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Who is Serena Marchese Amici 20? Biography, Boyfriend Age and Instagram

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Who is Serena Marchese Amici 20?  Biography, Boyfriend Age and Instagram

Serena Marchese it’s a 20-year-old ballet dancer, student of Amici 20, the famous talent hosted by the queen of Italian TV or Maria De Filippi. The young woman managed to enter the prestigious school after participating in the casting, given her skill the editorial staff allowed her to conquer a bench without even making the entrance challenge. It reached the semifinal of the Amici program.

Who is Serena Marchese?

  • First name: Serena Marchese
  • Date of birth: 2000
  • Age: 20 years
  • Zodiac sign: Information not available
  • Profession: Information not available
  • Birth place: Sicily
  • Height: Information not available
  • Weight: Information not available
  • Tattoos: Serena has no visible tattoos on her body
  • Official Instagram profile: @serenamarchese_
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Serena Marchese was born in Sicily (we don’t know exactly where) in 2000. Serena says that as a child she suffered criticism and bullying in her dance school: “they told me I was obese and I didn’t eat anymore”: this brought her to have a block and the fear of not being accepted has always remained within her. She got out of it thanks to a very good dance teacher who took her under her protective wing.

She is the youngest of three children. Serena enters the prestigious Mediaset school of dance and singing, that is Friends, the historic talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi that every year produces young talents such as: Stash, Gaia Gozzi, Alberto Urso, Biondo, Emma Muscat, Emma Marrone, Alessandra Amoroso, Valerio Scanu, Stefano de Martino, Andreas Muller, Elena D’Amario and many others. It is known with certainty that her passion for dance has deep roots, Serena in fact started dancing as a child (only two years and a half) and has never stopped since.

Work and Career

Regarding the Serena’s professional life, despite her very young age, the Sicilian dancer managed to find her way. Little more than 18 years old, in fact, she has already managed to make her debut on the small screen, dancing a spectacular duet on the stage of Domenica In, the famous home program Rai Uno. Subsequently, thanks to the success obtained, he also participates in the program “Sicily Cabaret “ broadcast on Rai Due. Serena Marchese also had the opportunity to dance in a concert by one of the most famous tenors in the world, namely Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli’s father.

Immediately after Amici’s experience, Serena was hired by the Ballet of Rome: from 1 June in view of a tour Serena joins the company and works so with the dance crowning his dream.

Friends 20

Serena Marchese is a dancer, new competitor of Friends of Maria De Filippi, the young dancer in fact participated in the casting and managed to make an excellent impression not only on the judges who preside over this phase of the program but also Alessandra Celentano, current dance teacher. The latter, certain of Serena’s talent, asked the editorial board if he could admit it to the school by establishing a ad hoc banquet without organizing any challenge. The editorial staff, however, decided that the teacher should first talk about it with the boys in the competition. Celentano immediately made the dancers aware of her interest in Serena Marchese and put it to the vote the possibility of letting her in without challenge, moreover the prof also specified that if they had wanted the challenge very likely Serena would have beaten both Martina Middili and Rosa di Grazia.

Serena Marchese is one of the dancers who enter the evening phase of the program di Amici on air from March 20 on Saturday evening: through comparative challenges she will have to prove that she is the best dancer on the program. He is part of the team of Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano.

  • In the first evening of the Evening of Friends 2021 Serena Marchese challenge the dancer Rosa in a dance rehearsal. He manages to win the challenge at the behest of the judges Stash, Emanuele Filiberto, Stefano De Martino. Rosa is then nominated for elimination but is saved at the expense of Gaia.
  • Serena in the second evening of exhibiting in gauntlet on a Neoclassical choreography against Rosa. Serena is extremely elegant and technically perfect. Despite this Serena, Deddy and Leonardo they go to the ballot for the provisional elimination: Serena is saved immediately by the judges.
  • Serena in the third episode dances against Martina. She does a modern piece and Martina a Burlesque. Serena fails to take the point by losing the challenge. He goes to the ballot for his team for the name of the first runoff candidate for the final but manages to convince the judges that they send Deddy to the challenge for the final elimination.
  • In the fourth episode Serena’s first challenge is against Samuele who takes a double step with Giulia, dancing the cancan. A technical performance that, however, fails to win the challenge. Serena then challenges Martina in a dance demonstrated by Francesca Tocca on a Latin choreography but fails to win the heat. He then finds himself against Alessandro in the third heat and dances Jennifer Lopez’s medley. Alessandro wins.
  • In the fifth episode Serena manages to perform several many showing her quality and versatility. Against Martina, and he wins the challenge, and against Alessandro where despite receiving compliments he does not bring home the point. His team goes to the ballot but Serena is not in danger of going out.
  • In the sixth episode Serena challenges Alessandro in the first heat. Modern dance, played on the intensity of interpretation. Serena fails to win the challenge. In the second heat he challenges Aka7even and loses the point. In the third heat, the point against Tancredi came with a dance to the notes of Madonna’s Fever.
  • In the seventh episode Serena only performs in the third heat challenging Aka7even and bringing a very funny choreography. Can’t get the point. Serena goes to the ballot for the final elimination but is saved by the judges. The eliminated of the episode is Samuele.
  • In the’eighth episode Serena challenges Alessandro but loses the point. Serena is unable to get the points to automatically access the final and must leave to the judgment of the jurors who must decide who is the fourth finalist after Aka7even, Giulia and Sangiovanni.

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Serena Marchese has been engaged since 2018 with a boy named Alessandro. Since they met, the two have become inseparable and are very much in love. Alessandro in an interview defined Serena as a kind, selfless, respectful and polite person.

Serena Marchese on Instagram

Serena has about 7,000 followers on Instagram on her Instagram profile.

Serena Amici 20

Serena Marchese Ballerina Friends


  • She is not very active on social media, her profile Instagram has about 6500 followers;
  • Alessandra Celentano he appreciated his versatility, a very important skill for a dancer.


In this video the performance of Serena with classmate Tommaso.

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