Which Wig Style Will Define Your New Look?

Defining My Style

As I was looking through different fashion and beauty magazines, I began to feel like my look had gotten a bit stale. Don’t get me wrong – I love my natural hair and take good care of it, but sometimes a girl just wants to switch things up without a huge change. That’s when I started browsing online retailers to see what new wig styles were out there that could help me define a fresh new look. 

That’s how I came across JALIZA braided wigs. Browsing through all the gorgeous, high-quality wigs in different textures, lengths and colors was so inspiring. I realized a wig was the perfect low-commitment way to refresh my appearance without sacrificing the health of my natural hair. But with so many options, I wasn’t sure where to start in defining my new style. Should I go for loose waves, braids or something edgier? After much consideration, I decided to start my style transformation with three different wig types to see what fit my vibe best.

The Glamour of Loose Waves

The first style I selected was a luxurious loose wave wig from JALIZA. I was drawn to the ultra-soft yaki texture and subtle honey blonde balayage dye job. With its full, bouncy layers falling to just past my shoulders, I knew this style would provide tons of volume and movement perfect for both everyday wear and going out. 

When I first put on the JALIZA boho box braids, I was impressed by how natural it looked and felt. The deep side part and face-framing layers completely transformed my usual straight bob into loose, beachy waves. The glueless cap fit my head perfectly without any slippage even when I shook my hair vigorously. Best of all, since it didn’t require any adhesive to stay on, I was able to easily style, fluff and rearrange the wig as needed. 

On my first day wearing the loose waves out, I received so many compliments from friends and strangers alike. They couldn’t believe my hair was a wig since it looked so lustrous and blended so well with my natural hairline. The bouncy texture added an effortless air of glamour to my appearance and exuded relaxed weekend vibes. Whether pairing it with a sundress for brunch or jeans and a tee for errands, this style suited any casual occasion while still feeling polished.

Delicate Box Braids

For my second wig, I opted for JALIZA box braid wig. I was keen to try out a protective style that was low maintenance without sacrificing appearance. The style featured dozens of tiny cornrow braids gathered back into a half-up half-down do. With its shoulder-grazing length and delicate crimson tone, this half-wig gave off major boho vibes.  

Slipping on this box braid style, I was impressed by how natural and well-constructed it looked. Each micro braid was tightly woven yet flexible. The half-wig sat securely on my head even without any adhesives or elastic bands needed. Interweaving my natural hair into the braids created a seamless blend that was undetectable. 

Once styled, this half-wig truly transformed my appearance. I loved how polished yet effortless the look felt for any indoor or outdoor activity. Whether hanging out at home, running errands or meeting friends for lunch, the braids stayed sleek and defined without any fussing. Best of all, it provided heat and styling protection for my natural hair underneath without the maintenance of regular braids. Needless to say, this wig fast became a go-to style when wanting low-key glam with minimal effort.

Edgy Twists and Coils

Ready to truly shake things up, I chose JALIZA’s coily twist wig for my final style experiment. In a deep auburn hue, its knotless coily texture looked so edgy and cool. I was excited to channel a more adventurous urban vibe through this attention-grabbing wig.

Sliding on this coily style, I was blown away by how lifelike and intricately constructed each twist was. The versatile length hit right at my collarbone and framed my face beautifully. Despite being a fuller, kinkier texture than my natural hair, this wig blended seamlessly into my hairline. I loved the effortless volume and definition each twist provided without any frizziness. 

Once styled, this half-wig truly made a statement. The bold copper hue paired with coily ringlets gave off major free spirit energy. I received endless compliments when wearing it out to restaurants, parties and music events on the vibe it exuded. Best of all, despite its noticeable style, the lightweight material and breathable cap kept my scalp feeling fresh all day and night. This edgy wig fast became my go-to for livening up any funky ensemble or night out with friends.

My New Style Revelation

Trying these three diverse wig styles from JALIZA was such an eye-opening experience into what defined my personal style best. While I appreciated the glamour and versatility of loose waves, my favorite turned out to be the box braids. Its bohemian-chic laidback vibe fit my casual yet put-together essence to a T. Best of all, it allowed me to change things up subtly while still looking polished and protecting my natural hair underneath. 

Going forward, I plan to slowly build my wig collection from JALIZA based on the box braid style. I’ll acquire new colors, lengths and accent pieces to continue refining my look through this low-maintenance hair option. Wigs have opened up a whole new world of self-expression through constantly rotated hairstyles without damage to my natural hair. I’m so glad testing different styles from JALIZA helped me zero in on what most accurately defines my unique personal flair – boho box braids for life! Looking good has never felt so effortless.

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