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Who is Pago? Biography, Age, Ex Husband Miriana Trevisan and Tale and Which Show

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Who is Pago?  Biography, Age, Ex Husband Miriana Trevisan and Tale and Which Show

I pay, at the registry office Pacific September, it’s a 50-year-old Italian singer-songwriter from Quartu Sant’Elena. He reaches musical success around the 2000s, while his private life also rises to the fore: married for 10 years with Miriana Trevisan, Pago starred with ex-girlfriend Serena Enardu’s Temptation Island Vip 2019 first and then the GF VIP.

Who is Pago?

  • Stage name: I pay
  • Real name: Pacific September
  • Date of birth: August 30, 1971
  • Age: 50 years
  • Zodiac sign: Virgin
  • Profession: Singer
  • Birth place: Quartu Sant’Elena
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: unavailable
  • Tattoos: a microphone on the arm and several symbols between shoulders and arms
  • Official Instagram profile: @pagoufficiale
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Pacific September, aka Pago, was born in Cagliari on August 30, 1971. From an early age he was a great music lover, but he also devoted himself to tennis. After completing his studies, he leaves at 18 to move to Milan and launch himself into the world of music, which he succeeds after meeting the producer Flavio Ibba.

Pago and Serena Enardu

The couple formed by Pago and Serena have been together for about 7 years and currently the two are talking about marriage, after having reconciled after the end of Big Brother Vip. The two meet in 2013, after that the former tronista of Men and Women Serena Enardu he leaves with Giovanni Conversano.

The two met for work and a great feeling immediately took off. Before meeting Serena Enardu, Pago was tied in marriage with Miriana Trevisan, with whom he also had a son. In 2019 Pago and Serena attended Temptation Island 2019 but they decided to leave the program separately. Later Serena, regretting having left Pago at the end of Temptation Island, tries to win him back by entering the Big Brother house where he was a competitor. Love starts to burn again and the couple at the end of the program return to live together at her house for the lockdown. Everything seems to be going well until May 18, 2020 when Serena announces that she had a bad fight with Pago and that he has left home. Pago for its part reveals to “who” that: “Something too serious has happened. I can never trust her again. I found myself again a love wanderer without a home, without a car, without Serena. But that’s okay. I will know how to start over from my family. He disappointed me, he hurt me again ”.

Currently Pago and Serena are on relaxed terms, they hear each other every now and then and have maintained a friendly relationship. We don’t know if they both have other loves.

Work and Career

Pago is a well-known Italian singer who launches into the world of music once he has finished his high school studies in Cagliari. At the age of 18 he moved to Milan, where he began a career as a soloist at first, but then joined the cover band Super Up with which he achieves 200 dates a year. After this experience he dedicated himself to his usual career and in 2005 he published the single Parlo di te, with which he won success and participated in the Festivalbar.

The following year he released another single and dedicated himself to the world of TV, participating and winning the reality show Music Farm. Later he publishes the album “Pacific September“And “September air“, In which we also find the most famous song” A summer ago “in which Franco Califano also participates. In 2016 he released his latest album, entitled “Nine Sense“. on June 16, 2020 his first book entitled “Vagabondo per Amore” is released, where however I pay has not had time to enter the latest events with Serena who instead entrusts to a letter sent to Chi by Alfonso Signorini.

Such and what Show 2020

Pacifico Settembre alias Pago is a competitor of the Tale and Which Show 2020, a Rai Uno talent show hosted by Carlo Conti. Pacifico, aka Pago, is a professional singer and this will surely help him in imitations of singers that will be assigned to him from time to time. This is a new adventure for him, perhaps more in line with his profession than Big Brother and Temptation Island, which projects him into the world of entertainment, after many years of absence from the small screen, it seems that Pacifico Settembre has returned to talk about oneself. With him in the cast: Carmen Russo, Luca Ward, Sergio Muniz, Francesca Manzini, Francesco Paolantoni, Giulia Sol, Virginio Simonelli, Carolina Rey and Barbara Cola.

  • In the first episode on 18 September Pago plays Francesco Gabbani with the song Viceversa, which earned him second place in the provisional ranking
  • In the second episode on 25 September Pago imitates Gianni Morandi, his performance slips him to 4th place in the provisional ranking.
  • In the third episode Pago plays Fabrizio Moro who earns him the victory.
  • In the fourth episode Pago plays Tony Hadley, and this performance also keeps him at the top of the provisional rankings
  • In the fifth episode plays Rino Gaetano. Pago commands the provisional ranking
  • In the Sixth episode the first phase of the Tale and Which Show program ends: Pago wins by reaching the top of the definitive ranking after having held the head of the provisional ranking for weeks.
  • In the week bet the tournament of champions begins, which sees characters from the last edition compete against those of this one. Pago plays Ricky Martin and the performance still earns him first place in the new provisional ranking.
  • In the’eighth episode Pago tries to repeat himself by playing the role of Renato Zero. The performance did not collect the hoped-for success and ranks ninth in the ranking of the episode.
  • In the ninth episode plays the role of Massimo Ranieri in a difficult interpretation of the piece If the city burns which earned him an excellent aim and fourth place in the overall standings.
  • In the tenth episode and final of Tale and Which Show 2020 Pago imitates the great Franco Califano.

