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Who is Paola Turci: Age, Ex husband, Girlfriend Francesca Pascale and Instagram

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Who is Paola Turci: Age, Ex husband, Girlfriend Francesca Pascale and Instagram

Paola Turci is an Italian songwriter, singer and musician 56 years old from Rome; with a career spanning 30 years and with 15 albums released, he participated well 11 times at the Sanremo Festival. She is engaged to Berlusconi’s ex, Francesca Pascale.

Who is it Paola Turci?

  • Paola Turci
  • Zodiac sign: Virgin
  • Age: 56 years old
  • Date of birth: September 12, 1964
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Profession: songwriter, singer and musician
  • Height: 169 cm
  • Weight: 52 Kg
  • Tattoos: a sun on the right shoulder
  • Official Instagram Profile: @paolaturci
  • Official site:
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Paola Turci was born on 12 September 1964 in Rome, and from a young age he is passionate about music, and as a teenager he tries to carry on his passion by performing in some clubs of his city.

Very lucky themeeting with Mario Castelnuovo, songwriter and guitarist, thanks to whom he signs his first recording contract, and participates for the first time in the Sanremo Festival 1986, in the New Proposals category, with the song The man of yesterday, written by Castelnuovo himself.

From this moment on, Paola Turci, becomes at home on the Ariston stage. In the 1980s wins 3 consecutive Critics’ Awards thanks to the songs he brings to the Festival: First Tango, I’ll be Beautiful and Children.

His rising career is abruptly cut short by a tragic road accident in 1993 which leads her to have to undergo numerous operations. Event, however, that does not stop her and that leads her to be one of the best known and most relevant songwriters of the Italian music scene, with 15 studio albums to his credit and a career spanning 30 years.

With a marriage behind him and a relationship with Francesca Pascale, the Roman singer-songwriter at the time He lives in Milan.


The career of the Roman singer-songwriter began in the 80s on the stage of the Ariston. He participates in the Sanremo Festival 1986 and for another two years he returns to win the Critics’ Awards and in 1988 he publishes his first album: Lonely girl, blue girl. With the song Children wins another Critics Award in Sanremo, excelling in the Emerging category, and the song ne definitively consolidates its reputation at national level. In the 90s she returned to Sanremo, of which she is now a veteran.

In 1993 he released the album Girls from which the famous song is extracted State of apparent calm. In the same year it remains victim of a very serious road accident which will force her to undergo numerous operations. Despite this, the singer-songwriter, 28 years old at the time, resumed her artistic commitments a few weeks after the tragic accident. Later he collaborates with Luca Carboni And Vasco Rossi, authors of some songs for the singer. In 2002 she is the lucky one collaboration with J-Ax, at the time part of the Article 31, together they duet the song of the singer, Hands clasped, which rename: Fuck You. The 2000s see the Turci engaged in several projects: tour, theater show, it’s still collaborations. Accompany, along with Marina Rei, the colleague Max Gazzè (who will participate in the Sanremo Festival 2021), on the stage of the Ariston in competition with The usual sex.

In 2009 the singer-songwriter starts a album trilogy: Cross my heart (2009), Days of roses (2010) and The stories of others (2012). Over the years he collaborates with names such as: Laura Pausini, Fiorella Mannoia, Roberto Vecchioni, Malika Ayane, Emma Marrone, Noemi, Loredana Bertè.

In 2017 he ranks fifth with the song Make yourself beautiful for yourself, at the Sanremo Festival; this year in which he takes part in the talent show by Maria De Filippthe, Friends, as a teacher and member of the singing commission also collaborating with Alessandra Celentano. The following year, with Noemi, sings Never stop looking for me, at the Sanremo Festival, which he then participates in the competition in 2019 with the song The last obstacle.

There Turci after months the next one will be back on television 11 January on Rai 1, guest of I think such a dream, the show of Giuseppe Fiorello produced by Ferdinando Salzano’s Friends & Partners, an agency to which the singer herself is also a part.


