Zack Dobbins Net Worth

In addition to his work as a singer, Zack Dobbins is a TV personality who has accumulated a high net worth. As a contestant on American Idol season 18, Zack has achieved tremendous fame and fortune. He first gained recognition as a high school student. He was scouted by several universities and committed to Ohio State sight unseen. His height is 5 ft. 10 inches and weight is 212 pounds. He won the Class 4A all-state athlete award in 2015.

During the finals, Courtney Timmons sang “Rise Up” by Andra Day. The judges were awestruck, and Ryan Seacrest even broke down with tears during the performance. However, Timmons’ American Idol journey ended in disappointment after she performed a duet with Zack Dobbins. Despite the praise, Courtney was disappointed with the song choice and clash of styles.