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Who is Giulia De Lellis: Age, Instagram and boyfriend Carlo Beretta

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Who is Giulia De Lellis: Age, Instagram and boyfriend Carlo Beretta

Giulia De Lellis is a 25-year-old influencer, entrepreneur and presenter from Ostia. He was born on television in Men and Women, a program in which he courted the DJ Andrea Damante. The story between the two ended in the summer of 2018, subsequently De Lellis was first with the singer Irama and then with Andrea Iannone. After a flashback with Damante, Giulia is currently happily engaged to Carlo Gussalli Beretta. From 7 June it leads Love Island on Discovery Plus.

Who is Giulia De Lellis?

  • First name: Giulia De Lellis
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Profession: Fashion Influencer and model
  • Birth place: Host
  • Date of birth: January 15, 1996
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Height: 164 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Tattoos: the written “PolyannaIn the right arm, a hanger and a cross with two small black hearts on the hands. On the right shoulder the phrase from a well-known song by Elisa: “And if there is a secret, it is to do everything as if you only see the sun “. A bow on the ankle, on the right side of the breast the statement “Ah”, on the pelvis two butterflies with the word “One hundred and three“. The written “Joy”Inside the lower lip.
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  • Official Tik Tok Profile: @ giuliadelellis103
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Giulia De Lellis was born in Ostia on January 15, 1996. She grew up in a very protective family but her parents separated when she was little.

Giulia De Lellis has a sister, Veronica, born from a previous relationship with her mother and a brother.

During the earthquake that hit Amatrice in 2017 lost her aunt and cousin, and this terrible event ushered in a bad period in his life.

Giulia De Lellis has courted Andrea Damante, to Men and Women in the 2015/2016 edition.

The couple had an intense and long love story that won over all the fans of the program, but the relationship ended. in the summer of 2018.

Since June 2019 Giulia has been with the motorcyclist Andrea Iannone but the relationship did not last very long and she returned with her ex Andrea Damante.

However, after the lockdown, the two separated and De Lellis was associated with several boys, lastly Carlo Gusalli Beretta, with which she came out into the open.

Work and Career

Giulia De Lellis works as fashion influencer and model, and was launched thanks to the Men and Women program, in which he met the then tronista Andrea Damante.

After the experience on TV she became a real influencer who has nothing to envy to the best known Chiara Biasi, Chiara Nasti or Giulia Gaudino.

During her relationship with the handsome Damante she also entered the house of Big Brother Vip together with Luca Onestini, Cristiano Malgioglio, Cecilia and Jeremias Rodriguez.

In her Instagram channel she promotes clothing brands and beauty products.

Venice Film Festival has also been invited thanks to his fame on social networks.

She was also the protagonist of an episode of “The Hall of Wonders“With Federico Lauri.

Recently, De Lellis was also at the center of the controversy since the former tronista Valentina Dallari lashed out after sharing on Instagram the desire to dry one’s body through a new diet and alleged “purifying waters”.

Hyena joke

Giulia De Lellis is a victim of one joke of Le Iene on May 25, 2021.

The girl, with the complicity of her boyfriend Carlo Beretta, ended up in the clutches of Le Iene taking a good scare!

Carlo declared that he must be forgiven, while Giulia De Lellis announced in a story that “it also touched her”.

Love Island

Giulia De Lellis and the Love Island host, a Discovery Plus and Real Time program that takes place in Gran Canaria starting June 2021. The program is a Reality show where a group of around thirty single boys and girls go to live together in a villa, hoping to find love and win a cash prize. The home audience has the task of saving or eliminating some pairs and decree the winner of the program. Giulia De Lellis at the first opportunity as presenter said:

As many of you know, one of my dreams has always been to be able to present a TV show. I am therefore thrilled to announce that I will host the first Italian edition of Love Island which, after having achieved incredible records in 18 other countries, is also coming to us !!!

Giulia leads Love Island with videos and daily episodes.

Giulia De Lellis Instagram

Giulia De Lellis on her Instagram profile is one of the most followed Italian influencers, with almost 5 million followers.

