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Who is Giorgia Soleri Girlfriend Damiano Maneskin: Age, Endometriosis and Instagram

Giorgia Soleri is a 25-year-old model originally from Milan, she has been there for four years girlfriend of the leader of the Maneskin, Damiano David. Protagonist of several commercials and promoter of women’s rights, Giorgia suffers from endometriosis and vulvodynia, diseases for which she raises public awareness. Currently Giorgia Soleri lives in the city of Romto.

Who is Giorgia Soleri?

First name Giorgia Soleri
Date of birth January 3, 1996
Age 25 years old
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Birth place Milan
Profession Model and Actress
Height 160 cm
Weight unavailable
Illness Vulvodynia and Endometriosis
Fiance Damiano David of the Maneskin
Tattoos many, including a large moth on the abdomen and two hearts above the knees with the words “love” and “hate”


Giorgia Soleri was born 25 years ago in Milan under the sign of Capricorn. There is very little news about her life and education: Giorgia, however, unlike what is written in various newspapers, seems to be originally from Milan and not from Rome even though she has now lived for several years in the Eternal City. Giorgia in her modeling activity is linked to the Roman agency Deck Communication. Giorgia is also very attached to her mother: in 2019 the two women had to deal with their mother’s illness from which she recovered but which, as Giorgia wrote on social media, inevitably made her change priorities. Giorgia also suffers from a disease called “the invisible disease”, it is vulvopathy, which the girl has to fight every day and for which she spoke on Instagram in the past. The young model is becoming known in the last few days due to the relationship with the frontman of the Maneskin (winners of Sanremo 2021): Damiano David.

Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David

For several days there has been talk of a alleged flirtation between the model and the Maneskin singer. Damiano, on his instagram profile, he really follows very few people, mostly colleagues or tattoo artists, but recently also Soleri. The two, in fact, have implemented a mutual exchange of likes on social networks … Damiano would also have tagged her in various stories.

The latter have been indicted. Both, in fact, in some of their stories would have framed the same bedspread, which suggests that the two were together, and that they shared a room.

Another thing that fans have not missed is one story of Damiano in which the singer proudly shows the t-shirt of the awareness campaign against violence against women, with the words “Amami e Basta”, the same campaign shared on social networks by the model too.

Neither of them had formalized or denied anything until May 9, when Damiano by Maneskin made the love story official with a story! Below the photo:

Private life

Giorgia Soleri she often found herself answering questions about her alleged homosexuality: tired of always clarifying the same things she declared to be bisexual. Coming out, says Giorgia, was a defining moment when she fell in love with a woman at the age of 16 and decided to tell her family about it. Giorgia Soleri is also one convinced feminist, often deployed in favor of women as a promoter of gender equality.


With 112,000 followers, the instagram profile of Giorgia Soleri is very active and full of posts ranging from collaborations for work, to shots of everyday life, or to the sharing of thoughts, poems and songs dear to the model. You can follow her on her social profiles:

Giorgia Soleri Insta


Giorgia Soleri is a model who lives in Rome and works in Milan, Rome, Florence and all the cities in which she is involved in projects. Giorgia has been the protagonist of many photo shoots for high-level and intimate stylists, and in 2021 she also ventured into advertising for Moretti beer. She always played around with her look a lot, and her hair went from black to platinum blonde, long and short. She is a girl who likes challenges even in the professional field, we will follow her in her next commitments! He published an interview in the magazine F and it was a controversy about the title used by the newspaper, which despite the various agreements has titled “Damiano’s girlfriend” without mentioning her name and surname in the title. For Giorgia this was a great lack of respect and of the agreements made.


Giorgia told on social media that she is suffering from one vulvodynia, a gynecological disease characterized by chronic pain affecting the vulva and the tissues surrounding the access to the vagina. Pain is a strong one burning, pain during sexual intercourse And redness. It is a very frequent pathology that affects about 12-15% of women, but vulvodynia can be diagnosed late or even not be treated for years because it is not recognized. In fact Giorgia in a recent post wrote:

“This photo was taken in one of the endless nights that in these 8 years have been interrupted by pain, chills, screams and tears, and which have ruined my life. I have heard of everything, that I am crazy, anxious, frigid, a liar. That I’m afraid of sex, that I should masturbate more. The worst part is the extreme loneliness in which you are thrown, judged by those around you and misunderstood by those who should find a diagnosis “

Giorgia Soleri in August 2021 the operation of Endometriosis: the operation went well and Giorgia reassured the fans on Instagram, also receiving the support of her boyfriend Damiano.


Giorgia has numerous tattoos on her body:

  • Giorgia supported the Maneskin victory at Eurovision 2021 in the Stories. In particular the girl but shown a video of herself following the announcement of the winners live and celebrating in disbelief
  • Two hearts above the knees: on the left the word “love” and on the right the word “hate”;
  • A small heart on the ring finger of the left hand;
  • Two hands shaking on the left hip;
  • A large flower on the right hip;
  • A large moth on the abdomen;
  • A half-naked woman on the left leg;
  • Two tulips on the right forearm;
  • A heart surrounded by barbed wire on the right arm;
  • The inscription “POSSO TUTTO” on the right forearm, next to a headless woman holding a crown of thorns;
  • A large flower between the forearm and the right arm;
  • Frida Kahlo’s face, without eyes, nose and mouth, on the right arm;
  • A dagger broken in half on the left forearm;
  • A dark brown on the back of the left thigh;
  • A heart with a girl’s butt inside on the right buttock;
  • An inscription in italics on the left side.
Giorgia Soleri Tatoo


  • Giorgia loves cats;
  • Lives between Milan and Rome;
  • She has had platinum blonde hair in the past;
  • He starred in the commercial for Moretti beer and posted a video on Instagram where he stated “I incredibly missed being on the set all day and I can finally share with you the last commercial I worked on for Birra Moretti, I couldn’t wait!”
  • He harshly attacked the reality show Temptation Island conducted by Filippo Bisciglia: “This stuff is toxic and shouldn’t be rewarded with shares, views and quotes. It should just be boycotted. I don’t understand what’s funny about toxic, possessive and abusive relationship dynamics

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