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Lilly Ghalichi is an American reality television star and model. She was born on April 30, 1983 in Houston, Texas. She is of Persian ancestry and belongs to the Persia ethnic group. She has two brothers and a sister, both of whom are doctors. She attended Loyola Law School and the University of Texas McCombs School of Business. Currently, she is working as an agent.

Yassamin Ghalichi grew up in Houston, Texas, but she and her siblings moved to Los Angeles after she graduated from college. Her parents were Persian-speaking and worked extra hard to support her brothers. Every reality show has its own drama, and Lilly Ghalichi’s costars have been talking to tabloids and spreading rumors that she was fired from the show. While Ghalichi remained at the show, she has taken a break from acting to focus on her growing business empire.

The Iranian-born actress grew up in Houston. Her parents, Neelufar Seyed Lilly Ghalichi and Forough Mohammadi, are physicians. She is the youngest child of the couple. She married Mohammed Ghalichi in 2017. The couple has three children together: twins named Ali and Saad. She reportedly has five children, with two boys and one girl.

Lilly Ghalichi is a real-life celebrity. She is an attorney and an author. She was raised in Houston, Texas. In 2007, she married Dara Mir, a businesswoman. In December 2017, she announced the birth of her first child. A year later, she announced that she is expecting a baby. She plans to make her debut on the world stage. It will be interesting to see what her new venture will bring to the table.

Ghalichi has two siblings. Her older sister, Lilly, was born in Iran and has a family of Iranian origin. Her mother grew up in Houston, Texas. She married her husband, Dara Mir, in 2007. She is currently working as an attorney in Los Angeles. The couple also have two daughters. She claims to be a beauty sensation in her teenage years. She teaches at the Loyola Law School in Houston.

Lilly Ghalichi is an American actress who appeared in the hit reality TV show Shahs of Sunset. She was born on April 30, 1983, and is of Persian descent. Her parents were immigrants and had to work extra to raise their children. She grew up in Houston, Texas. She has 2 sisters and one brother, and her mother is a cardiologist. The couple has three children.

In addition to her successful career, Ghalichi is a mother-of-one. She has a son, Alara, and a daughter, Lilly. As a mother, Ghalichi is a role model to her young daughter. Despite her success, she remains humble and frank. In fact, she even talks about her daughter’s struggles and triumphs with a smile.

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