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Why Facebook Advertising Is Transforming The Digital Marketing Arena

If as a business owner, you are just starting to learn about digital marketing and the many tools that it offers then it should be pointed out to you that you should also be using social media websites as well. Think about yourself for a moment and think about how many times a day that you go to your favourite social media website and check out what your friends and family are up to. These same social media websites are now being used by businesses all across the country and they are proving to be very effective indeed.

Every business relies on effective advertising and if you use FB Ads Marketing in Australia then you will be rewarded for your efforts. You would be forgiven for not knowing where to begin when it comes to using an effective marketing tool such as this and so this is why you turn to your local digital marketing agency to do all of the hard work for you so you don’t have to worry about it at all. If you’re not sure if it is going to pay for your business is advertising on Facebook then maybe the following reasons for doing so can convince you that it is one of the best platforms on which to advertise your business.

  • It is effective in driving Internet traffic – Recent figures tell us that almost 2,000,000,000 people actively use this social media website every single day. This means that you have real opportunities to reach out to literally thousands of extra potential customers every single day and so this is an opportunity that just cannot be ignored in these current times so you have to quickly change your mindset.
  • You can customise your audience – As well as using Facebook advertising, you can use such things as Facebook pay-per-click advertising and so this allows you to create a campaign that is custom to a particular audience. It is one of the best ways to reach out to your customer demographic and you can reach people best on how old they are, where they are located and many other things.
  • You get really quick results – Taking advantage of the situation quickly is the name of the game for any successful business and setting up your first ad isn’t a very time-intensive thing and it can be published quite quickly and quite easily. Over 50% of people have said that they are influenced when it comes to their shopping by social media and so your business cannot afford to ignore this excellent marketing tool.

If your budget is a little bit stretched at the moment or you don’t have a great deal of money to spend on your advertising channels then Facebook is a lot cheaper than many of the others. When you compare the costs of advertising on television and radio, there is no comparison. If you’re still using the older traditional methods of marketing like billboards and newspapers then there is no way to know that your message is getting to the right kind of customers but with Facebook advertising, you know exactly who is reading your message.


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