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Who’s Last: Biography, Age, Instagram, Songs and Girlfriend Jacqueline

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Who's Last: Biography, Age, Instagram, Songs and Girlfriend Jacqueline

Last, to the registry office Niccoò Moriconi, is an Italian singer-songwriter known above all since younger audience. He won New Proposals of Sanremo 2018 and was ranked second to Sanremo 2019 behind Achille Lauro. His most recent album went platinum three times.

Who is Last?

  • First name: Niccolò Moriconi
  • Art Name: Last
  • Date of birth: January 27, 1996
  • Age: 24 years
  • Zodiac sign: Fish tank
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Profession: Songwriter
  • Tattoos: Ultimo has many tattoos: on the hands of his fingers he has the inscription “Last” divided by letters (last is the tradition of his stage name in English). He also tattooed a key that represents the key to the doors of the future, the story of Peter Pan one of his favorite characters: in addition to identifying with him, the latter also titled his own album just like that. On the right arm instead he has tattooed the portrait of Kurt Cobain and the Latin inscription “panta rei” (everything flows). On the neck it has the inscription “Fateme Cantà” the title of one of his songs. Infone on his shoulder has a microphone with three musical notes. These notes are the three initials of Vasco Rossi’s song Vivere.
  • Official Instagram profile: @ultimopeterpan
  • Youtube channel: Last
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Last or Niccolò Moriconi was born in Rome from Anna Sanseverino and Sandro Moriconi. He has two brothers, Valerio and Alessandro to whom he is very attached: just to Alexander dedicated his victory to Sanremo Giovani in 2018 with these words “You will win your battle”. Niccolò’s parents separate when he is only 4 years old: given the concentration problems that Niccolò showed at school, his mother at the age of eight decides to enroll him in a piano course. Although initially Niccolò experiences this condition as an imposition, it will soon become his refuge and his world. He graduated from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome and began composing his songs. His stage name is inspired by a condition of discomfort that the guy has always felt on his skin: that of being a “last”. Thus begins the professional career of Niccolò Moriconi made up of extremely intimate, autobiographical songs, which speak of school times, of how it is to feel judged by the teachers, of fairy tales, of plays in the courtyard and of many other moments that are part of the youth of everything. . Because of this Last manages to create a very strong emotional connection with the audience who recognizes and appreciates his lyrics and his unmistakable voice.

Latest Instagram

Work and Career

Niccolò Moriconi began his real musical career in 2013 when he won the competition “A voice for the South” with the song Give me a smile dedicated to the children hospitalized in the Bambin Gesù hospital in Rome. Note that Ultimo tries to enter both ad Friends who at X Factor respectively in 2012 and 2014: is incredibly discarded from both talents! He begins to perform in various Local Festivals on the stages of Rome including Spaghetti Unplugged: it is in 2016, however, that he wins in Milan, using the stage name Ultimo for the first time, the hip hop music competition “One Shot Game”. The label that promotes the competition, the Honorino Label, notices it and starts producing it: thus in 2017 his first studio album was born: “Pianeti”. It becomes fifth overall in the Italian music ranking. He opens the concerts of his friend Fabrizio Moro and arrives in Sanremo Giovani in 2018 where he wins the category with the song “The dance of uncertainties”. In the following year he participated in Sanremo in the BIG category and ranks in second place with the song “I tua Particolari”: it is part of his third album, “Colpa delle Favole” released in April 2019.

In the meantime, Ultimo begins his tours that are sold out: the closing concert of the “guilt of fairy tales” tour ends in the summer of 2019 in Rome at the Olympic Stadium in front of 64 thousand spectators and boasts among the guests artists such as Antonello Venditti and Fabrizio Moro.

Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo

From March 5, 2020, Ultimo makes his new girlfriend official Jacqueline Luna Di Giacomo, daughter of Heather Parisi. The two have been a couple for some time but only at the beginning of March comes the official with this post on Instagram:

Jaquelin and Ultimo

Ultimo and Jacqueline took a vacation together in Mexico, once again formalizing their relationship. It is the first trip they make together and the two seem very much in love.

Former Girlfriend Federica Lelli

Niccolò has been engaged for many years to Federica Lelli. The woman of his songs is almost always her: in “The only strength I have”, hers are the blue eyes she talks about, she is Wendy in the song of the same name from the album Planets where she dreams of flying with her, she is “The most fragile of the universe ”when he imagines his future.

The two broke up at the end of 2018 due to the hectic and eventful life that the boy had begun to lead: from here Ultimo begins to write nostalgic songs, aimed at winning her back and making Federica understand how great her love was. Songs such as Little Star, Your name (which is the sequel to the song The most fragile star in the universe) and, above all, “Your details” the song with which he ranks second in Sanremo Big.

Ultimo and Federica Lelli are back together at the beginning of summer 2019: she goes to the concert at the Olimpico and the two return to being a couple as we testify on Instagram. However, since the end of January 2020 there is no more news about their relationship: the respective photos do not show them together and there seems to be a new distance between the two. The relationship ends definitively in 2020.


The themes of the songs of Ultimo are those that every young person could have in their everyday life: love, frustrations, friendships, memories, difficulties and the desire to pursue their dreams. The first song with which he made himself known was “Key”, which talks about the panic towards the future. This song, as we saw in the tattoos section, is also printed on Ultimo’s skin.

Perhaps the most representative song of the last one is “Sogni Appesi”: the song recites the phrase with which the fans of Ultimo identify themselves and also gives the explanation to his stage name: “since I was a child, only one goal: on the side of the least, to feel first “. Sogni Appesi is also linked to the tarot card hanging and is the anthem of the lost children of Peter Pan. His studio albums were three:

2017 Planets
2018 Peter Pan
2019 Fault of fairy tales

Videos of Ultimo


  • Last plays both the piano and the guitar.
  • His Labradori is called Sponge as one of the Peter Pan characters!
  • Ultimo suffers from Hypochondria
  • When he sings with sunglasses he doesn’t do it for fashion but to feel safer
  • His 2020 tour was supposed to start in the summer but due to Covid – 2019 is currently suspended
  • At Christmas he was a guest of the Community of Sant’Egidio for two years

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