Before participating in the Sanremo Festival 2019, Paola Turci, returns to talk about the harassment suffered during pre-adolescence.

It happened that we were at home. Him, me and a friend of mine my age. He started doing the same things to us. He sat us down on a stool, he leafed through pornographic journals and asked if we liked it and how much

The harassment lasted a few minutes, even if it greatly upset the young Paola. It was she who put an end to man’s violence, exploding with anger and running away. Later he turned to an analyst.

The 1993 road accident

At 06:30 on August 15, 1993, Paola Turci, is at the wheel of the Saab 900 Cabrio of a friend who accompanies her, headed to the Gulf of Policastro for a concert.

The 28-year-old singer rhe is the victim of a terrible traffic accident on the highway Salerno-Reggio Calabria, at the Torano Castello tollbooth.

She was seriously injured in her face and right eye. The eye is saved only thanks to the intervention of doctors and twelve subsequent surgeries, while the face will receive as many as one hundred stitches. Turci will get back to work a few weeks later, returning to perform for a dozen concerts using a hairstyle suitable to hide her wounds.

The incident is at the center of all his interviews, but the singer she confessed that only after many years she managed to toaccept the signs remained on his body, and to love each other all the same. For years, in fact, he had difficulty seeing himself on television and living with his own face, which he found unpleasant.

That August 15, 1993 I was black inca ** ata. I drove on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria, from one stage to another of the tour. I had to charge my cell phone, I have distracted from the street, and soon after it was too late. It took years for me to admit weakness, stop pretending


With 283 thousand followers, Paola Turci, on Instagram posts moments of daily life alternating with working moments and collaborations with colleagues such as Luca Barbarossa and J-Ax.

Paola T Insta

Private life

In the 1990s it was sentimentally linked to tennis player Paolo Canè. July 2, 2010 Paola Turci he then married in Haiti, in the chapel of the St. Damien Hospital, the journalist of R101: Andrea Amato. However, the couple separated in 2012. The separation was a lot painful and, later, the Roman singer confessed in an interview that

I was not happy but I was telling myself that I had to stay with him.

After the divorce, only one is known rumor on a alleged relationship with an engineer named Francesco.

In 2019, the singer on Twitter writes his opinion on the decision not to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in the capital. At his tweet: “And in Rome, the most beautiful city in the world, the rubbish Olympics are going”, the answer was a shower ofnsult about her appearance and, in far more petty cases, comments about the scars on her face.

She has not sons and claims her decision, specifying that it should be a non-recriminable choice to any woman.

Girlfriend Francesca Pascale

In a 2019 interview, the Turci confessed to having found one special person, but without getting too unbalanced. The singer was thought to be referring to the mysterious engineer Francesco. In the summer of 2020, however, the singer is spotted on a 25-meter yacht off the coast of Cilento, in the company of known ex-girlfriend of Silvio Berlusconi, Francesca Pascale. The singer and Pascale they never confirmed they were in a relationship, but they did not deny it either, thus letting the rumor follow. The news about one is fresh alleged break between the two, for unknown reasons.

Turci in 2018 states:

The public knows who I am. If I were engaged to a woman, I would go around the street, I would not hide in the house, this is a bit of the concept, but unfortunately I like men, I am not a lesbian

Video by Paola Turci


  • He suffered from panic attacks, now solved thanks also to meditation;
  • He has a dog called Leo;
  • She is very attached to her niece Margherita Pizza, with whom he enjoys singing together;
  • The song At least you in the universe had been proposed to her before a My Martini, but he refused it; still today, when he hears the interpretation of the Martini on the radio, he applauds;
  • When he was very young his dream was to become an actress, and to this end he claimed a audition with Ettore Scola;
  • took part in an episode of the program Ulysses – The pleasure of a discovery by Alberto Angela;
  • was a guest of Francesca Fagnani on the program Beasts.

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