How To Recover From A Sports Injury

Playing a sport will increase your risk of a painful injury, which could vary from a sprain or torn ligament to a head injury or spinal cord damage. Unfortunately, an accident on the field, track, court, or pitch might not only thwart your sporting goals, but it could impact your general health and quality of life.

If you want to return to a game as soon as possible, ease pain, or restore your mobility, there are various ways to speed up healing and decrease your discomfort. Find out how to recover from a sports injury in the following blog.

Avoid Specific Actions For The First 3 Days

Many actions are best avoided in the first three days after a sports injury, as they can slow down the recovery process. For example, most physicians will recommend avoiding hot baths, heat packs, saunas, and other forms of heat therapy for the first few days.

Avoid drinking alcohol, too, as it can increase inflammation or bleeding, which will slow down healing. Also, you must rest your body and avoid other forms of exercise that could add pain or stress to an injury.

Increase An Injury Site’s Protection

Prevent additional strain to a painful area by improving its protection. For example, if you sustain a sprained ankle when playing a sport, wear shoes that provide more ankle support. If you have injured your knee, a brace or strapping tape might offer a greater level of protection when moving.

Seek Treatment For Serious Issues

If you are suffering from a painful sports injury, you may need to seek medical help to make a full recovery. However, not all treatment options are created equal, as some will have various disadvantages.

For example, if you have sustained a spinal cord injury when playing a sport, you might consider undergoing invasive surgery to resolve the issue. Yet, it can lead to long-term recovery, and you’ll have a risk of developing a hospital-acquired infection. Instead, you could speed up recovery and alleviate pain and discomfort with a stem cell treatment from, which is minimally invasive and has a lower infection risk.

Rest Minor Injuries

If you have sustained a minor physical injury during a sport, you must rest the muscle or joint to encourage healing. Never attempt to play through a minor sports injury, as it could increase the damage and recovery time.

In addition to resting, apply ice to the injury site for 15 to 20 minutes, wrap it in a damp towel, and repeat every two to three hours for the first to three days. It will decrease inflammation and pain, and it can reduce swelling in various soft tissue injuries, such as muscle tears, bruising, or ligament sprains. A compression bandage or elastic support could also prevent swelling and bleeding, and it may help to elevate the injured area using a pillow.

If you follow the above tips, you could make a swift recovery from a sports injury and even return to a game feeling fit and strong. Keep them in mind if you ever find yourself with a sports injury.

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