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Who is Costantino Della Gherardesca: Biography, Age, Instagram and Family

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Who is Costantino Della Gherardesca: Biography, Age, Instagram and Family

Costantino Della Gherardesca, at the registry office Costantino della Gherardesca Verecondi Scortecci, is an Italian television and radio host. Historical presenter of Beijing Express, he participated as a competitor in Dancing with the Stars 2020 and is a judge of Il Cantante Masquerade 2021. For the new television season Costantino has switched to Sky where he will conduct the 2022 season of Pekin Express and Four Weddings.

Who is Costantino Della Gherardesca?

First name Costantino della Gherardesca Verecondi Scortecci
Date of birth January 29, 1977
Birth place Rome
Age 44 years old
Zodiac sign fish tank
Profession TV and radio host
Height 189 cm
Weight 88 kg
TV Programs Beijing Express, Dancing with the Stars, The Masked Singer, Pekin Express
Wikipedia Costantino della Gherardesca, born Costantino della Gherardesca Verecondi Scortecci (Rome, 29 January 1977), is an Italian television presenter, commentator and radio host.
Known in particular for his participation as a columnist in television shows conducted by Piero Chiambretti, in addition to the television conduction of the Beijing Express starting in 2013.


Costantino Della Gherardesca Verecondi Scortecci was born on 29 January 1977 in Rome. His parents are Alvin Verecondi Scortecci And Costanza Della Gherardesca, Tuscan of noble origins (to give you an example, one of his ancestors is Count Ugolino, also mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy).

Costantino Della Gherardesca is recognized only from her mother but at five years old the father also decides to take responsibility for paternity, so the boy adds the surnames Verecondi Scortecci to the name given to him by his mother. The conductor’s childhood and youth are not at all easy: since he was a child he suffers from anxiety attacks when he is in crowded places and the parents decide to send him to a boarding school in Switzerland, where he studies with his grandson Gherardo Gaetani of L’Aquila of Aragon, in art Barù. As a teenager, at the age of 14, Costantino Della Gherardesca was sent to England, to a boarding school where he tried to repress and change his homosexuality. It is in this bad phase of his life that the boy turns to drugs and alcohol, only to come out of the self-destructive spiral after a few years. He decides to graduate in philosophy al King’s College London and after graduation he is forced to work because his mother and uncle have squandered the family patrimony. In 2001 he made his first intervention on television, on Rai due, at “Chiambretti C’e”.

Drugs, Hospitalizations and Illnesses

Costantino Della Gherardesca talking about his childhood, in an interview he declared to have had psychiatric disorders and to have abused drugs. He suffered from anxiety, agoraphobes and a conflictual relationship with food that led him in his life to be hospitalized in various structures and hospitals.

Costantino Della Gherardesca Instagram

Costantino Della Gherardesca has about 300,000 followers on his Instagram profile. Share videos and video moments daily. His official profile is @ costantinodellagherardesca. Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @

costantino della gherardesca instagram

Work and Career

Costantino della Gherardesca is an Italian radio and television host who in recent years has been very present – as a commentator, guest or judge – in many television programs. She made her TV debut in 2001, alongside Piero Chiambretti. In 2011 he was one of the commentators of Xtra Factor and the following year he became a competitor of Beijing Express, a game show in which he ranks third together with his nephew Barù – in that year the management was entrusted to Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia.

In 2013 he passed from the management of “Beijing Express ” to that of “Boss in disguise” of Rai 2, but also works on RealTime programs: “Hair – challenge to the last cut” and “Best in town – the best in town”. Two years ago he signed and led the program “the brides of Constantine”, where he pretended to have a honeymoon with several show women (Elisabetta Canalis, Paola Ferrari, Eleonora Giorgi, Valeria Marini). In addition to television commitments, Costantino currently writes for “Il Sheet“.

During the summer of 2020 he conducted the “Open and Win” program with Gabriele Corsi. Since 19 September 2020 he is a competitor of the program Dancing with the Stars 2020. From 29 January 2021 is one of the judges de The Masked Singer together with Caterina Balivo, Francesco Facchinetti, Patty Pravo and Flavio Insinna.

For the 2021/2022 season Costantino della Gherardesca switched to Sky where he will continue to lead the Beijing Express which for the occasion changed its name to Pekin Express and which will air in the spring of 2022 and in this edition takes place between Jordan and Israel. Costantino for Sky will also be involved in the format “Four weddings“. It is a show in which brides and in some cases spouses will have to decide which of them has had the best marriage. Each of them, in fact, will participate in the ceremonies of the other, assigning a vote from 0 to 10 to the different categories: from clothing to food. Whoever wins takes a dream honeymoon!

Dancing with the Stars 2020

Costantino Della Gherardesca is a competitor of the 2020 edition of Dancing with the stars together with Daniele Scardina, Paolo Conticini, Tullio Solenghi, Lina Sastri, Ninetto Davoli, Vittoria Schisano, Gilles Rocca, Antonio Maria Catalani, Barbara Bouchet, Elisa Isoardi and Alessandra Mussolini.

Costantino della Gherardesca is accompanied in this new experience by the dance teacher Sara of Vaira. The two appear immediately very close and Sara appealed to her Instagram followers to vote to support her dance partner!

Costantino is the protagonist of a quarrel with Antonio Catalani because the two are in the play-off for the elimination from one episode to another. Antonio Catalani, known as Holaf, however, had a hard reaction: he says in fact than the fan base of Constantine is older and therefore he is at a disadvantage in a playoff that lasts a week. Currently the production has blocked everything because there have been an anomalous number of votes from Turkey in favor of Antonio Catalani.


Costantino Della Gherardesca it would seem single at the moment: on the web there is no trace of a hypothetical boyfriend but the host has declared that one of his dreams is to have a baby.


  • Costantino della Gherardesca usa Ayurvedic soaps Indian
  • He loves Russian cinema
  • He is planning a broadcast on Instagram Tv to find a husband
  • He has also had relationships with women in the past
  • Among the historical Beijing Express competitors we remember Andrea Pinna and Naike Rivelli.

Video by Costantino della Gherardesca

Article by Regina Fiamma Pisano

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