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Who is Elisa Isoardi? Biography, Age, Injury, Ex Salvini and Instagram

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Who is Elisa Isoardi?  Biography, Age, Injury, Ex Salvini and Instagram

Elisa Isoardi is a 38-year-old conductor originally from Cuneo, a former model and former competitor of Miss Italy in 2000. He led “The cook’s test“, Has occupied the pages of the gossip column due to his relationship with Matteo Salvini. She was a competitor in the well-known Rai Uno program Dancing with the Stars paired with Raimondo Todaro . It was a competitor of the new edition of L’Isola dei Famosi 2021 and was praised by The Sun, an English newspaper, for its attractiveness. Abandoned with an eye injury.

Elisa Isoardi The sun

Who is Elisa Isoardi?

  • First name: Elisa Isoardi
  • Date of birth: December 27, 1982
  • Age: 38 years old
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Birth place: Monterosso Grana, in the province of Cuneo
  • Profession: Presenter and former model
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram: @elisaisoardi
  • Facebook: @elisaisoardiofficial
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @

Biography of Elisa Isoardi

Elisa Isoardi was born on December 27, 1982 in Grana (province of Cuneo), but grew up in Caraglio. Elisa has a brother named Domenico, 7 years older than her (45 years) who lives as a “hermit” in the mountains. Their mother is a distinguished woman whom we had the opportunity to admire as a guest in the studio on the Isola dei Famosi. Isoardi defines herself as very precise and attentive, with a tenacious and enterprising character: characteristics that have allowed her to pursue a career up to now brilliant. After graduating from the Eula Higher Institute in Savigliano, he moved to Rome to study acting, where he attended the experimental school “Agora” specializing in Drama Theater. She made her debut in the theater, but after a while she decided to work as a model, moving to Milan, among other things, doing various photo shoots, including for Brooksfield and parades for Marchese Coccapani, Max Mara and Carlo Pignatelli. Elisa said that she spent the lockdown in Lazio (remember that she is originally from Piedmont) at her home aunt Gabriella an 87-year-old lady who, as the woman said, taught her to make recipes without dosing the ingredients but using the famous “eye” method.

Before leaving for the 2021 de The Island of the Famous, Elisa from stated that the relationship with the brother Domenico Isoardi is improving despite the two living in “completely different worlds”:

Slowly we are getting closer, he gives me a lot of advice. For him the fact that I am famous has always been irrelevant, but when we met these days he promised me that he will look at me on the island

Work and career

Elisa Isoardi is engaged in TV as presenter for about 15 years. She worked as a model for several years and also became a testimonial for various advertising campaigns. Elisa Isoardi took part in the Salsomaggiore Terme beauty contest in 2000, Miss Italy as Miss Valle D’Aosta, obtaining the Miss Cinema headband. It will be after participating in Miss Italy, as often happens, that his career begins to take a real momentum towards success.

Disembark in Rai in 2005 with the program “Look at the moon”By Massimo Giletti and Hoara Borselli. In 2007 he leads the Castrocaro Festival always alongside Massimo Giletti and “Effetto Sabato”. In 2008 he joined the cast of Raiuno’s weekend morning program: Saturday & Sunday Summer. The real television consecration for her comes in 2009 when she replaces Antonella Clerici (on maternity leave) historical presenter of the Raiuno program “La Prova del Cuoco”, where she will meet characters including Andrea Mainardi and Gabriele Bonci.

Elisa Isoardi leaves the chef’s test in 2010 to arrive at Green Line, in 2011 leads Miss Italia nel Mondo alongside Pupo. Also in 2011 he is managing One morning with Franco Di Mare, where he remained until 2014, the year in which he moved to the management of “On balance“, Which later became” Good to know “and” Time & Money “. In 2018 he returns to “The cook’s test”Definitively replacing Antonella Clerici. Two years later Antonella returns to the helm of the transmission taking over Elisa’s place.

Elisa Isoardi at the Isola Dei Famosi

Elisa Isoardi is a competitor of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 broadcast from March 15, 2021, hosted by Ilary Blasi and who sees Massimiliano Rosolino as a special correspondent in Honduras. It is the first time for elisa in a reality show of this type: in fact she only participated in Dancing With The Stars which cannot be considered a real reality show.

