5 Reasons why PMP certification is worth it

PMP or Project Management Professional certification is counted among the leading certifications in the world for project managers. PMP is an amalgamation of predictive, hybrid, and agile approaches offering comprehensive experience in project leadership and expertise in multiple working methods. It primarily helps management professionals to enhance their careers, work in a smarter way and perform better.

PMP-certified professionals are in great demand these days. In fact, one of the surveys by PwC has stated that PMP certified managers take care of three-fourth of high-performing projects. Additionally, organizations with one-third of PMP certified professionals are gaining greater success than those that don’t have professionals without any project management training.

When PMP certification seems to be this important, let’s learn why PMP certification is worth it.

1. It enriches your resume

Project management-based jobs are in great demand these days, and the majority of the people apply for this or similar job roles. Organizations are often flooded with lakhs of applications and find it challenging to sort suitable candidates. To avoid any hassle, companies these days prefer to filter their candidates based on the certifications they have completed. Simply mentioning PMP certification helps distinguish your resume from other candidates and seek the job opportunity of your choice.

2. It helps in seeking recognition in industry

The PMP certification is recognized worldwide and can be pursued by anyone from varied educational backgrounds. Organizations and businesses acknowledge that PMP certified managers are more competent in delivering projects on time and within the budget. Therefore, if you seek a career as a project manager, getting a PMP Course will surely help you rise in your career ladder faster.

3. It helps you learn essential skills

While so many project managers are already there in the rat race, it certainly becomes challenging to distinguish yourself from the crowd. This is where PMP certification will help you create a niche for yourself and seek the attention of top recruiters. PMP certification is a top-rated certification and requires a lot of hard work to qualify for the exam. Getting PMP qualified includes attaining knowledge of various soft and hard skills and a profound understanding of tools and techniques used in project management.

4. It lets you have higher income

PMP certification can certainly help you have a higher income than the non-certified ones. If we look around the industry, the average salary of project managers is relatively high. One recent survey by PMI states that the average yearly salary of a PMP certified professional is $ 1,08,000. In contrast, the average yearly salary of a non-certified project manager is only $91,000. One more survey states that PMP certified professionals earn 20% higher than their non-certified counterparts. PMP has been consistently accounting for one of the highest-paid certifications, and the trends also support the same, indicating that the income of PMP professionals will keep on increasing.

5. It offers networking opportunities

PMI presently has around 80 lakhs active PMP certification holders across the globe. As you become part of PMI, you get to attend frequent meetings arranged by PMI and also earn ‘Professional Development Units’ or PDUs. These units are essentially required to fulfill Continuous Credential Requirements or CCRs to retain the certification for three years. With the help of these meetings, you get the opportunity to get in touch with other PMP professionals and build upon your knowledge. Furthermore, you can become part of forums wherein PMP-specific topics are discussed in detail and learn more and seek lucrative career opportunities.

Looking at the cons of PMP certification, we can say that it is one of the most in-demand and highly recognized certifications. Having a PMP certification will certainly add credibility to your CV and help organizations identify your potential as an excellent management professional. Because of all this, we can indeed say that a PMP certification is worth it.

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