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Who Are Natascia and Alessio Temptation Island 2021: Age and They Break Up

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Who Are Natascia and Alessio Temptation Island 2021: Age and They Break Up

Natascia and Alessio, name and surname Natascia Zagato and Alessio Tanoni, are a couple from Temptation Island 2021, of 31 and 24 years originally from Macerata, who participated in the program led by Filippo Bisciglia.

Despite they are exited the program together, Natascia and Alessio they broke up in August 2021 by the will of Alessio.

Who are Natascia and Alessio?

  • Name of the couple: Natascia and Alessio
  • Names: Natascia Zagato and Alessio Tanoni
  • Date of birth: Natascia was born on January 18, 1990, Alessio was born on May 14, 1997
  • Age: Natascia 31 years old, Alessio 24
  • Zodiac sign: Natasha is of the sign of Capricorn, Alessio of the sign of Taurus
  • Work: Alessio is a worker, Natascia is a beautician
  • Birth place: Picena Power
  • Height: Information not available
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: Information not available
  • Official Instagram profile: unavailable
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Natascia and Alessio I am a couple who have been participating in Temptation Island for two years. They have been living together for a year and a half: first they lived together in Recanatie then at her house a Picena Power where they currently live. The age difference in the couple Natascia and Alessio is six years where she is older than him.

Who is Alessio Tanoni?

Alessio, born Alessio Tanoni, is 24 years old and was born in Porto Recanati, in the province of Macerata. Alessio has a brother and a sister and loves to fish. Work as a worker in the same city in the province of Macerata but throughout his life he has always done different jobs: waiter, barman and then finally a worker. Her mother, Cinzia Capomagi, has a well-known hairdressing salon in Macerata and it is thanks to her that Natascia and Alessio met. Alessio has a difficult character due to his sensitivity and some difficulties he encountered during his childhood.

Who is Natascia Zagato?

Natasha she is 31 years old and was born in Picena Power (the age difference with Alessio is 7 years) and works as a beautician in Potenza Picena. It was Alessio’s mother who had them put together: in fact the lady noticed Natasha and decided to introduce her to her son. A year ago, the couple decided to live together at Natascia’s home in Potenza Picena. It is Natasha herself who calls Temptation Island, even if it is Alessio who realizes that his girlfriend is no longer struggling as before to keep their story alive.

Temptation Island 2021: The Path

  • First episode: Natascia and Alessio part with her tears. Alessio sees in the Pinnettu some images of his girlfriend Natasha: she talks about the fact that she would like to detach herself from him and his conditioning because she does not feel free and feels judged. He tells the boys that Alessio discovered things from his past by looking into his phone. Then he says he wants to relate to singles and Alessio is very bad. At the bonfire Alessio sees a video where Natascia in addition to having fun with singles, she reiterates that she feels judged continually.
  • In the second episode Natascia speaks of Alessio: for the first time he made love with her and their relationship is very special. Natasha complains that he is not a resolute person: for important reasons he has not finished school and has no definite direction, not being realized. Natasha complains that even in intimacy there are some things that don’t work as well as she would like and that she doesn’t feel accepted from this point of view either. Natasha confirms that if she does not feel the necessary freedom when they meet again, she must have the courage to leave him. Alessio bursts into tears and is prey to a thousand thoughts.
  • Previews Third Episode Natascia and Alessio: in the previews of the third episode Alessio he is once again called to see pictures of his girlfriend who puts their relationship in crisis especially from the point of view of complicity and control.
  • In the third episode Natasha has fun at a party. Alessio is called in Pinnettu and sees Natascia having fun with different Singles, in particular the single Samuele. Alessio is very upset and it’s time for the bonfire. Alessio sees other videos of the his girlfriend Natasha with the single Samuele while joking and flirting. Natasha confesses that even the intimacy after six months of relationship is gone salways waning. Natasha also confesses that she is losing love for herself. Natasha, on the other hand, at her bonfire continues not to see videos of her boyfriend Alessio, however she assumes that he may be annoyed.
  • Fourth Episode: Natasha continues to vent her discontent in the village of her girlfriends and Alessio says he is deeply disappointed by her words. No video for Natasha instead.
  • The anticipations of the fifth episode do not reveal any particular changes of direction for the couple formed by Alessio and Natascia.
  • In the last episode of the program the final bonfire is staged for Natascia and Alessio. Alessio clearly did not appreciate Natasha’s approach to single Samuele. Alessio complains that she played with her feelings and her suffering while she saw the images, of her and Samuele, to tell the truth they never went beyond the embrace. He confirms that things are serious for him and she must give him due importance if she loves him. Alessio is suffering and Natasha too, even without having solved the problems, the boys decide to leave the program together.

A month later

Natascia and Alessio a month later they are improving their criticalities and continue their relationship, working on communication and understanding. However, at the end of August 2021 the couple broke up and Natasha made it clear that the reason for the separation was that Alessio had another relationship.

Natascia and Alessio How did they meet?

Natascia and Alessio I’m a couple of Temptation Island 2021 engaged for two years. They are unknown in the hairdressing salon of Alessio’s mother: the mother Cinzia Capomagi indeed he said he noticed Natasha as his client, talking to her and thinking she was perfect for her son. Galeotta was therefore the mother and the salon (which it is located in the center of Recanati), since Alessio, advised by his mother, met Natasha and immediately the spark broke out.

Natasha is 31 years old and has been engaged to Alessio since she was 29. Alessio and Natascia after a year of relationship he decided to go and live first in Recanati then at her house and things have changed. In fact, Natasha tells how she feels judged by her partner and this has brought her both insecurity and withdrawn into herself.

Alessio, Natascia’s boyfriend, on the other hand, complains of his girlfriend’s neglect towards him: both seem to be quite unhappy with how things are going in the couple and want this experience to be a shock for better or for worse. In fact, if it is Natasha who writes to Temptation Island, Alessio for his part does not seem happy with how his relationship is going.

Why do Natascia and Alessio participate in Temptation Island?

Natascia and Alessio participate in Temptation Island because Natasha wrote to the editorial staff of the program. In fact, when she is 31, she is no longer satisfied with her relationship. In tears, Natasha tells us that she needs to meet again in order to be spontaneous again. As stated in the presentation video

At first Alessio was the perfect man, then he began to become judgmental. I would like him to understand that I do nothing wrong with being myself.

If on Alessia’s side, then there is a problem of always feeling judged, not feeling herself and a desire for redemption to make her boyfriend understand that it can be fine exactly as it is, her part Alessio replies that he feels neglected:

I realize that she is no longer struggling in the relationship, she has lost hope and does not realize how much she neglects me in situations.

Natascia and Alessio Couple Tenmptation Island Who are they Age Surnames

Social profiles of Natascia and Alessio from Temptation Island

Natascia and Alessio they have no social media profiles to be followed. It is possible to see that we had an empty facebook profile at the moment, the boys in fact deactivated both profiles just before entering the program, but as soon as the broadcast is over both will be reachable again on both Instagram and Facebook.

All Couples

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The presentation video of Natascia and Alessio at Temptation Island 2021:

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