Pago will be one of 13 competitors competing for Tale and Which Show, the 2021 tournament, aired on November 19. He will be an exceptional judge Antonella Clerici and the other 12 competitors:

Big Brother VIP 2020

After participating with the girlfriend Serena Enardu to Temptation Island Vip 2019, the two break up and Pago enters the house of the Big Brother Vip. Here the authors try to let the ex-girlfriend also enter but she is discarded by the telephoto and then by right being included among the participants the following week. The singer is clearly still in love with the beautiful Serena Enardu but he finds it hard to forgive her because he feels very hurt.

Big Brother VIP 2021

Pago enters the house of the big brother vip 2021 to surprise his ex-girlfriend Miriana Trevisan, a competitor of the program who has encountered many difficulties in integrating with the other competitors of the reality show. Pago enters to bring Miriana his support in the episode of 11 October 2021.

Temptation Island Vip 2019

Among the couples of Temptation Island Vip 2019 we also find the singer Pago with the entrepreneur Serena Enardu. The two have decided to test their love in the reality show.

In the first episode of Temptation Island Vip 2019, Serena has already approached the single Alessandro. For his part, Pago said he was very doubtful of his girlfriend, not understanding the reason for the feeling with the single.

In the second episode of Temptation Island Vip, Serena explains that according to her the relationship with Pago has become very monotonous and not to feel pleasure stimuli. In the part of the village dedicated to the Pago men he started to open up and confessed to having the impression that his fiancée is no longer interested in his life.

In the third episode of Temptation Island Vip, the two appear more distant than ever. Pago does not hide that he is suffering due to Serena’s rapprochement with the single Alessandro, who seems to have a soft spot for the beautiful businesswoman. Meanwhile, Pago is comforted by the temptress Valentina Anna Galli.

In the fourth episode of Temptation Island Vip, the two are now on their way to the terminus. While Serena appears almost carefree, for her part Pago thinks he is facing a changed Serena, unrecognizable and ever closer to the tempter.

  • Confrontation bonfire with Serena

Pago and Serena arrive comparison bonfire very tried. Serena talks about their relationship, about the mistakes made but the singer confesses that he is still in love with her. Unfortunately, the two are unable to reach a compromise, a sign that communication is now compromised. In fact, the two decide to interrupt their relationship which will resume during the next one Big Brother Vip.

Letter to Serena

The letter I Pago sent to Serena in the weekly Chi Recita: “… Dear Serena, I stopped calling you love inside me. It’s April 22nd. My heart no longer beats like it used to ”. Then he adds “You know that I was ready to get married … “, but what happens is almost unbelievable for the boy: “Something happens from which there is no turning back. You lock yourself in the bathroom but your cell phone stays out. I never would, I never did. I can not resist. I take my smartphone in hand and unlock it. What I read and what I hear doesn’t even hurt me, it’s just a m ** reality. that I have to accept “. Basically, Pago discovered that the relationship between Serena and Alessandro Graziani went on even when she tried to get back with him, and that it was not “once” but “several times”. This awareness destroyed him.

Answer by Serena Enardu

Serena replied on Instagram to Pago saying: “Guys, I expected everything this morning, but not to wake up with the interview of I pay on Who where he tells a bunch of nonsense. I’m sorry because I understand that in order to sell a book and read the article from start to finish, you have to do petty propaganda. All for the sale of a book “. According to Serena therefore the words of Pago are not true and are only suitable for advertising his book to be released on June 16, 2020 entitled Vagabond For Love “.

The triangle Serena, Pago and Alessandro

In the June 4 episode of the broadcast Men and women Alessandro Graziani was called by Maria De Filippi to clarify the rumors raised by the journalist Gabriele Parpiglia on the story concerning the story of Pago and Serena. In fact it is Gabriele during the episode who asks Alessandro if the relationship with Serena was there or not! From Alessandro’s statements, we know that the relationship with Serena was not just a gossip but it materialized in four months of relationship.

Video of Pago

I pay in his interpretation of Francesco Moro at the Tale and Which Show

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