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Who is Raffaele Renda Amici 20? Age, Instagram and Girlfriend Martina Miliddi

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Who is Raffaele Renda Amici 20?  Age, Instagram and Girlfriend Martina Miliddi

Raffaele Renda it’s a singer former contestant of Amici 2021, the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi . Raffaele in the past has already participated in Sanremo, is currently dating Martina Miliddi, dancer and her former classmate in Amici.

Who is Raffaele Renda?

  • First name: Raffaele Renda
  • Date of birth: 2000
  • Age: 20 years
  • Zodiac sign: Information not available
  • Profession: Singer
  • Birth place: Lamezia Terme
  • Height: Information not available
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: He has no visible tattoos on his body
  • Official Instagram profile: @raffaele___r
  • Follow us on our official Instagram profile: @


Raffaele Renda was born in Lamezia Terme (Calabria) in 2000, unfortunately his precise date of birth is not known. There is not much information on the young singer, however after his performance at Amici, the famous talent show, his name literally went around the web. As a teenager he attended the ITE high school de Fazio where he obtained his high school diploma, subsequently decides to devote himself exclusively to his passion or music. To define his talent he decides to undertake singing studies at “The Production Item“.

Work and Career

Raffaele Renda di Amici is a young singer who over the years has managed to get noticed in the music scene. The couple in the 2017 made his debut in the world of music by participating in Sanremo Young, or the famous show dedicated to young talents who want to emerge. Here Raffaele proves to everyone that he has an enormous talent and by a whisker does not get on the top step of the podium. In August Raffaele Renda also performed during an event organized in Riccione at Deejay on Stage.

Martina Miliddi

Raffaele Renda is not engaged. However, on May 31st he reached Martina Miliddi in Cagliari and the two published a story in which they are together. Raffaele had received the sympathies of Martina in the school but their relationship had remained unfinished because she was still engaged to Aka7even. Raffaele regarding this holiday in Sardinia said:

We are feeling, we are trying to get to know each other away from the cameras. It’s a bit of a strange situation. If they are roses they will bloom.

Friends 2020

Raffaele Renda is among the competitors of the new edition of Friends of Maria De Filippi, the very famous talent that is followed by millions of viewers every year. Raffaele has decided to perform on stage bringing his own unpublished song entitled “The sun in the windows “. His performance was not appreciated by all the professors, the particular by Rudy Zerbi who confessed that he was not particularly surprised by his abilities. On the contrary, the other two professors, Anna Pettinelli and the newcomer Arisa which complimented the young Calabrian and bet on him. Currently Raffaele Renda has not yet decided with which professor he will undertake his path at Amici 2020.

Raffaele inside the school arouses the interest of the dancer Martina: she confesses her interest to him and moves away from the previous boyfriend Aka7even. Raffaele, however, is confused and does not know what he feels. The story between Raffaele and Martina does not blossom, the boy in the meantime focuses on music and shows his talents by publishing the unpublished works Without Love And The sun in the windows. Raffaele accesses the Amici evening on air from 20 March 2021, he is part of Arisa and Lorella Cuccarini’s team. His intent is to demonstrate the ability to excite and not just a perfect technique.

  • Raffaele in the first episode of the evening of Amici 2021 is one of the candidates for elimination together with ESA. After losing the challenge at the behest of the Stash judges, Emanuele Filiberto, Stefano De Martino Raffaele Renda awaits the outcome of the ballot with the singer Esa.
  • In the Ssecond episode Raffaele does one show against Deddy: with a cover he manages to take the point for his team to the detriment of the singer-songwriter who has instead singing one of his unreleased.
  • In the third episode Raffaele manages to win his first point against Sangiovanni singing Michael Jackson. In the second heat, always against Sangiovanni, on the other hand, he fails to take the point. Third performance against Giulia, singing Cookie but not even on this occasion manages to take the point. He does not risk elimination in this episode and manages to demonstrate his great singing skills.
  • In the fourth episode Raffaele challenges Deddy with a gauntlet on writing. He does not risk going to the ballot for the final elimination.
  • In the sixth episode Raffaele challenges Deddy in the first heat. Raffaele sings Space Cowboy by Jamiroquei. Loses the challenge despite an excellent performance against Deddy who sings Call me love again. Raffaele goes to the ballot for the final elimination. Raffaele plays with Daddy, as Samuele is immediately saved by the judges in the three-way ballot. Raffaele is eliminated from the school.

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Raffaele di Amici almost counts an Instagram profile 35 thousand followers: the boy loves share a few shots many of which dedicated to his musical activity. raffaele friends instagram

Unpublished text Il sole Alle Finestre

I grew up with America
on the discs some pieces by Battisti
that I still need
to make them feel good
fears when they become
big and nobody knows
how to stop them

Sometimes I can’t
to be alone and
thoughts run after each other
in the void

Now I keep them on the sidelines
in a separate box
like old clothes
that I don’t want to wear anymore

But the sun is shining in the windows
you repeated to me you have to become
great any doubt
and every maybe
they only taught me
to be stronger

It’s a new day
it doesn’t hurt me
to be able to fall but
there is the sun in the windows
now you are here with me
I don’t feel anything anymore

And there is no road
all straight without
a little thick fog
and it’s not easy
when everything seems to me
lost but I speak
and then I’m stunned
if you are here

But the sun is shining in the windows
you repeated to me you have to become
great any doubt
and every maybe
they only taught me
to be stronger
to be able to fall

But the sun is shining in the windows
now you are here with me and
I don’t feel anything anymore


  • Raffaele Renda also has a passion for fashion, the young man in fact always flaunts rather flamboyant and particular shirts;
  • His profile Instagram is growing considerably after his arrival in Amici


The video of Raffaele’s performance to enter Amici 20’s school

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