Why you should choose TONOR ORCA001 for the podcast

It’s one fine Monday morning, you are all set to record your latest podcast episode, and oh! After the recording, you notice that your voice isn’t clear and all that hours of work just went down the drain. 

After some serious examination from your side, you discovered the problem lies with the mic and decided to invest in a good quality product. 

Unfortunately, you are confused with the options available but are determined to find just the best because you don’t want to be in a similar situation ever again. 

After some searching you found the TONOR ORCA001 to be a worthy choice, but you are still not convinced. Well, here I am with a detailed review and 3 reasons why the TONOR ORCA001 would be the next perfect mic for your podcast.

What makes the TONOR ORCA0001 stand out

The build and durability

The sleek and elegant build of the TONOR ORCA001’s microphone makes it an ergonomic mike for your daily podcast needs. You can see the microphone cables are braided to make them more durable for daily use. That also makes it kind of attractive.

The microphone is mounted on an adjustable stand and the noise levels are indicated with RGB lighting. The RGB lighting makes it quite easy for you to understand the volume level and it is also easy to access and control. To mute the device, all you have to do is to tap the touch-sensitive area at the top of the microphone unit.

An interesting feature related to the build of this durable microphone is that it features a shock mount on it. The benefit? The microphone amplifies all kinds of noises or vibrations that you accidentally make on the desktop, thereby allowing you to have a smooth recording session.

Coming to the compatibility of the product, it features a two-in-one USB and type C connector. The product can be directly plugged into mac, android, and PC.

The Noise Cancellation

Another attractive feature of the unit is its amazing noise-canceling ability. The product features the one-button noise canceling ability so you can quickly switch into the mode when you sense an imminent noise. The microphone cuts down the ambient noise and records only the sound that’s required.

You can plug in your earphones to the 3.5mm headphone jack and listen to whatever you are recording and how it would be recorded in real time without any echo problems. This allows you to have complete control over your recording and you would have to settle on anything less than the best.

The sound quality

The TONOR ORCA001 makes use of the cardioid pick-up pattern to record sound with the maximum possible clarity. This just means the sound pick-up angle of the mic is around 130 degrees, so whatever you scream into the mic, is never lost in space.

Final thoughts

The TONOR ORCA001 is also marketed as one of the best gaming mics. It can be used on PlayStation, and for PC gaming. The one-button noise cancellation and one-tap mute function make it really worth the price. 

And for the same reasons, the mic does quite well for your podcasts. Additionally, You can listen to your voice in real time and adjust the controls so that no noise creeps in and only your sound would be heard. 

It’s great for recording, live streaming, or even if you want to take an online zoom class. 

It retails for $69.99 and for the price, the TONOR ORCA001 is a steal and one of the best investments you could make in your journey to be a successful podcaster. Good luck recording with this beast!


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