6 Helpful Tips for First-Time Apartment Renters In Texas

Texas is the biggest US state, that has so much to offer. There are so many things to do there, so if you’ve been meaning to relocate somewhere else in America, then Texas is a great place to start. However, if this is all new to you, or you’re not familiar with the state itself, then it’s important to be informed, so you’ll be able to find the best apartment to rent. Renting a new place, in a new state can be challenging, so for those who are just starting out, here are some helpful tips for all the first-time renters in Texas.

Location Matters A Lot

The location is the first thing that you should consider when looking for an apartment to rent. And since Texas is such a vast state, that means you have plenty of locations to choose from. Safety should always be your top priority, as well as the apartment’s proximity to all the places that you care about such as your workplace, schools, kindergartens, and gyms. If living in large Texan cities, such as Houston or Dallas isn’t an option, you can always settle in a smaller city, so feel free to check out renovated apartments for rent in Abilene as this city has a lot of amenities that make it a perfect place to live there. Before you decide to rent an apartment in a specific city, make sure to find out whether it has all the amenities that you find important.

Consider Your Budget

Compared to other US states, such as New York or California, Texas is definitely much more affordable. Knowing how much you can afford is the first step toward finding your dream apartment to rent. Your budget plays a huge role, so don’t underplay its importance, but rather try finding an apartment that suits your finances. The easiest way to do that is to write down the amount you’re willing to spend on rent, and then compare it to your salary or other types of income. That way, you’ll have a clearer overview of what apartments to look for, and what to avoid.

Don’t Forget About Your Credit

The credit score is important in order to show your landlord (or the leasing company) that you’re capable of paying back what you owe. But, if you’re new to this, that doesn’t matter, because some places/communities will let you rent with little to no credit. But, some may require a deposit, or a co-signer, while others may let you lease if you provide them with an additional deposit as the first-time renter.

Get The Renter’s Insurance

Texas is a beautiful state, and people are willing to help, but you should still get renter’s insurance, just to make sure that everything’s covered, in case of damage or theft. A lot of property owners nowadays require their renters to have renter’s insurance. There are different types of such insurance, but the basic one should have personal property coverage, and liability coverage. The first one will help you fix or replace your own stuff in the space you rent. The second one is helpful in case a visitor gets injured on your property. Before you get the insurance, make sure to check various policies and compare them with the insurance that your landlord has.

Make Sure To Review Your Lease

The lease is a document that you sign when you rent an apartment. You sign it together with the property owner who rents it to you. Reviewing the lease is crucial, as that’s when you go through the legal aspects of renting a property. The standard lease stipulates the occupancy, and other tasks required by both the renter and the landlord. If legal matters aren’t your strong suit, make sure to hire a lawyer, or ask a trusted person to review it for you, and point out any irregularities that may be there. Defining any conflicting things or issues within the contract is important, especially in the beginning.

Accept The Fact That There Might Be Some Work Involved

Even if you own all the necessary furniture and appliances, there might be a chance that your new apartment might require some work. That’s why it’s essential to check out every corner of your future place, so you’ll know if there are any works that require your immediate attention. The same goes for shopping: as soon as you accept that there will be things you’ll need to shop for, the better you’ll feel as soon as you step foot into your new apartment. However, if it’s written in the lease, some renovation works are exclusively the responsibility of the landlord, so make sure to point that out.


Living in Texas is amazing, mostly due to its size, diversity, and favorable climate. Renting the apartment for the first time there isn’t that hard, as long as you implement the above-mentioned tips. Remember that every beginning is challenging to a degree, so as long as you’re focused on the positives, you’ll be happy no matter where you live. 

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