Fiance Carlo Gussalli Beretta

In the summer of 2020 Giulia De Lellis was often spotted in the company of Andrea Damante’s friend, Carlo Gussalli Beretta.

If initially neither of the two had made their relationship official, some posts and stories on Instagram have revealed the dating and then become official. Now Giulia e Carlo are a well-established couple and they live together.

The story with Andrea Damante

Giulia De Lellis and Andrea Damante were one of the most loved and followed couples born from transmission Men and Women, throne in which in addition to Andrea Damante (formerly of Giorgia Lucini) there was also Lucas Peracchi (later replaced by Oscar Branzani). Their path won most of the audience of the broadcast. At first it was immediately clear how attracted Damante was to De Lellis but their path was not without painful misunderstandings. In the end Damante chooses the young influencer, and the two went to live together in Verona, the city where the DJ lived. Their story, however, is declared as concluded in April 2018, from De Lellis, who blames her ex for having her repeatedly betrayed. During the summer of 2018, the two try to reconnect, but to no avail.

Giulia de Lellis and Andrea Damante they got back together between March and April 2020. The two spent the lockdown, as evidenced by some Instagram stories. The flashback was made official with a tik tok released on May 4th: in this video the couple shows themselves together, close-knit and throws themselves into a funny curtain that you can see below. The two began a real confidence together, so much so that Giulia showed in the Instagram stories, the way in which she organized her products of make up and beauty inside the bathroom of the Milanese house of Damante.

After lived several months of love and happiness, Andrea Damante and Giulia De Lellis broke up in July 2020. In fact, the summer saw them spend their separate holidays: he at work in Ibiza between commitment and fun, she spotted in the company of his friend Carlo Gussalli Beretta. The magazine “Chi” by Alfonso Signorini reports a quotation mark from Andrea saying “The mistake was getting back together, we hurt each other despite the love that will bind us forever”. Andrea also talked about the end of their relationship in Verissimo’s living room, led by Silvia Toffanin, where he was very heartbroken.

During a live broadcast of Point Z, the program of Tommaso Zorzi, Andrea Damante has confided that he will no longer share the dog that he had with Giulia, as it was a gift for her and it is right that it remains with her. The dog, a Pomeranian Spitz, named Thomas Kowalski which also has its own Instagram page with over 100 thousand followers, after their separation he spent his time a little with Andrea and a little with Giulia.


From November 2018 to March 2019 Giulia de Lellis was with the singer Irama. The two would have formalized their relationship during the program Tu si que Vales.

But after the singer’s participation in Sanremo, the two move away and declare their relationship ended. Many fans, at the time, speculated that their story was not entirely real but only motivated by economic and fame reasons.

Andrea Iannone

After a short time referred to De Lellis it has been attributed a flashback towards his ex Damante, the girl has formalized the relationship with the motorcyclist instead Andrea Iannone.

However, the official came only after the two had been paparazzi by Who by Alfonso Signorini. The beautiful influencer said she was shocked by this type of behavior on the part of the press but the two then made the story official through their Instagram profiles.

Meanwhile Damante was dating Sara Croce. The relationship between Andrea Iannone and Giulia De Lellis, even if at the end it seemed to even talk about marriage, it is now over. But the beautiful influencer’s heart doesn’t seem empty.

Giulia De Lellis Book

Giulia De Lellis wrote a book that came out in September 2019: “The horns are good on Everything – But I was better off without! “ published by Mondadori. In about 160 pages Giulia recounted her experience when she learned that she had been betrayed by Andrea Damante. Here are some unmissable phrases from the book by Giulia De Lellis:

How could I get kissed, touched, smelled? The tragedy is that I also had that damn definitive hair removal! In short, girls, think about it: there are situations in which a wild groin can save your life

Did he at least use the precautions? I already told you, I’m a hypochondriac

In an ocean of conflicting emotions, I sink into the soul of his mortacci“.

Karma is more merciless than an American drug trafficker

Curiosities about Giulia De Lellis

Video by Giulia De Lellis

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