Elisa Isoardi has recently declared to Corriere della Sera

I think in fate and this was the right time: I need a reset and a change of scenery …

then speaking of a new desire for motherhood

In these weeks, for the first time, thanks to a friend of mine who became a father, I felt a new desire: I really felt the desire for motherhood for the first time.

Elisa Isoardi to participate in the Island of the Famous has faced a considerable physical preparation, going to strengthen her body to allow her better survival on the Island. It attracted the attention of the Viscount Ferdinando Guglielmotti who said he was interested in her. Elisa, however, does not seem to particularly like the viscount’s advances. Elisa in the second episode showed an enviable physical strength and athletic preparation; he also risked being nominated. In the third episode Elisa, after a discussion for the role of leader with Brando Giorgi, confronts her in a reward test against Valentina Persia and loses her. Elisa Isoardi is increasingly the leader of the Rafinados group, both for her strong character and for her determination. Later when the group gathers under a single group Elisa ends up in televoting and is eliminated. However, he decides to stay on Playa Esperanza with Vera Gemma and Miryea Stabile (previously eliminated). The three Amazons give life to a parallel Island where they manage to survive perfectly. Unfortunately, the day before the episode where the three amazons should have re-entered the game, Elisa Isoardi has an eye injury: a splinter of red-hot fire enters her eye and Elisa is forced to return to Italy to be able to carry out investigations. Thus he abandons the game for good.

All Shipwrecked Competitors

The official competitors of the Isola dei Famosi 2021 are:

Dancing with the Stars 2020

Elisa Isoardi participated in Dancing with the stars, famous program of Rai house conducted by Milly Carlucci. Her dance teacher and partner in the program is Raimondo Todaro.

During the first phase of the program, Raimondo Todaro underwent an emergency operation of appendicitis, but returned to the track in record time, albeit convalescing, to support his partner Elisa Isoardi. However, the couple’s misfortune continues: Elisa sprains her ankle and the two are forced to skip an episode, going directly to the next play-off on the evening of the semifinal. They don’t win the program.

Elisa Isoardi Instagram

A photo from Elisa Isoardi’s Instagram profile, which has more than half a million followers.

elisa isoardi instagram

Elisa Isoardi and the story with Matteo Salvini

Elisa Isoardi has occupied the pages of gossip for having been a former partner of Matteo Salvini (former partner of Francesca Verdini). The relationship with the former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of the Interior lasted three years, during which the two they did a lot of discussion especially for her statements about her role within the couple. The relationship ended due to some messages that Isoardi would have read on Matteo Salvini’s cell phone, which led her to doubt the man’s sincerity. After the separation Elisa to Today declares:

I found what I had to find and I made the scenes I had to make, like all couples do and like jealous women do

Elisa Isoardi Boyfriend

Elisa Isoardi, after the end of the relationship with Matteo Salvini, he had a relationship with the manager Alessandro Di Paolo, a well-known producer in the entertainment world. However, the couple never openly formalized their relationship and the woman in July 2020 talked about being single-headed. So if there ever was a relationship, at the moment it is over and Elisa Isoardi is single in all respects. Elisa Isoardi has no children: the woman declared that she still does not have this project in mind, also due to a stable relationship that is currently missing!


  • Elisa is an animal lover and has a little dog named Zenit which also landed in “The cook’s test
  • Before embarking on a musical career, Elisa appeared in two music videos: “Not you“By Gemelli Various and in” Che tempo fa “by Miotti
  • In 2011 he also published a book entitled “Villages to taste – 25 gastronomic itineraries of the Green Line
  • She was also a radio host for Rai Radio 2, in 2009 and 2011 respectively for the sections “The Pillars of Hercules” And “Mine and yours
  • Elisa Isoardi had dedicated a poem by Gio Evan (competing in Sanremo 2021) to her ex-boyfriend Matteo Salvini
  • Her mother declared that she had not seen Elisa happy for a long time: the Island of the Famous has returned her smile!

Video by Elisa Isoardi

Article by Livia Bianchi

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