blond, has over 155,000 followers on Instagram. Francesca usually shares moments of her work, of his imitations and some shots of his personal life.

Work and Career

Francesca Manzini he never studied acting: all the talent and skill in imitations and in interpreting characters was born completely from self-taught. Francesca’s ability is to be able to imitate and make the walk, the voice, the gestures slightly caricatured but making the character credible to the point that it seems to have taken possession of her.
His career was born in the tourist villages, as an animator and as an entertainer. As she herself stated in an interview to today: “I did a lot of apprenticeship, I sang in the breweries for 30 euros a night, then for three years the entertainer in the tourist villages. I have taken many, many doors in the face “.

In 2016 manages to land in the world of radio by participating in the Tutti Pazzi program for RDS broadcast on Radio Dimensione Suono. In the same year it begins to appear in the programs of Piero Chiambretti: first guest at Grand Hotel Chiambretti and then regular guest at Matrix Chiambretti. In 2018 Francesca Manzini also collaborated with Carlo Verdone in the film “Benedetta Follia”: here she makes herself known to the general public and declared that it was such a strong emotion that she will not be able to forget for a lifetime. His most famous imitation is certainly that of Mara Venier.

From 8 to 27 March 2020 he leads Strip the News with Gerry Scotti thus replacing the famous presenters Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti. Francesca Manzini said:

Returning to Striscia with Gerry after a year has the taste of home, happiness, gratitude and responsibility. And, as someone said … ‘if I’m wrong you will correct me’.

The news from 8 March 2021 returns to Striscia again with Gerry Scotti and the showgirls Mikaela Neaze Silva and Shaila Gatta.


Francesca Manzini is engaged to a Christian Vitelli: the man appears with her in several Instagram shots. The relationship seems to be pretty cool, or rather has been made official recently since only a few weeks ago Francesca has been sharing on Instagram moments of couple with his partner!

Such and what Show 2020

Among the participants of the tenth edition of Tale and Which Show, which will officially start from September 18th, there will also be Francesca Manzini. The actress, as well as imitator she has already performed in a talent show or Friends Celebrities where he showed all his passion for dancing and singing. This experience for her ended quite soon, maybe on Tale and Which Show will have better luck. Carmen Russo, Luca Ward, Sergio Muniz, Giulia Sol, Francesco Paolantoni, Pago, Virginio Simonelli, Carolina Rey and Barbara Cola.

  • In the first episode of September 18, Francesca ranked fourth in the provisional ranking by playing the singer Noemi with his song “Are just words”.
  • In the second episode of September 25 Francesca Manzini interprets Levant. The performance brings her to seventh place in the provisional standings, thus falling slightly compared to the first evening.
  • In the third episode Francesca Manzini becomes Giusy Ferreri.
  • In the fourth episode Francesca Manzini imitates Loredana Bertè. Being a character that the woman has already imitated in the past, the performance is extremely perfect. The performance earned her fourth place in the provisional standings.
  • In the fifth episode Francesca Manzini imitates an explosive Jennifer Lopez. The performance brings her to the penultimate place of the provisional standings ahead of only Carmen Russo.
  • In the sixth episode Francesca plays the legendary Patty Pravo.

Friends Celebrities

Francesca Manzini in September and October 2019 participated as a competitor in the talent show Amici Celebrities in the blue team led by the tenor Alberto Urso. With her in the program many VIPs: Chiara Giordano, Martin Castrogiovanni, Ciro Ferrara, Cristiana Donadio, Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, Raniero Monaco di Lapio, Filippo Bisciglia, Pamela Camassa and Joe Bastianich

Francesca yes very talented show in dance and manages to make a good impression throughout the duration of the talent! She is eliminated shortly before the final.


  • Francesca is great passionate about photography and loves taking pictures
  • During the quarantine he cooked his first sauce with walnuts
  • He has two dogs named Spartacus and Achilles
  • It was live on ChiMagazine to entertain fans during the lockdown
  • He participated in Enjoy – Laughing is good in early 2020
  • It was at the end of May 2020 on the cover of “Chi” together with Mara Venier: it is the first time that an imitator appears on the cover of an important magazine with her main character
  • She was a guest of Friends 20 the talent show by Maria De Filippi


Francesca Manzini’s performance in Sono solo parole di Noemi

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